Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1856

Chapter 1856: Enter Black Rock Passage

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"First Ancestor, think of a way!" Zhao Yuande had no choice but to find Feng Cang.

"I can't help it. My current strength is not enough to rescue you!" Feng Cang didn't panic, only a slight loss appeared on his face.

"...What should I do? I'm not reconciled..." Zhao Yuande was almost crazy. If he died alone, how could so many people die with him? How could he be relieved to die!

"Brother! Brother!" At this moment, Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of a man, old man with white beard!

This guy had resurrected him through the Black Rock Passage, can he still escape from Black Rock now?

However, Zhao Yuande did not get a response from the old man with a white beard.

At this time, he was retreating with all his strength, perfect fusion of his soul and Shi Gaoyun's flesh, and he had set up layers of prohibition, let alone Zhao Yuande, even a fairy emperor!

"Come out, it's dead anyway, so try it!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth and decided to rush directly into the Black Rock Passage.

As long as he enters the Black Rock Passage, he will not die!

He believes that treasures of this level, such as Black Rock, cannot be destroyed even if they are black holes, but where the black holes lead, there is no danger he can hardly estimate.

After the big deal, I haven't been in the Black Rock Passage!

He glanced at the middle-aged man in the Central Immortal Palace, who was almost in a madness. When he thought that he was pretty good, he decided to take him with him!

"Senior, come with me!" Zhao Yuande took all his strength to take a step, just to be able to catch the middle-aged man, he reached out.

The middle-aged man saw Zhao Yuande reaching out, and suddenly the drowning person grabbed a life-saving straw and grabbed Zhao Yuande's hand with one hand.


Zhao Yuandela lived in a middle-aged man, and the two disappeared instantly.

The next moment, they appeared again, already in the Black Rock Passage.

Here is a chaotic world, with the mist of the chaotic colors ahead, and a huge space storm hovering constantly above their heads.

"Where is this?" The middle-aged man looked at here in surprise, "We are saved?"

"Not completely saved yet!" Zhao Yuande shook his head. "This is a mysterious void channel. I don't know where it is going, and there are dangers. If we want to be saved, we must shuttle through this mysterious void channel!"

"Mysterious void channel?" The middle-aged man looked around, radiating a powerful spirit.

But in an instant he groaned, his eyes showing fear.

"There is such a powerful force of tearing in the void here. I just explored the distance of 100 feet, and I was almost torn. Maybe only the strong in the fairy emperor realm could withstand this kind of tearing force. Probably!" The middle-aged man's face was a bit dark.

"It's already good! At least we don't have to die now!" Zhao Yuande's face showed a bitter smile.

"Yes! We are still alive and there is hope. If we can practice here to the fairy emperor realm, maybe I can take you out!" The flame of hope rekindled on the middle-aged man's face.

"As far as I know, here can only be passed by the soul of the soul, even if the flesh reaches the fairy emperor realm, it will be torn apart by terrible power." Zhao Yuande shook his head slightly. It is not that simple here.

"The soul can pass?" The middle-aged man was lost in contemplation. "It's like a legendary place, it leads to heaven!"

"Tongtian Road?" Zhao Yuande pondered the name.

Its not wrong to use its name to describe Black Rock, and Black Rock Passage doesnt know where it will lead in the end, but according to the old man with a white beard, it has access to countless planes.

After he exploded and was born again, he was sent to Baihezhou in the fairyland by the old man with white beard.

According to the old man with a white beard, reaching Baihezhou in the fairy world is only the simplest passage in the Black Rock Passage.

"Since you can only use the spirit to shuttle, then we have to be more careful! Do you have soul treasure? If not, I have a few pieces here, you pick one!" Middle-aged people take out several kinds of fairy treasures, all three or four The immortal treasures of the products are all immortal treasures that can be used by gods and spirits.

"Thank you, Senior! I have Soul Treasure!" Zhao Yuande also liked the generosity of middle-aged people.

"Well! We can explore slowly. If we can't do it, we can practice here. We will explore when we improve. I believe we will always be able to go out!" The middle-aged man nodded. "We are not well suited to go now. Explore, retreat first!"

He has become calmer now, and he has closed his eyes and practiced alone!

Zhao Yuande also began to practice simply, but his body had already been exchanged with Zhao Liu at this time, and he directly entered the Time Immortal Palace to start practicing his Yuanshen Resurrection.

Zhao Liu now has yin and yang shining mirrors on his body. He feels that he can't detect any abnormality by the other's cultivation base, so he is also very relieved.

Time passed in a hurry, and after a period of middle-aged retreat, they began to explore the Black Rock Passage.

However, his spirit is not very strong, but is equal to his own strength. Now it is the late stage of the fairy king. It is difficult to go forward in the Black Rock Passage.

Of course, he also experimented with crossing through the flesh, but just walking a hundred feet, he felt a terrible tearing force!

He felt that even the body of the immortal emperor might be torn alive here, so he immediately dismissed the idea of physical exploration.

Zhao Yuande's avatar, Zhao Liu, also pretended to explore several times at this time, and each time he returned.

You should know that Zhao Lius soul is not as powerful as Zhao Yuande, but it has reached the early stage of the fairy monarch.

The middle-aged man is a tough-willed person. After repeated failures and repeated injuries, his soul has begun to grow stronger.

From a thousand feet at the beginning, he has gradually reached the exploration distance of two thousand feet and three thousand feet.

Along with the exploration, middle-aged people gradually felt a strong spatial fluctuation not far in front, as if it was a spatial passage to the unknown realm.

However, how far away he was, he could not be sure at all. He just felt that there was a huge gap before this channel, and he could not pass through the power of his present soul.

"It seems that if you want to pass that gap, at least you need the spirit strength of the fairy emperor realm!" The middle-aged man looked at Zhao Liu with a confident smile on his lips. "I believe, give me ten years, I It should be possible to elevate the Soul of Soul to Immortal Emperor Realm, and then we can find the exit! As long as we can enter a certain space, it will not be difficult to return to Immortal Realm!"

"Then all depends on the seniors!" Zhao Liu showed an excited look on his face, but his heart was sighing.