Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1858

Chapter 1858: Wind And Rain

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"Good! Brother Tian Tian!" Zhao Yuande nodded when he saw the other party's solemnity.

"Brother, how do you and I feel... You seem to have entered the Black Rock Passage?" Tun Tian suddenly frowned, "The Black Rock Passage can't just be arbitrarily rushed, you will be in trouble!"

"Hey! Brother Tian, I can't help! I'm in the Twelve Ascension City..." Zhao Yuande collapsed the Twelve Ascension City, and they didn't escape.

"'re really unlucky!" Swallowed speechless, "However, this is really your last choice, you are not very rash, otherwise you don't know how to die!"

"Hey! We have been exploring for three years before we reached the gap. If we follow my cultivation speed, it will take about two years before we can raise the Yuanshen Resurrection to the seventh floor before we can break into it with confidence!" Zhao Yuande Helpless wry smile.

"It's also good luck for you. The world after that divide is a highly toxic planet. Even if you go in, it's just a dead end!" The words of Tian Tian made Zhao Yuande tremble and secretly rejoice.

"Then hurry up and take us away! I don't know what people in Immortal Realm will know after we die, especially..." Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of Situ Qing, if she knew what the mood would be like.

"Sister Swallow Heaven, wait a moment, I have something to do!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly took out the token of the Void Chamber of Commerce and dived into the soul.

His spirit appeared in the human-level area in the realm, but his spirit appeared in the human-level area, and he suddenly saw a beautiful shadow standing quietly not far away.

"Qing'er! You... why are you here?" Zhao Yuande looked at this figure and felt a kind of sweetness in his unconscious heart.

" finally appeared!" Situ Qing saw Zhao Yuande's figure, and his face suddenly showed an excited light, and tears appeared in his eyes.

"I'm sorry... I was wrong, I forgot the role of this token..." Zhao Yuande said a little naively.

"Thanks to the two ancestors, otherwise I'm going to die!" Situ Qing stepped forward and took the initiative to grab Zhao Yuande's arm, gently snuggling on his shoulder, with a tender tenderness in his voice, "Remember No matter what happened, you should contact me as soon as possible. You dont know how anxious people get that news!"

"Well! I will! There will never be another next time!" Although this is just the soul body of the god, it is so close, so that Zhao Yuande couldn't help but tremor, a sense of sweetness that couldn't be described came up. Heart.

He started to feel a little overwhelmed, but then gently grabbed the other person's shoulders and hugged him into his arms.

"Okay! I believe you..." Situ Qing's voice was low, almost murmured.

To know that this is in the realm, the people of the Chamber of Void Realm don't know how many, and people coming and going soon noticed this scene.

Especially after seeing Situ Qing's face clearly, they all looked at Zhao Yuande with incredible eyes.

"Then... my eyes don't have flowers! That's Situ Qing, she... how could she snuggle in a man's arms..."

"Oh! My heart is broken... Who is that person, I want to fight him!"

"Forget it! What qualifications do you have to fight with others? The people whom the goddess values should be at least senior members of the Chamber of Commerce, or..."

"No... that talent is just the late fairyland, a rookie!"

"Don't stop me, you... I want to kill the kid..."

"That kid, I want to fight you!"

"I want to fight you..."


Hearing a cry from the crowd, Zhao Yuande's face changed suddenly.

"Why? Are you scared?" Situ Qing's face was red, and he broke free from Zhao Yuande's arms.

"I'm afraid of something!" Zhao Yuande's face was proud, "No one here is my opponent!"

The human-level zone is the active area of the chamber of commerce members under the realm of immortal monarch. His combat power is now basically close to that of the strong man in the late stage of the immortal monarch. He feels that he can almost sweep the human-level zone.

"Don't underestimate them! They are all geniuses valued by the Void Chamber of Commerce, or disciples of our chamber of commerce, and all can fight one by one!" Situ Qing heard Zhao Yuande so confident that there was a trace of his face. Smile.

"Don't underestimate me. I'm already a strong man in the late fairyland. Although they don't dare to say that they are truly invincible under the fairy monarch, they..." Zhao Yuande glanced around, and there was a trace in his eyes Smile.

"Or would you try it?" Situ Qing pointed to a huge ring in the distance.

"No... I don't have time now. Find a place. I will tell you what happened recently!" Zhao Yuande really didn't have time to do such boring things at this time.

"Good!" Situ Qing saw the seriousness of Zhao Yuande's face, and immediately knew that something important must have happened. She was actually very curious. How did he escape from the collapse of the Twelve Centenary City?

The two soon entered a courtyard, quiet and unoccupied, and the best place to whisper and do something private.

He looked at the beautiful and beautiful Situ Qing in front of his eyes, and he couldn't help jumping for a while.

Although it is only a physical body simulated by the soul in the realm, he can still feel the subtle changes of each other, and at this moment he almost moved.

However, Zhao Yuande thought of his current situation, and the mood disappeared without a trace.

"Actually..." Zhao Yuande told the other party what happened in the Twelve Ascension City, together with how he escaped, and even the secret of Black Rock.

He felt that he could trust the other party, and she would not tell others about Black Rock at will.

"A mysterious weapon containing a void channel? I... never heard of it..." Situ Qing also felt very curious, but he didn't bother with Black Rock.

There are countless treasures in the Void of the Realm, and there are also a few that are even more anti-natural, and she is normal without knowing it.

"I want to know what's going on in the fairyland now, what changes did they get when I heard of my death?" Zhao Yuande came to look for Situ Qing this time. The first was to make her feel at ease, and the other was to want Inquire about the changes in the pattern of fairyland.

"It has something to do with you...that should be the beginning of the Ten Thousand Years Tribulation in the Immortal Realm. The Baihezhou Sun family is now a bit stormy! If you do not rush back, I am afraid that there will be danger of being squeezed out of the five forces..." Situ Qingdao.