Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1855

Chapter 1855: I Don't Want To Die Here

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"Brother Zhao! You are not righteous! You are used to the spirit of fairy spirits, have you considered our feelings?" Ji Mingzhen smiled bitterly and complained.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry everyone, but I really didn't expect it!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone's eyes and couldn't help but sneered, with an embarrassed expression on his face.

"Forget it, we know you didn't do it on purpose, but..." Ji Mingzhen just said here, and suddenly the ground began to shake violently, and the whole palace was shaking violently.

"Not good! Do the twelve immortal cities also collapse? Let's go!" The middle-aged man's face in the central immortal palace suddenly changed, his big sleeves waved, and the entire palace was shattered directly by him.

"In that direction, the teleportation array is there!" The middle-aged man's finger pointed away.

Everyone saw a red ray rising up there directly into the sky, it was a huge teleportation array.

"Let's go! Don't resist!" Zhao Yuande shouted, and they all gathered around Rosa, Du Xin'er, Zhou Fei and others, and then spread their speed and flew in the direction of the light.

The others also showed their own speed and flew in the direction of the teleportation array.


Suddenly a loud rumbling sound came from above the sky.

Zhao Yuande saw that a huge crack appeared on the sky dome, and then the sky dome broke, and a huge meteorite carried a long fire tail and fell down to the earth.

"not good!"

Zhao Yuande found that the falling direction of this meteorite was exactly the direction of these people.

The realm of this meteorite is thousands of miles. If it falls at this speed, I am afraid that few people will survive except myself.

Zhao Yuande looked around and suddenly found that, except for Ji Mingzhen, they were not far away from each other.

"Come all around me!" Zhao Yuande's voice was loud, passing in all directions.

Everyone was a little stunned, and many people were a little hesitant, but everyone in the Spiritual False Immortal Palace and Eight Views Palace approached Zhao Yuande without hesitation at this time.

"Don't resist, let me in!"

Zhao Yuande swept his sleeves and swept everyone who dared to approach him into the body world at once.

At the moment, the strong man in the central fairy palace also made the same decision as Zhao Yuande.

This kind of meteorite is not a great threat to him. He is the head of this fairyland and the messenger of the central fairy palace. Naturally, he cannot watch these people die here!


The meteorite has reached the distance of their heads at this time, and all those who have not been rescued by the two feel that a powerful death crisis is coming. They have regretted the hesitation at that time.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande felt tremendous pressure. The meteorite seemed to be suppressed by a mountain, giving him a feeling of hiding and hiding.

"Crush me!"

His body swelled into a giant of a thousand feet, holding the Yuanci Excalibur, and cleaved a thick horror sword.

"Little friends, I'll help you!" The middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace saw the sword Zhao Yuande with a shocked look on his face, but he knew that it wasn't time for shock. The big red seal manifested in the void, hitting hard towards the meteorite.



Zhao Yuande's meta-magic sword first split on the meteorite, and a huge crack appeared suddenly on the meteorite. The flame was flying around in the split, and the entire initial boundary instantly became a sea of hell.

Immediately afterwards, the blood-red seal slammed onto the meteorite, and the meteor was suddenly torn apart, turning into countless fragments and lasing downward.

The power of every piece of meteorite will not be weaker than the full blow of a strong fairyland!

Those below who were not rescued suddenly showed their despair.

They may still be able to withstand the next two hits, but the debris is countless, and they can be prevented from falling down like a rainstorm.

Suddenly these people were overwhelmed by the terrible meteorite fragments, and none of them could survive!

"Thank you little friends!" The middle-aged man gave Zhao Yuande a deep look, and his influence on him was greatly improved!

"Hurry up, now is not the time to chat!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the hole in the sky. "If we don't leave, we will be like them!"

The middle-aged man looked up and found that the large holes in the sky dome are getting bigger and bigger, and vaguely you can see the stars are as if attracted by some powerful force, all of them have left their orbits and are moving towards this world. Falling down.

The speed of these stars is getting faster and faster, and soon a long fire tail is dragged behind!

"I know! The black hole has been engulfed below, and the powerful sucking force has already acted on the stars. Let's go fast, otherwise we will die!" The middle-aged man's complexion changed greatly, and he couldn't care about the others , Fleeing frantically in the direction of the teleportation array.

"I'm afraid... it's too late!" Zhao Yuande quietly followed behind this person, but his face was more and more dignified, because he felt a violent suction from the ground, let them The speed is getting slower and slower, and finally it is impossible to fly the air!

"This... are we going to die here?" The face of the middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace has changed greatly, and his eyes are unwilling.

They are less than a hundred miles away from the teleportation array at this time, and they dont even need one tenth of a second at their normal speed, but now their speed is like a snail, and they cant sell at all!


The earth was cracked with huge cracks. Numerous cracks were densely spread on the ground like a cobweb, and the terrible sucking force came from under their feet, almost making them impossible to move.

The teleportation array in front seemed to be a candle blown by the north wind, and it went out at once!

Meteorites, which are even bigger than before, fell down towards them!

In their current state, they are continuously hit by these meteorites, which is undoubtedly mortal!

What's more, even if it can't die, sooner or later it will be sucked into the endless black hole below, and it is also inevitable.

"No..." The middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace showed deep despair, "I don't want to die here!"

He frantically took out all kinds of immortal treasures, trying to resist this horrible suction, but to no avail!

At this point, the two of them could no longer walk, but just stood on the spot, even if it was a step forward, it was extremely difficult!

Zhao Yuande's head turned rapidly, and he certainly didn't want to die here. His family and friends are all in his body world. If he died, these people might not be able to live!