Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1842

Chapter 1842: Three Killers

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These people seem to be murderous again. They may be killers or battle-hardened warriors! "Zhang Qingyan secretly transmitted a voice to Zhao Yuande, "They look a little weird in your eyes. "

"Huh?" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly when he heard Zhang Qingyan's words, and he began to observe these people carefully. He suddenly realized that they were observing themselves nonchalantly.

"Are these guys really killers, and they came from themselves?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown slightly.

Was it sent by the Immortal Sword Emperor?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help guessing this, but soon he found it impossible, but the Sword Emperor Ming knew his true background, and he couldn't be so stupid as to send someone to secretly kill him!

So who exactly is going to kill himself, and can he find himself so precisely here?

But soon he thought of it. Zhao Liu took his own Yin and Yang Zhao Tianjing not long ago, and these people probably found him at this time!

This shows that they have been looking for themselves for a long time here. It should be a party in the fairy world who wants to kill themselves!

Which side is it?

Zhao Yuande thought about it for a long time, but still had no clue, but he put his heart down. Now they are just the incarnations of the soul and will, and the other party will not hurt themselves at all.

But in case these people give up the opportunity ahead, they might be in danger.

Although Zhao Liu was secretly protecting his body outside, there were three people who could not resist them according to Zhao Liu's cultivation practice.

However, he was worried. In the face of such treasures, in the face of such opportunities, even if the three were killers, they could not bear the temptation.

They have long beheaded Zhao Yuande after obtaining the treasures. With the cruel training they experienced, they did not feel very difficult in front of this endless step!

Another day passed, and Yu Rosa, Du Xin'er, Guo Rui, Gu Linyue, Song Ji and others finally couldn't hold on and began to give up one by one.

But after they went out, Zhao Yuande made them pay more attention to the enemy and look for the traces of the three people.

However, Zhao Yuande's worry is obviously superfluous. As long as he steps on the endless steps, the body will also enter the large formation, which will not be seen in the outside world!

It was another day. At this time, five days had passed, and Zhao Yuande felt that he was almost at the limit.

At this time, Ji Mingzhen and Zhang Qingyan finally couldn't hold on, and the three killers also showed regret on their faces at this time, and they seemed to be ready to give up.

But at this time, the road in front of them suddenly became very spacious, and they felt as if they had returned to the body at once.

They saw a change in the foreground, and even appeared directly on the altar, and at this time, a few people appeared.

At a glance, Zhao Yuande saw Zhang Fan, dressed in a black robe, and a young man in a robe. They looked at the five treasures on the altar with a confused look at this time, but none People dare to rob first.

The three killers saw the wind not far away, and there was a trace of joy on their faces, and a flash came to Feng Rong's side.

Feng Rong was still a bit wary, but when he communicated, his face suddenly showed joy, but then his eyes were full of complex emotions when he looked at Zhao Yuande.

There are both incredible, shocked, and a little excited!

Zhao Yuande saw the three killers and Feng Rong together, and suddenly thought of a possibility!

These three killers may have been hired by Feng Cangyun. At first, he severely fell on Feng Cangyun's face, and made the other party hateful. Now it is normal to hire a killer to kill himself!

In this regard, Zhao Yuande has three people, Feng Rong and three killers, a total of four people, and the remaining two are Zhang Fan and the young robe.

The two hesitated and walked together. There was no way to confront them alone, so they had no choice.

"Master Turtle, come out! You will see your sudden attack in a while!" Zhao Yuande summoned Turtle Turtle and put it on his shoulder. This guy's big voice can definitely be used as a killer. I have never seen anyone. I don't think of the power of Lord Turtle!

"But I'm not full now!" Lord Turtle looked at Zhao Yuande very uncomfortably, "my killer can't be used!"

"It's okay! I'll help you keep a few for a while, and I will make sure you get home!" Zhao Yuande turned his gaze to the wind. The guy needed the nourishment of Lord Turtle many times before he could get rid of his hatred!

A trembling with no reason for Fengrong, he felt the deep maliciousness from Zhao Yuande!

"This guy makes me feel a little uneasy!" Feng Rong said to himself.

"Master Feng, don't worry, the four of us are joining forces, and he will die even if he has the ability to do everything!" One of the thin, monkey-like killers had a faint tone and a disdainful smile on his face.

"Is that so?" Feng Rong's face showed a bit of joy.

Zhao Yuande's pressure on him is too great!

He only now knew that the man he had crushed had now returned, and the fighting power was so strong.

He also learned from the words of these three killers that the other party was rising in the wind and water in the fairy world, and even lifted his clan brother Feng Cangyun.

How did you survive the suppression of the endless black prison? How did you get to the fairy world?

Feng Rong didn't understand, there was always a bad feeling in his heart.

"My goal is that jade bottle, that's what I promised to Lord Turtle. If you get the rest, it's yours!" Zhao Yuande sent the voice to the two.

"Be careful of the three killers, they are not good! They may work together to kill you!" Zhang Qingyan said.

"Why, I hope they will join forces to kill me, then your grasp will be more!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly, as long as he returned to the body, he had absolute confidence!

He is going to solve this guy Feng Feng here today, but this is the person he hates the most.

Although Feng Rong may be a descendant of Feng Family, although Zhao Yuande is also from Feng Family, all of them may have the blood of Feng Cang flowing through them.

However, Zhao Yuande didn't let him down at all. The Feng Family may have decayed. If the rest of the people were like wind and clouds, he wouldn't mind eradicating the Feng Family.

"Everyone, there are five treasures. Now we have nine people. How to allocate them is a problem!" Feng Rong came out at this time and looked at Zhang Fan and the young robe, "Brother Zhang, Brother Xuan Ye, are not as good as us Together, how do we share the five treasures?"