Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1845

Chapter 1845: May Collapse

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"Hey! Hello, Lord Turtle is mighty!" Lord Turtle waved at Zhang Fan and their tails were all up in the sky.

The three were dumbfounded, and they all turned their heads to Zhang Qingyan, and all seemed to be saying in their eyes, this is his killer skill?

"Yes, this is his hole card! The killer!" Zhang Qingyan couldn't help smiling.

Zhao Yuande blocked all four people and put them in a row.

"How about Master Turtle, how much water polo do you need now?" Zhao Yuande looked at Master Turtle.

"It needs such a big..." Master Turtle compares a pair of small claws, and the excitement in his eyes can't be concealed.

"Okay! Satisfy you!" Zhao Yuande flicked casually, and a water polo with a size of several feet floated in front of him.

"Haha! Just what I want!" Lord Turtle rushed into the water polo excitedly.

"What is this turtle to do?" Zhang Fan and the three looked at Zhang Qingyan together, his face showing a puzzled look.

"This..." Zhang Qingyan blushed slightly, "You will know soon!"

"Brother Zhao, what is it going to do?" Zhang Fan looked at Zhao Yuande with confusion at this time, and even he was born with infinite curiosity.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed awkwardly. "This...I'm not easy to say, anyway, you will know!"

Zhao Yuande can't always say that Lord Turtle has that special hobby and likes to boo on people's heads!

There seemed to be a small hand scratching in the hearts of the three people. They racked their brains and couldn't figure out what the little turtle was going to do!

"Take advantage of this opportunity, let's share these treasures!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone. "We happened to be five people, one for each person. I first explained that I want the vial. I promised it!"

Zhao Yuande pointed to Lord Turtle.

Zhang Fan nodded, he knew that Zhao Yuande's promise was heavier, so he nodded first.

And Xuan Ye wouldn't grab the treasure with Zhao Yuande, a ancestor-level figure.

Needless to say the other two, Zhao Yuande soon got that drop of Chaos Yuanshui!

Zhang Fan and the four of them had a discussion, and finally couldn't decide, they had no choice but to hold back!

In the end, Zhang Fan got the branch of the sky, Zhang Qingyan got the gourd, Ji Mingzhen got Xiaoding, and Xuanye got the big seal.

They each looked at the effect of the treasure, and there was an excited expression on their faces.

They are naturally not embarrassed. Zhao Yuande holds Jiu Pin Xian Bao, not to mention that he just captured Feng Rong and the three killers.

The endless black prison in Feng Rong's hands is also a Ninth Grade Immortal Treasure, and their lack of glory has already shown that they are determined.

"Oh! Since that is the case, I will ask these guys, what is the purpose!" Zhao Yuande saw that everyone was satisfied, and turned his eyes to the four unconscious people on the ground.

"Wait!" Ji Mingzhen suddenly thought of something at this time, looking at Zhang Fandao, "What did you just call him?"

"Brother Zhao! Don't you know that he is Zhao Yuande?" Zhang Fan looked at the three men.

Soon he found that the expressions of the three people became very exciting, Ji Mingzhen's face was excited, Zhang Qingyan's face was stunned, and Xuan Ye's face was helpless!

"Haha! Brother Zhao, you are not interesting enough, but we are friends. You have concealed me for so long!" Ji Mingzhen came up and patted Zhao Yuande's shoulder with a sincere smile on his face.

"Hehe! Brother Ji, I'm really sorry. Actually, I want to say it too, but I didn't dare to say it because of Zhang... Qingyan!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Zhang Qingyan, his face embarrassed.

"She? Why?" Ji Ming really puzzled.

"Because my master and his master are brothers!" Zhao Yuande whispered close to Ji Mingzhen's ear.

"It turns out so!" Ji Mingzhen saw the expression on Zhang Qingyan's face, and suddenly knew what Zhao Yuande meant. Both the ancestor and the apprentice would be embarrassed!

At this time, Xuan Ye looked at Zhang Qingyan sympathetically. The two of them were really sympathetic.

"Oh! You two move around! You are a generation!" Zhao Yuande blinked at Xuan Ye.

"Miss Zhang, under the new acquaintance, I am Xuan Ye of Bajing Palace and the grandson of Zhao Shizu!" Xuan Ye also smiled bitterly, but knew what Zhao Yuande meant and arched his hand to Zhang Qingyan.

"Okay! The two of us are really sympathetic to each other. I am Zhang Qingyan, and also the apprentice of Zhao Shizu!" Zhang Qingyan said with a little cry.

She finally understood why Zhao Yuande had to hide her true identity. That was entirely for her own consideration!

"Brother Zhao looks like I'm going to touch you all!" Ji Ming really looked at Xuan Ye and Zhang Qingyan a little bit apart.

The two heard his words and glared at the same time.

"Brother Ji, you aren't authentic, we'll all get one yard! We will talk about each other's seniority, otherwise I will have a relationship with you!" Xuan Ye pretended to be angry.

"Good! If Brother Ji wants to take advantage of us, the two of us will not agree!" Zhang Qingyan threatened.

"Don't be nervous, I just said casually, don't take it seriously, don't take it seriously!" Ji Mingzhen smiled bitterly for a while.


"Brother Zhao, I will take a step first!" Zhang Fan was silent for a while, and then said, "Remember the ten-year contract, I will wait for you! You must not slack off because I am stronger now!"

"Relax, not at all!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he felt the powerful fighting in Zhang Fan's heart.

According to Feng Cang's ancestors, Zhang Fan is actually a descendant of Chaos Giant, and there may be a blood relationship between the two.

But now is not the time to untie it, wait until the ten-year contract!

Zhao Yuande also probably understands the old man with white beard, why did he give up Zhang Fan's flesh, perhaps because Zhang Fan is a descendant of Chaos Giant Race.

"Goodbye!" Zhang Fan waved his hand and disappeared on the altar in a flash.

"There is one more thing to tell you, I heard that the Twelve Celestial City world is very unstable now, and may collapse at any time, so leave as soon as possible! I dont want to lose your opponent!"

What Zhang Fan left behind surprised Zhao Yuande.

He had heard this statement before.

The main reason is that although the huge black hole was temporarily sealed by the mysterious strongman, it was still slowly turning and still consuming everything around it.

The plane of the Twelve Ascension City is around the black hole, and it will soon be affected by the black holes powerful power of sucking.

It seems that this statement has been confirmed, and Zhang Fan's news must have been the strong man from the Devil Realm.