Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1851

Chapter 1851: Crazy

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"Tian Yizong is no longer within our consideration, please leave!" Zhao Yuande interrupted the other party without hesitation, and his attitude was very determined.

"You... hum... somehow!" The young man snorted coldly and turned to leave.

"Give me back!" Zhao Yuande heard that the other party dared to say that he didn't know what to do, and suddenly his face fell, and he stretched out a hand. Without the other party's alertness, one pinched the other's neck!

"What do you... what do you want to do, let go of your hands!" The young man was squeezed in his neck, and suddenly felt a force of terror spread to his body, and he instantly lost his autonomy.

"This little friend, if you have something to say, don't do it!" The former Xianjun strongman in the Central Immortal Palace saw that there was a conflict here, and immediately came over and persuaded.

"Looking at the senior's face, I let you go today, get out!" Zhao Yuande kicked the other person's buttocks and kicked the man out.

But Zhao Yuande didn't use any strength, otherwise this guy might be kicked to death!

"Senior! Is there any compulsion to join that faction?" Zhao Yuande looked at the middle-aged fairy.

"No! How could there be such a rule, does Xiaoyou have any misunderstandings?" The middle-aged fairy looked at Tian Yizong's young man in Zhao Yuande's hands and frowned slightly.

"I don't join Tian Yizong. He said that I don't know what to do. What does this mean? Is Tian Yizong the most powerful in the fairy world?" Zhao Yuande sneered.

"Haha!" There were sneers all around me.

"Tian Yizong is good, but it is only one of Baihezhou's five major forces. When it comes to power, it is also at the end of the five major forces. This time I don't know if we can guarantee the status of the five major forces." .

The face is like a crown jade, and his temperament is elegant. Zhao Yuande felt a familiar breath as soon as he stood up.

"Gongsun Ming..."

Zhao Yuande looked at this guy and couldn't help but grin.

This guy turned out to be Xuan Jizong's Gongsun Ming, the genius who was so powerful and powerful.

But after such a long time, this guy's realm has not improved at all, it seems that the luck has been exhausted!

"I don't know which sect is this brother?" Zhao Yuande asked knowingly, with a look of interest on his face.

"Brother dare not dare to be, I am Gongsun Ming of Xuan Jizong, ranking No. 199 on the earth list!" Gongsun Ming is quite confident, although there is a bit of humility on his face, but anyone can see it, When he said the ranking list, his eyes showed pride.

The middle-aged man in the central fairy palace frowned slightly.

You just take it out and show it off in front of ordinary people. This genius character who has been killed from the lower realm in front of you, there are so many supporters around you, it will be more genius than you. You are not Is it shameful to come out?

"One hundred and ninety-ninth!" Zhao Yuande grew his mouth, and said inconceivably, "It turned out to be the one hundred and ninety-ninth! This kind of achievement is also embarrassed to show it, how great is your experience!"

"Haha! Yeah, the 199th place, what's worthy of praise! It's not the ninth place..." How could everyone not hear the sarcasm in Zhao Yuande's words, and immediately Gong Gongming's opponent stood up and mocked .

"Gongsun Ming, you don't even feel embarrassed. You are everywhere to show off that you are 199. What's so proud of?"

"Gongsun Ming, you really are a fool!"


"" Gong Sunming was reddened by Zhao Yuande and everyone soon said.

"Come on! What kind of garbage you are also deserved to recruit me!" Zhao Yuande's face was cold, and when he said it, Gongsun Ming almost vomited blood.

"You... Senior Song, did you hear what he said! This is a provocation to many of our immortal forces and should be punished!" Gongsun will look at the middle-aged man in the central immortal palace, all with angry expression on his face Color.

"Why! Am I wrong?" Zhao Yuande looked sideways at each other. "With this kind of cultivation, I can shoot you with a slap!"

"Xiaoyou is right, in the fairy world, you are the strongest, you can be humiliated if you are stronger than him!" The middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace has a faint smile on his face, "but he is behind me. Ji Zong, if you offend him, it is equivalent to offending Xuan Ji Zong! You just offended Tian Yi Zong, and now you have offended Xuan Ji Zong, I suggest you better not choose the power of Bai Hezhou, but if you join our central government Xian Gong, I can guarantee that these two forces will not dare to trouble you!"

"Senior! I thank you for your kindness, but I just don't believe in evil. I have to choose a force in Baihezhou!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to everyone and laughed, "Which of Baihezhou's great forces dares to take me in?" ?"

"We at Baidi Palace are willing to accept the little friends! I dare to guarantee that Tianyi Zong and Xuan Jizong will never dare to come in trouble with the little friends!" A tall young man stood up, showing a little confidence in his face.

The blood in his body was as vast as the river and the sea, and the blood flow even made a rumbling sound.

"I don't know who this is?" Zhao Yuande looked up and down at each other. His strong breath was revealed, and he turned out to be a strong man in the late fairyland.

"I'm Bai Kunyu, the elder of Baidi Palace!"

"It turned out to be Elder Bai, disrespectful and disrespectful. I don't know what Elder Bai did?" Zhao Yuande looked up and down at each other.

"I am in the late stage of Fairy Realm, but it is only one step away from the peak of Fairy Realm, and I should be able to be promoted to the Realm of Fairy Monarch before the age of 80!" Bai Kunyu's face showed a proud look.

At such an age, he can have such a powerful cultivation practice, even in the super powers like the Baidi Palace!

"It turns out that Elder Bai is almost eighty years old!" Zhao Yuande showed a trace of disappointment on his face. "I originally wanted Elder Bai to point me to one or two, but I didn't expect that Elder Bai was about to enter his senior year. , I'm afraid that one accidentally broke Elder Bai!"

" can take whatever you want, and I will show mercy..." Bai Kunyu's face muscles are beating. 80 years old can indeed be called a year of seniority, but it is aimed at ordinary people, and like them, powerful fairy, Shou Yuandong is tens of thousands of years or even hundreds of thousands of years. At 80 years old, it seems that there is no adult.

But letting the other person say this, he couldn't help but feel a little angry, he decided to give the other party a little lesson, otherwise he was really crazy!

If such a person really enters the White Emperor Palace, the palace owner will blame himself.