Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1848

Chapter 1848: Give Up

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"Are you here?" Kojima heard a dark voice filled with cold murderous murder, "Your courage is so great that you dare to search for the spirit of my Mosha family and die for me!"

A black shadow rose slowly from the island.

This is a shadow of dark golden runes all over the body. When it rose, Zhao Yuande felt a powerful crisis.

He felt that this shadow was like a star about to explode, full of endless power of terror.

"It's just a split soul, and I expected you to have this trick!" But Zhao Yuande was not nervous, but waved his hand directly, and a small palace appeared in his hands.

There was an irresistible and powerful force of pulling from the palace, which directly sucked the shadow into the palace.

This palace is the time immortal palace of Zhao Yuande.

The Time Immortal Hall is a nine-grade immortal treasure cherished by the heavenly kingdom. Even if there is a big world in it, it will not be damaged a little, let alone a small split soul!

"Boom!" There was a slight shock in the Time Immortal Hall, but it quickly subsided.

"" There was a frightened voice from the island.

"Now it's your turn!" Zhao Yuande stretched out his hand, and the powerful spirit power was released, directly shooting a spirit from the depths of the island.

"No... I know the secrets of my Mocha family, and you will regret it!" The divine soul screamed desperately, but to no avail.

"Oh! It turns out that you turned out to be a spy of the Pantheon, and there will be big moves recently... This is a lively event, you don't need my shot, you will all be wiped out!" Zhao Yuande quickly got what he wanted.

In addition to knowing that Feng Cangyun hired them, he also knew the true details of this Mocha family.

"Offend the Pantheon, you will regret it, you will die without a burial place!" the killer growled.

"Don't call it, I won't kill you!" Zhao Yuande's soul returned to the body, sealed the three killers with all cultivation practices, and then thrown into the body world.

If he talks in vain, those big men may not believe it, but with three killers, it will be different.

"Brother Zhao, how is it?" Ji Mingzhen stepped forward and looked at Zhao Yuande.

"These three guys are the killers of the Mocha family." Zhao Yuande said, "I don't know if you have heard the name of this family?"

"The Mocha family, I have heard it!" Ji Mingzhendao said, "This family is in Xifengzhou, although it is not one of the four major forces, but the power accumulated in the secret is very huge. This family does not have any territory, completely Making a living by killing people makes many people frightened by the wind!"

"Oh! This family should really be eradicated!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "I think the Eight Great Peerless Emperors will definitely agree with me."

"Should we leave, there seems to be nothing left here!" Ji Ming really said.

"Well! Let's go! Zhang Fan said just now that the Twelve Ascension City is already in jeopardy, we are going to leave quickly!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

As soon as they stepped on the altar, they saw Zhou Fei, Dong Guofu and others who were anxious.

"What's wrong? It seems that your face is not pretty!" Zhao Yuande seemed to feel something too.

"There was a violent shock just now, and there were countless boulders falling on it. This tomb seems to be collapsing!" Dong Guofu said anxiously.

"Did it come so fast?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, and his face suddenly appeared dignified.

"Leave faster!" Zhang Qingyan they also felt a crisis coming from all directions.


Zhao Yuande didn't dare to hesitate anymore, his body flashed down the altar first.

After descending the altar, they found a golden beam of light rising from the huge water not far away, as if penetrating the layers of space directly, reaching a mysterious world.

"That's a teleportation array! It should be a teleportation array that can lead to the ninth fairy city world. Let's go!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up, and he was too familiar with this teleportation array.

"What about the powerful dragon turtle?" Zhang Qingyan's face was slightly pale, and she remembered the terrible place of the dragon turtle.

"Can't so many of us resist?" Ji Mingzhen and Xuan Ye couldn't help asking.

"The strength of this dragon turtle is at least equivalent to that of the late Xianjun. We simply can't compete!" Zhang Qingyan explained, "Last time we were almost buried under the dragon's claws."

"No! It's different this time. You rush into the teleportation array first. I'll stop it for a while!" Zhao Yuande thought of the endless black prison he just got.

The spirit in it is very stubborn and does not communicate with him at all. In this case, he will never do anything, just give up this fairy treasure and use it to block the dragon and turtle for a while!

"You..." Zhang Qingyan started the fight with the dragon and turtle not long ago.

"Anyway! Endless Black Prison should be able to stop it for a moment and a half, and then I will have a lot of time to be able to retreat!" Zhao Yuande took out the Endless Black Prison and held it in his hand, his face lightened.

"Waste a Jiu Pin Xian Bao!" Everyone couldn't help feeling the pain.

"This nine-grade fairy treasure cannot be refined at all, so I can only give it up!" Zhao Yuande seems to be talking to himself, and it seems to be talking to the spirit in the endless black prison.

But the endless black jail simply did not respond.

"Go! Go!"

The figure disappeared quickly. After a dozen breaths, they had seen far away, in the middle of Mizusawa, a huge dragon turtle stood upright, and there was a huge golden formation on the back of the dragon turtle, which was being released. With the golden divine light, the divine light penetrates into the sky, and you can see a glorious palace above!


At this time, the dragon and tortoise were slaughtering a group of testers. There were probably hundreds of people in this group of testers. They tried hard to rush to the back of the dragon and toss, but they dropped many corpses again and again.

"We kill the past, you have to seize the opportunity, don't hesitate!" Zhao Yuande suddenly became very serious when he saw the scene.

He did not expect that the teleportation array would appear on the back of the dragon and turtle!

"Animal! I'm back!" Zhao Yuande shouted, the body was shining brightly, and one of the dragon's paws rang.

Those who tried to fight with the dragon and the turtle...or rather were killed by the dragon and the turtle saw the light of Zhao Yuande and others suddenly flashing in their eyes.

Especially when he saw Zhao Yuande rushing towards the dragon turtle and released such a terrifying attack, he was all excited.

"Roar! Little bug, it's you! You are dead today!" The dragon turtle's attention was suddenly drawn to Zhao Yuande.