Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1852

Chapter 1852: Strong Outside

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"That's good! We'll prevail, and as long as you can win me, I will join the Baidi Palace!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

Standing behind him, Zhou Fei, Jiao Xiao and several others suddenly saw Zhao Yuande's smile, and the other party was probably unlucky!

Zhao Yuande's flesh can hardly regret the fairy king realm. A character from the late fairy land in the opponent's area is afraid to be shot directly to death by a slap!

"Alright! Don't hurt the harmony!" Bai Kunyu nodded.

"However, my training is relatively low, but I have to go all out. Elder Bai is careful!" Zhao Yuande said.

"It's okay, despite selling, you use your strongest tricks!" Bai Kunyu smiled.

Your little guy in the middle of the fairyland can still be stronger than his own body in such a retrograde? You have to know that he is the heir to the white emperor, but his flesh is his strength.

Although he was only a cultivation practice in the late fairyland, but the flesh has been infinitely close to the fairyland, and it is already the first genius in the White Emperor Palace!

"That's good, Elder Bai, I'm here!" Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly twitched, and he punched him towards Bai Kunyu.

His body is shining with stars, and he opened five stars with this punch!

Bai Kunyu saw Zhao Yuande punching him, and his face was slightly surprised, and he felt an aura of palpitation from the other person.

It seems that this kid is not easy, this is playing pigs and tigers, I have to be careful!

Bai Kunyu thought this way. He had originally planned to use only 50% of his strength, but now he finally decided to go all out.

Zhao Yuande's fist was about to come to him. In order to pretend, he just punched his fist!

But at this moment, Bai Kunyu suddenly felt a strong crisis, as if a mountain was pressing toward him, as if he would be crushed directly into the next powder.

"No..." Bai Kunyu finally understood at this time that the other party was much stronger than he thought, even stronger than himself!

"Little friends are merciful!" The middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace also felt something wrong at this time and hurriedly called out.

However, he did not stop it, because the battle was approved by both parties, and he and Bai Kunyu were not close relatives, so he just reminded him verbally!

"This guy is going to be unlucky!" Zhou Fei's mouth showed a mocking smile.

"Brother, how far can you say this guy can fly? I guess one hundred feet, at least one hundred feet!" Jiao Xiao said excitedly.

"I guess more than a hundred feet!" Zhou Fei looked at Bai Kunyu, with a trace of gloating in his eyes.

He knew that Zhao Yuande was not an untargeted person. He must have his own reason for doing so!

The previous Tianyizong, Xuanjizong, and now the Baidi Palace must be his enemies.

It seems that the road to fairyland is not all smooth sailing, there will definitely be a lot of wonderful, many rugged, but it is yearning!

Of course, in addition to the middle-aged people in the Central Immortal Palace, there are several strong men in the Immortal Realm. They also feel how powerful the breath released by Zhao Yuande at this moment, but they are not in the White Emperor Palace. What is the intersection, so there is no meaning at all.

Instead, they were happy to see the White Emperor Palace ugly.


The fists of the two struck together, making a tremendous boom.


In this roar, many people also heard the crisp bone crack.

A figure flew upside down like a cannonball, and the whole body rolled in the void like a scatter, and the nose and mouth were bleeding.

Like a pool of mud slamming against a wall, the whole wall was splashed with blood stains, and the body that had no human shape slowly slid down the wall, life and death unknown.

"Oh...why is he so weak!" Zhao Yuande's face showed some unexpected colors, and he looked a little panicked.

"This guy..." The middle-aged man frowned, and this guy was obviously intentional.

Everyone around is not a fool. This guy is definitely premeditated. It seems that the other party must have a grudge against the Baidi Palace, otherwise it will not be so ruthless.

You should know that Bai Kunyu is the strongest genius of Baidi Palace, and is the hope of Baidi Palace in the future. I did not expect to be killed almost alive in such a place where there should be no danger!

If the owner of the White House knows this kind of thing, I am afraid that his nose will be distorted, and he will regret sending Bai Kunyu here.

"Oh... Little friend, you are too ruthless!" The middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace had to say a few words at this time.

"Senior! I'm wrong!" Zhao Yuande showed a bitter look on his face. "He's in the late fairyland, and I'm in the middle of fairyland. Do I still show mercy to his men? How can I know that he is so careless?" Fight, if you know where I dare to compete with him, what am I doing to cause this trouble!"

"Senior, you must make the decision for me!" Zhao Yuande's face was more bitter, "I didn't mean to kill him, but he was too weak!"

"This...should..." The middle-aged man has a weird face. Although he knows that Zhao Yuande is acting, he really can't find any flaws and can only support us.

At this time, everyone around him couldn't help but show a strange smile on his face, some people who were not right with Bai Kunyu, or those who had enmity, at this time, all smiled with a strong mouth, and could not bear to laugh.

However, this time they are beginning, yin and yang strangely attack Bai Kunyu Luozhi all kinds of crimes, all kinds of continuous elimination.

"Yes! This guy Bai Kunyu seems to be doing something strong. I heard that he has eighteen wives, won't it be sucked!"

"Eighteen wives... this guy... no wonder it would be so weak, I think I can kill him with one punch!"

"I heard that in his inner world, there are groups of wives and concubines, and every day there is an unobstructed meeting... The name is to leave a pure incense to the White Emperor Palace, actually hehe..."

"I have long seen him have a weak blood today, I am afraid it is..."


The people from Baidi Palace are not only Bai Kunyu, but also two young people.

They have only responded until now. The brothers they have always admired have been punched and flew directly, and now they are lying on the ground without knowing their lives.


The two exclaimed again and again and rushed to Bai Kunyu.

They found out that the bones of Bai Kunyu's whole body had been smashed, and the five internal organs and six internal organs had become a pool of flesh, but he was a descendant of the White Emperor, and his constitution was far superior to ordinary people, but he has not died now!

The two rushed to heal their injuries and took them away after stabilizing their injuries.

"What other forces are there in Bai Hezhou?" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone with a sincere smile on his face. "I remember there should be five forces. What about the other two? Why didn't they come out and recruit me?"

"..." There was silence all around, and everyone looked at Zhao Yuande with a strange look.