Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1847

Chapter 1847: Thank You Lord

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"Since this time, I will tell you that our Chaos Eucharist inherited from the Chaos Giant Clan. It was the Chaos Giant Clan that shattered the myth of the ancient Immortal Kingdom and turned the Immortal Realm from the Immortal Kingdom's rule to the Eight Great Immortal Palaces! "Although the other party is his own enemy, he is also his own tribe. Before he dies, letting him know these things can be regarded as letting him die."

"You... how do you know!" Feng Yuan looked at Zhao Yuande inconceivably. Although he could not prove that what Zhao Yuande said was true or false, but he had a feeling that the other party was not cheating himself.

"Because I am the heir of Chaos Giant, because I met the ancestor of the Feng Family!" Zhao Yuande's words seemed to blow to the ear of Feng Rong with a thunder.

"I...I don't want to die!" Feng Rong heard Zhao Yuande's words, and now he gradually understood that since the other party let himself know this, he would not let himself live!

"Quack! You will not die, I promise, because Lord Turtle is not cool yet!" At this time, Lord Turtle has drunk the huge water ball, and the mouth is almost sprayed with water, dangling and flying. Over here.

"Zhao you want to use a turtle to humiliate me?" Feng Rong saw Master Turtle, and inexplicably felt a chill in his heart.

"Master Turtle is cool...and you think it's humiliation, then it's humiliation!" Master Turtle showed a smug expression on his face, and turned to look at Zhao Yuande, "Master, I can start." ?"

"Go! Let's refresh you before he dies, it's considered to be the best of everything!" Zhao Yuande smiled lightly.

"Shuang...? How cool?" Ji Mingzhen and Xuan Ye looked at Zhang Qingyan with some incomprehension.

"Oh! See for yourself!" Zhang Qingyan's face was slightly red, and she turned her head.

"What the **** is that?" Ji Mingzhen and Xuan Ye looked at Master Tortoise curiously.

But the next moment, they suddenly stunned!

Lord Turtle even peeed...the long parabola, the warm water, fell unbiasedly on Feng Rong's face, and the splash of water sparkling with a trace of translucency.

"Wow! It's so cool..." Lord Turtle shuddered, his face full of satisfaction.

"No... no... Zhao Yuande, you can't do this... let it go away... ah!" Feng Rong watched the incredible flow falling from the sky incredulously, pouring down his head towards his face, at this moment he almost wanted crazy.

But soon he shut up. Although the little turtle was small, the water flow was endless. He yelled and let all the liquid flow into his mouth.

So he can only huh huh make a protest.

"Shut up! Master Turtle is a real turtle. If you put it in the past, I am called Tian Jiang Gan Lin! You don't know how to enjoy..." Master Turtle grumbled uncomfortably.

"This...this..." Ji Mingzhen's body trembled, and he suddenly felt some sympathy.

He could imagine the feeling of being in the air now, in front of so many people... It was even more painful than killing him.

"No wonder..." Xuan Ye glanced at Zhang Qingyan, and then she realized in her mind why she blushed a little.


Feng Rong's protests are getting smaller and smaller, and then there is the deathly silence, and then the eyes are dull, just like people are stupid.

"Hey! It's boring..." Lord Turtle looked at the air like dead fish, and it was a bit dull, "Forget it, don't waste my precious resources!"

It shook its body, then turned its eyes to the remaining three killers.

"You can't feel good about these three people!" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw a helpless smile on the face of Lord Turtle.

"Why? Are they not human?" Lord Turtle puzzled.

"They are all killers, and they are all killer elites. They must have received extremely cruel training. This little humiliation is nothing to them!" Zhao Yuande replied.

"I don't believe it!" Lord Turtle shook his head simply.

"Well, how about we make a bet?" Zhao Yuande smiled a little on his face.

"No... no more, you guys don't see rabbits and don't sprinkle eagles, and you bet on whether you win or lose, don't bet!" Lord Turtle shook his head like a rattle.

It knows Zhao Yuande very well, so it is not fooled at all.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande shook his head, since the other party was not fooled, then forget it.

"The three of you woke up early! When will you pretend?" Zhao Yuande suddenly shouted at the three of them.

"If you want to humiliate us, let's do it if you want to kill us! We won't say anything, and if you don't want the soul to burst, you can search our sea of knowledge!" The thin monkey-like killer slowly opened Opened his eyes and answered coldly.

"Hi... You make Lord Turtle very unhappy!" Lord Turtle looked at this guy and finally showed off his trick.

But soon it was discovered that, as Zhao Yuande said, the other party did not respond at all.

"Don't waste your time, we had been lurking in the septic tank for ten days and nights during our killer training. This little filth is like a spring breeze for us, not worth mentioning!" The monkey-like killer gave his tongue I licked the liquid on my lips and didn't care about the mouth, it seemed to taste the taste.

"This guy is really serious, we can't compare!" Ji Mingzhen felt a dry throat at this moment, and inexplicably felt a salty air in his mouth.

"Okay Master Turtle, don't waste it, it's better to water the flowers and plants!" Zhao Yuande stopped Master Turtle.

"Huh! It's really uncomfortable..." Lord Turtle felt very disappointed.

"This is for you, let's go back and study it!" Zhao Yuande handed the vial containing a drop of chaotic Yuanshui to Master Turtle.

"Chaos Yuanshui! Haha! Thank you lord, thank you lord!" As soon as Lord Turtle saw the little bottle, his eyes lit up.

"Since you want me to search your soul, then I will meet your requirements!" Zhao Yuande sent Lord Turtle into the beast bag, and then turned to look at the monkey-like killer, "I don't believe you What is the danger of knowing the sea."

Without hesitation, Zhao Yuande dived into the sea of knowledge of the other party.

"Ah! You will regret it soon!" The killer growled and soon lost his voice.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's soul has entered the killer's knowledge.

The killer's knowledge of the sea is different from that of ordinary people. It seems to be a sea of flames. In the sea there is an island covered with dark vines.

Zhao Yuande felt the presence of a spirit on this small island.