Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1841

Chapter 1841: Broke Through

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An ordinary person walks on foot, and if he walks the usual road, he will be exhausted after walking day and night.

And if you climb the stairs, I am afraid that even if you can't walk for a long time, you will fall to the ground.

They are now in this situation. No matter how powerful they were before, even Zhao Yuande just felt like an ordinary person.

However, how strong his will was, he walked all the way to the forefront, and his pace was very steady.

Half a day later, there were only less than half of the people behind him. Many people were breathless after half a day. They only felt that their legs were like lead. They didnt want to take another step at all. , Sitting on the ground directly.

The moment they sat on the ground, they found themselves back to the starting point.

These people find that they have just experienced an illusion just now, but even if it is an illusion they do not want to experience a second time!

Although they are firm in their will, since they have practiced, they have walked the road with their feet for so long and can only use the mortal body, the strength of the mortal, they really feel unable to bear it.

So they could only shake their heads and give up, turned and left here, and left this altar.

Hundreds of people have eliminated one third in half a day, which is really a silent competition.

However, none of these people around Zhao Yuande had given up, especially Dong Guofu, Ji Mingzhen, Zhang Qingyan, Gu Linyue, and others. Although they were already showing tiredness, they all followed their teeth and kept following Zhao Yuande. Behind him.

All of them are extremely determined people, and they all have such difficult training, so they can always follow Zhao Yuande's side and not be left behind.

However, whenever they saw Zhao Yuande's stride ahead and Wei An's figure in front, they couldn't help but feel a heartfelt admiration.

After Zhao Yuande experienced the horrible baptism of Yuanshen Resurrection, his tenacity, his patience, and his spirits were basically unmatched in the younger generation, so this test for him is actually not A piece of cake!

He was steady in his feet, not slow, and he could not see a little tiredness and other expressions on his face.

"Don't stop when you're tired, you can't stop even if you die, as long as you stop, you can't move anymore!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at everyone and smiled, "This is actually just an illusion, our The body is in place, this body is the embodiment of our will and spirit..."

Zhao Yuande explained his feelings and understanding of this large array to everyone, which gave them a kind of enlightenment deep in their hearts.

After listening to Zhao Yuande's words, everyone's face showed a firm color. They followed behind him more firmly and walked step by step towards the altar!

One day later, another group of people could not hold on and could no longer move. When they were ready to stop and rest, they found themselves already standing before the phantom array!

They feel both liberated and lost!

However, they obviously felt that their souls were stronger at this time, as if they had lifted their spirits within this day.

At this time, they regretted it a little bit. If they could keep it up, how good it would be!

Another day passed, and many people behind Zhao Yuande had already felt that they could no longer persevere. They felt as if they had reached the extreme. If they persisted, they might be exhausted here.

"Okay! Don't persevere anymore. You have reached the limit. I am afraid that the soul will not be tempered but will be hurt!" Zhao Yuande looked at these people, including Jiao Xiao and Zhou Fei. Although their realm came up, but the spirit did not follow up, or the spiritual time was relatively short.

The reason why this level can be reached is entirely inspired by Zhao Yuande's discourse and the influence of those around him.

There was a bit of sadness on their faces, and they looked at each other, and there was also helplessness in their eyes.

"Hey! Brother, let's continue to work hard! The next time we strive for persistence, it will take longer." Jiao Xiao is more optimistic.

"Actually, we are okay, so we have persisted for two days, which is considered very strong!" Zhou Fei nodded.

He is an emperor's envoy, his strength is with the powerful immortal beast, a little setback will not let him lose his fighting spirit, as long as his immortal beast continues to evolve, his power will naturally rise.

Zhao Yuande's look in the eyes of the two also showed a smile. Their optimistic character made him appreciate it very much. Cultivation Tao is still able to maintain this mentality.

When those people heard the conversation between the two, their original decadent faces also showed a little smile at this time.

All these people stopped, and their figures began to disappear gradually.

When the two felt a kind of soul return to the body, they felt their body full of power again.

"Finally returned to the body! I...I feel my seems to have loosened!" Zhou Fei just took a breath, but felt a huge breath circulate in his body.

The energy of the immortal vein absorbed a few days ago was actually attracted by a certain force at this time, and began to madly accumulate in his body, constantly opening up the meridians in his body, making him feel that he would become stronger again.

"I... too, have to break through!" Jiao Xiao was also excited.

Seven or eight people gave up with them. They were all the testers who had followed Gu Linyue. Two of them were to be promoted at the same time!

At this time, although other people's faces were envious, their spirits were also improved at this time, but they were too late to feel this improvement, but they quickly protected the four.

At this time, Zhao Yuande was still advancing. Behind them, there were still several testers who had been silently following.

These testers are also outstanding, they seem to be in a team, but Gu Linyue, Zhang Qingyan, Ji Mingzhen, none of them know these people.

These people are all new faces, it seems that they have never appeared in the fairy world and the lower realm.

Zhao Yuande began to suspect that they were people of the Demon Realm or the Pantheon, but he could not feel the unique breath of the Pantheon and the Demon Realm.

However, the determination of this group of people really made Zhao Yuande look at each other. They were not weaker than Ji Mingzhen and Zhang Qingyan!

This is already terrifying, which shows that the talents of these people are not even under these two people!