Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1857

Chapter 1857: Brother Tian

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Ten years is too long, the ontology can't wait, he still has a ten-year contract!

And Zhao Yuande's resurrection of the primordial spirit should only take more than five years to break through to the seventh floor. At that time, the soul of the gods can be compared with the strong of the immortal emperor.

At this time, in the outside world, the news of the collapse and destruction of the Twelve Ascension City has spread throughout the entire fairyland.

None of the people in the fairy world came out and were buried in it.

But everyone in Devil's World and the Pantheon had already got some warning, they didn't covet the last fairy spirit, they left early!

So at this time, many people in Immortal Realm couldn't help but sigh, half of the geniuses of this generation of Immortal Realm fell into it, it seems that Immortal Realm will be suppressed by Demon Realm in the future.

The most anxious is Sun Yang, picking stars to hand them.

They knew that Zhao Yuande had entered the Twelve Ascension City, and they were afraid that Zhao Yuande would die inside.

The most happy are the peerless immortal emperors, there is such a guy with a powerful background in front of them, they are like thorns in the throat, uncomfortable and cannot be scratched.

Now that Zhao Yuande is dead, they can be regarded as having a big heart disease.

However, when the star picker was disturbed and passed on the news to Zhangling Patriarch Zhangjing, now the hottest in Bajing Palace, he got such a reply.

"Zhao Yuande is fine!"

Although it was just a simple sentence, it made the star picker relieved.

"Woo!" Situ Qing came to the two old ancestors in tears, like rain pear flowers.

"What's the matter? Why did Xiaoqinger cry?" The old man looked at Situ Qing with a smile.

"Don't be an old man, don't tease Xiaoqing'er!" The old lady patted Situ Qing's shoulder lightly and smiled at her mysteriously, "You are sad for that kid! Rest assured, he's okay, now he's alive and kicking!"

"Really?" Situ Qing's eyes widened, full of surprises.

"What do we lie to you! That kid is moisturizing now! You can rest assured!" The old lady touched Situ Qing's rain-like face with pity.

"Thank you ancestors, thank you ancestors! I'm going to teach those guys with long tongues to let them know how powerful I am!" Situ Qing jumped up excitedly and left.

"This girl, the poisoning is too deep! Souls have been taken away!" The old man smiled bitterly.

"Huh! Old man, what is poisoning, did you still look like that from time to time?" The old lady pinched an old man, and the light in her eyes circulated.

"Hey! The hero doesn't mention the bravery at that time! The old man is old!" The old man sighed.

"Is it?" The old woman's body changed instantly, as if she had completely faded an old skin, revealing a look of peerless beauty. Her body was graceful, and the bumps made people daydream.

"Old lady, you are seduce me to commit a crime... roar!" The old man roared, his body swelled, no matter how old he looked, the dragon flew at the other party.

"Giggle! Who told you to hide your eyes and ears, you have to turn into an old look, and people have to see people with that face all day long..."

"Isn't that to reassure the old guy..."


Zhao Yuande has been practicing for three years at this time! In the time immortal palace, six hundred years have passed...

Six hundred years is a long time with it, and a dynasty will gradually decline when it reaches six hundred years!

But in the eyes of cultivators, it is just a matter of fingertips.

Zhao Yuande At this time, the perseverance of the gods and souls is afraid that few people in the entire fairy world can match it!

In the three years outside, the cultivation of middle-aged people named Song was quite effective. He had explored the gap before. Although the gap was only one hundred feet wide, there was a terrible void storm from time to time.

His spirits tried many times, and eventually returned without success, and several times he was almost swept away by the Netherstorm.

He is also trying hard to practice, summing up his experience from time to time and failing to improve the strength of the soul.

In the past three years, his spirit has made rapid progress, and he has even reached the peak of the fairy kingdom!

And Zhao XIV's cultivation in the Time Immortal Palace has also achieved results, allowing his realm to successfully enter the late stage of the Immortal Realm!

However, in this Black Rock Passage, there is no sense of the existence of Heavenly Tribulation. It seems that Heavenly Path is shielded here!

At this time, in the internal world of Zhao Yuande, Zhang Qingya, Xuan Ye, and Zhou Fei have gradually embarked on the path of cultivation, and they have closed their doors. In the past three years, they have calmed down and will make rapid progress in the twelve ascendant city. The state gradually stabilized.

Although they are trapped here and cannot go out, but they are also a chance to precipitate and benefit them a lot.

Those people who were rescued by Zhao Yuande in a hurry also probably understood that they were trapped in a certain place, and it was impossible to go out temporarily!

Therefore, they can only pass the time through cultivation, and forget the passage of time through cultivation.

Just when Zhao Yuande came to life in the time immortal palace, a fat figure came out of a corner of the other side of the world.

"Haha! My history... No... I finally swallowed to life again!" The fat man shook the fat on his body, frowning, "I don't seem to adapt to this new body! The fat on this body is really annoying Isnt it like the fool Zhou Fei that every day, like a monkey, flies around like a monkey to get rid of it?"

"Go to his mother, Swallow Heaven doesn't like to lose weight, I want to eat, eat big, eat all that I haven't eaten in these years, I control him to be fat or thin!" The fat man finally gritted his teeth and shook it. The fat on his body, although he made a decision, was still sad.

"In this case... will there be a pretty sister who likes me? My second spring... Is it yellow?" The fat man thought of this problem again, and couldn't help but fall into the trouble again, "Whether to choose to eat or choose Pretty sister... really... hey..."

"Brother! Have you perfectly captured this flesh?" Zhao Yuande just completed the cycle of Yuanshen Resurrection at this time. Suddenly he felt, and immediately appeared in front of the fat man.

"Haha! Brother, brother! Thank you, otherwise how could I have such a good body!" White beard...... No, it was the swallowing excitement that saved Zhao Yuande and gave him a hug.

"It should be! It should be!" Zhao Yuande was covered with a big man, and was embraced by this guy in his arms. It was like being wrapped in a mass of fat meat, that kind of feeling... wonderful!

"Right! Brother will have a name in the future, you will call me Brother Swallow Heaven!" Swallow said very seriously.