Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1846

Chapter 1846: Fengjia

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However, he didn't talk about it with anyone else. He glanced at the three people who were talking about Ji Mingzhen, Xuan Ye, and Zhang Qingyan without disturbing them.

He walked towards the neatly arranged four persons, first of all a puff of cold water woke up the wind.

"Ah! You...Zhao Yuande, you are not following the rules, you secretly attacked, you are mean and shameless!" Feng Rong woke up and suddenly found that his cultivation practice was blocked, and his connection with the endless black prison was also blocked. Cut off, he suddenly panicked!

"Oh! For people like you, nothing can be exaggerated!" Zhao Yuande sneered and looked at the other party. "And I am an imperial beast, an imperial beast should not be regarded as unruly, secretly attack it. !"

"What do you...what do you want to do!" Feng Rong gritted his teeth, and now he fell into the hands of the other party, and he was already a man and a man, and he was a fish. He felt that he would continue to be tough, and he might be the one who suffers. , So he softened.

"I don't want to do anything, I just want to ask, who was your idea of attacking me in the first place, and who attacked me with you?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, and at this time, a cold killer appeared in his eyes!

"I... At first... Many people secretly proposed..." Feng Rong could cheapen others, and said how he had conspired and how to lie in ambush, but what made Zhao Yuande depressed was that the people who attacked him at that time except the wind Let this guy be beheaded by himself!

In other words, I am afraid that my enemies only have the appearance.

"So it turns out that you are really quite calculated, but you will almost succeed!" Zhao Yuande looked at Feng Rong and his voice was cold.

"You... don't kill me. I'm a fairy family fan. If you kill me, there will be endless trouble!" Feng Rong saw the other person's eyes, and suddenly felt cold all over his body, and his body shivered violently.

He never thought he would have such a day!

He was lucky and prosperous, and accidentally broke the barriers of the testers of the immortal world and the testers of the lower world. As soon as he entered the world of the fifth city, he sensed the call of the endless black prison, and successfully obtained the endless black prison.

And with the help of the endless black prison, he was quickly promoted to the fairyland, and the rapid increase in combat power was incredible.

He also encountered some powerful beings, but all of them were defeated one by one.

In the end, he stared at Zhao Yuande and felt that this guy must have some kind of mysterious treasure, so he contacted a lot of strong men and wanted to beheaded, but in the end not only everyone died in the other's hands, and All the treasures also disappeared, which made him always grudge.

It now falls into the hands of Zhao Yuande, which is also considered unreasonable.

"Feng Family? Tell me about the situation of the Feng Family! What are some of the strong people, what kind of genius." Since the Feng Family was mentioned, Zhao Yuande was more interested.

"My Fengjia is a hidden family, inherited from a mysterious and powerful existence, as for other details, even if you killed me, I... I will not tell you!" Feng Rong heard this The problem, the attitude that changed suddenly became firm.

"Oh! I can't see it, you are very kind!" Zhao Yuande sneered and looked at the other party, "I don't know if I can devour your soul, can you keep the secret in your head!"

His immensely powerful God Soul was immediately released. His present God Soul is already equivalent to the mid-term of the Fairy Monarch Realm, while the Fengshen God Soul Realm is only equivalent to the peak of the Fairy Realm and has the power to crush him absolutely!

Feng Rong You suddenly felt that your soul seemed to face a terrifying giant, and the other party crushed itself just as easily as an ant!

" said!" He has been with you for a long time, and finally can only shake his head helplessly.

How painful the spirit was swallowed up. Although he didnt know, he didnt know enough, but he knew that it would definitely die, and even the chance of reincarnation would not be left, he could only give in!

"Speak!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other coldly.

"We Fengjia live in seclusion in the central fairyland, an island that is not under the jurisdiction of any major forces. As far as I know, Fengjia has a peerless immortal emperor..." Fengrong bamboo tube pours beans like a Fengjia Everything is said.

The true strength of the Feng family is not weaker than any of the eight major immortal palaces. There are nine immortal emperors in the family, and there is also a peerless immortal emperor sitting in town.

The Feng family has three geniuses, Feng Rong, Feng Cangyun, and Feng Suiyun, of which Feng Suiyun is the strongest genius of the Feng family. At this time, he has entered the fairy realm before the age of thirty, and the combat power is almost the fairy realm. Invincible.

This person's physique is infinitely close to the Chaos Eucharist, but it is only a little above the bloodline.

The Feng Family is frantically looking for news about the Chaos Eucharist. They heard that there is a Chaos Eucharist in the lower realm, and they have already sent a large number of strong men to the lower realm, but the Chaos Eucharist in the lower realm seems to vanish out of thin air.

The real purpose of Feng Rong's attack on Zhao Yuande is actually to speculate that he is the Chaos Holy Body, so he wants to hand him over to the family.

In this way, a chaotic holy body that truly belongs to the Feng family can be cultivated.

"You have long known that we have the same source!" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed a terrifying look.

"The Chaos Eucharist has its own blood from the Feng Family, and it is reasonable for you to contribute to the completion of our Feng Family!" Feng Rong's face is somewhat reasonable and lonely.

"It's a fallacy! This won't be your ancestor's decision! Does any of your ancestors oppose this plan?" Zhao Yuande's face was murderous, and he stepped towards Feng Rong step by step.

"This is our old ancestor's decision. Although several elder emperors did not agree, but the majesty of the old ancestors forced them to succumb!" Feng Rong looked at Zhao Yuande, his face showing whiteness.

"It's true that the upper beam is not correct, the lower beam is crooked, and the snakes and rats are in a den. Your Feng family is decaying!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold and ruthless.

"You... what are you talking about! What kind of family is my Fengjia, can you be destroyed by a little fairyland guy?" Feng Rong felt Zhao Yuande's terrible killing intention, and his face was terrified. The color flickered, but he didn't think that Zhao Yuande could destroy the Feng family.

"Humph! Since you know that the Feng Family has inherited a powerful existence from ancient times, do you know who this powerful existence is? Do you know what the Chaos Eucharist represents?" Zhao Yuande seemed to be questioning, but also to himself. Mumbling.

"I... don't know! Don't you know..." Feng Rong looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes also showed a little anticipation.