Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1840

Chapter 1840: Test

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As for Zhao Yuande, if you want to use it again, you need to re-purify it into your own appearance.

Three hours later, Zhao Yuande received a letter from Zhao Liu. Some people in the other three directions were trapped before the Great Array. At present, only a group of people in the north began to try to crack the Great Array. It will be very slow!

There are more and more people, most of them are from the Three Realms of Immortal Demon God, and they dont know where they came from.

There are basically few testers left in the lower realm, no more than a hundred, and there are a lot of Dengxian City on the lower floors. Now there should be no more than fifty people walking to the Eighth City.

Fortunately, these testers are not the same test route as them from the beginning, otherwise the lower-level testers will be even worse.

Soon Zhao Yuande got news again that Zhao Liu found Dong Guofu several of them and was taking them back.

But what makes Zhao Yuande a little depressed is that he has not found the black wind and quit them.

Where are they going now? Still in the eighth fairy city world or has it reached a higher level?

Soon Dong Guofu and Zhou Fei, seven of them were brought back by Zhao Liu.

At this time, all of them were promoted one by one. Dong Guofu didn't know what had happened, but he had already entered the late stage of the fairyland, and the fighting power chased after the late fairyland.

Du Xin'er also reached the late stage of the fairyland, and there was a calm temperament in his body. Although he was a woman, standing there seemed to be an insurmountable mountain.

Others have also reached the middle of the fairyland, especially the guy Zhou Fei, who was very proud to see Zhao Yuande smiling.

"Brother Zhou, what are you laughing at?" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party, knowing he was waiting for his own inquiry.

"My baby has all been promoted, this time it is really developed!" Zhou Fei said excitedly, "We found a large tomb with a fairy vein underneath, unfortunately this fairy vein is incomplete, otherwise we people I dont know how powerful it will be."

"It's really good luck!" Hearing this, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help being jealous.

Xianmai is the foundation that a clan family can stand on. Even the incomplete ones are of great value. The luck of these guys is not small.

"Hey!" Zhou Fei smiled proudly.

"Okay! Let me introduce to you, these are all my friends, this very cheap smile is called Zhou Fei, is an imperial beast messenger..." Zhao Yuande introduced the two gangs a little to make them familiar with themselves.

The girls quickly got together, they seemed like old friends for many years, chattering nonstop.

And Dong Guofu, Zhou Fei and they soon merged together.

They are basically people in the lower realm, and all are in the fairy world camp. More importantly, they are all friends of Zhao Yuande, so there is no difficulty in communicating.

The team is close to twenty people at this time, which is a powerful force!

Now basically only the Black Wind has quit them. As long as they are found again, Zhao Yuande's goal of entering the Twelve Ascension City is basically achieved.

"Okay! Okay girl, you hurry up and come here, the big formation here needs your help!" Zhao Yuande beckoned to Rosa. "Brother Ji has been around for a long time. See if you can help." Place, or have any good comments and suggestions..."

"Oh!" Yu Rosa looked at Zhao Yuande with a bit of resentment, but when she heard that a large array needed to be cracked, her eyes lit up.

Yu Rosa's attainment skills are still above Ji Mingzhen, and with her joining soon the big formation will make progress.

She agreed that Ji Ming really broke the line, but helped the other side change the method of breaking the line a little, reducing the three-day period to one and a half.

Time passed in a hurry, and soon a day and a half arrived, and the number of people in this direction reached hundreds. If there are so many people in the other three directions, I am afraid that there will be 400 people on this altar this time.

Most of these people are people in the fairy world and the Pantheon, but none in the demon world.

If Devil Realm is added, there may be nearly a thousand people. Such a huge number is enough to show how huge the Immortal Realm is, and even more genius.

And Zhao Yuande has seen a lot of fairy geniuses for such a long time in the fairy world, which adds up to a huge number.

When the first time they broke open, nearly 100 people behind them rushed up with them all at once.

But soon everyone felt something different. They seemed to become mortals all at once. Both the power of the flesh and the power of the fairy disappeared.

In front of them are endless steps. If you want to climb the steps, you need to walk up step by step. There are no shortcuts.

"The previous phantom array has been broken, but there is still a formation method after the phantom reality. This formation method is basically impossible to break through in our realm, or it will take longer if you want to break through. This time We can't wait! So we can only break through!" Ji Mingzhen looked at the endless steps in front of him, and there was a bit of sadness on his face.

"It can only be so!" Yu Rosa looked at Zhao Yuande with a little apology on her face.

"It's okay, our purpose in coming to the Twelve Census City is to test ourselves and make ourselves stronger. This little storm can't survive, what a genius!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"But...the steps here are endless, and we can't go to the end at all. We don't know what will happen in the end!" Yu Rosa whispered.

"This is the only way. If you don't go up, you will give up!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

Everyone can't help but feel chills at this moment, but they still have to move forward, otherwise they can only give up the opportunity here.

They also saw the five treasures on it, absolutely must exist, and can come to worship the fairy emperor, it is definitely not an ordinary product, maybe it will be a seven or eight grade fairy treasure, the best material, can Getting one is enough to gain a foothold in the fairyland, so they can only insist.

Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at everyone and nodded slightly to them: "If I guess it's good, this time should be a test of will and spirit. Everyone must hold on! This time I am afraid that everyone will be a baptism! Dont force it if you really reach the limit, it will hurt the soul if it is too reluctant."

Everyone nodded their heads and said they knew.

Zhao Yuande took a big step and walked toward the upper steps.

They originally saw that the steps were not enough. They could already see the treasures on the steps, but they did not know how long the steps were after the break, as if they were endless.