Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 186

Chapter 186: Really Bad

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Zhao Yuande's last life was once in the ruins of the gods, but this time it was just a familiar journey.

When the light and shadow changed, his people appeared on an empty prairie, surrounded by silence and nobody, and all of them were randomly transported to various places around the **** ruins.

He distinguished the direction a little bit, and he wanted to enter the real **** ruin first by opening a door, and this door has three secret realms, among which the northernmost part should have rich resources, so Zhao Yuande chose the north.

After running for a long time, finally a piece of water appeared in front. Zhao Yuande gradually stopped. This piece of water has a very powerful beast. Although he is not afraid of his current cultivation, the battle will be wasted. Time, perhaps in that mysterious realm, will be the first to be ascended.

After walking a few steps, I suddenly saw a teenager in Tsing Yi panic and broke into the water, and behind this teenager a group of black wolf horns were chasing.

These horned wolves are fourth-order beasts, each of which is as big as a calf. It is no wonder that the teenagers in front will run so embarrassed.

"Brothers help me!" The teenager saw Zhao Yuande outside of Shuize, and suddenly a surprise appeared on his face, rushing towards him, and the young man passed by a piece of Shuize where the fierce beast dwelled.

"Fool!" Zhao Yuande scolded and turned to run!

"Roar!" A loud roar came, and a huge grisly head protruded from the water, biting towards the passing boy.

The teenager was already scared, and the sudden and terrible head made him almost collapse to the ground.


The teenager was bitten directly and blood dripped down the teeth.

"It's really arrogant!" Zhao Yuande ran wildly, more than twice as fast.


Below the head is a neck that is tens of feet long, and then the ground vibrates violently. A huge turtle with a length of hundreds of feet supports the four hooves from the mud. The turtle looked at Zhao Yuande, who was running in front. The dozen wolf horns weighed a little and took a big step toward those wolf horns that had been scared.

After the bleak wolf came, Zhao Yuande put his heart down, but he didn't stop running, and he ran straight for hundreds of miles before he stopped, and found that the black turtle did not catch up. This was a long sigh of relief.

This black turtle is a seventh-order fierce beast, with a trace of basaltic blood, strong and extremely manic, and was almost eaten by Zhao Yuande in his previous life.

However, he is not afraid of this life, but there is no slight benefit in fighting it, and its defense is amazing. It is too difficult to kill it, so he can only hide.

He re-selected the direction and made a big circle, which only bypassed the huge water, but the time was spent nearly half an hour.

After several generations of research, there are basically not many secrets in the **** ruins. Someone must have taken the experience of the ancestors to find three secret realms. This time, I have to look at my secrets for such a long time. Luck!

Zhao Yuande soon appeared in front of a high and low hill, in which there was a lush vegetation, where the rich aura could be felt tens of miles away.

"It seems that someone has entered!" Zhao Yuande's heart tightened, "I hope that the last baby will not be taken away, that is one of my goals! If I get this baby, my plan for the integration of the five spirits will be able to Realized in advance!"

He no longer hesitated and rushed towards the lush land.

He broke into a dense forest and suddenly felt a warning sign, and a long branch swept over his head.


Zhao Yuande flashed, and the branches emptied out a flame in the air.


Several branches bounced from the ground and enveloped him.

"Burn me!"

Zhao Yuande flicked his fingers, and a cyan flame came out of his hand, turning into a huge cyan lotus in front of him.

"Squeak! Squeak!"

The branches were instantly lit by the cyan lotus, and they made a wailing cry. They waved wildly, but they couldn't extinguish the flames of the branches, but a few branches were burned with a light.

"Hum! I am a green lotus fire. I have natural restraint on the wood. If you don't know how to advance or retreat, I will burn the wood!" Zhao Yuande placed the blue lotus in his palm and strode forward.

Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, the whole forest seemed to tremble in a clear space, and then Zhao Yuande easily passed through the woods without any obstruction.

"Look at your acquaintance!" Zhao Yuande smiled triumphantly, and took the Qinglian fire.

In the forest's previous life, there was a small blue lake, and a small island in the lake was full of spirits, and the colorful glow of the lake was constantly tumbling on the lake, forming many strange animal shapes.

"Great! The chance in the island is still there!" Zhao Yuande saw this scene, and his face suddenly appeared happy.

"No, there are people on the other side!" Zhao Yuande opened his eyes and saw the other side suddenly, and several teenagers were carefully approaching the small lake.

"Perhaps some of these guys carry babies who can avoid the tree demon!" Zhao Yuande found that these teenagers had no scars on their bodies and no signs of fighting.

He quietly spared these people and followed them carefully.

"Zhu Shao said that it was really good. There are really treasures here. There will be good things on the island soon. Zhu Shao will get a share!" A fat, chubby teenager standing in the middle of the crowd seems to be the leader of these people .

"Twenty-three prince, you're welcome. Actually everyone knows this. I just raised it first. It's good to fight evenly!" The teenager named Zhu Shao was dressed in black, tall and thin, looking at The flattered face appeared on the fat boy's face.

But no one saw that there was a trace of ruthlessness deep in his eyes.

"Haha! Since Zhu Shao said so, please don't be polite. After a while everyone will work hard to fight for us to wipe out all the good things!" The twenty-three prince's fat and duo's face showed a satisfactory color to everyone. While cheering up, he used his eyes to communicate with a burly young man beside him.

"Twenty-three princes rest assured that I will do my best not to let you down!"

It seems that this is the prince of the Dali dynasty. This prince of the Dali dynasty is really capable of birth. Now he is a few hundred years old, and his son is only so.

The group of teenagers in the front seemed to be well aware of this. Zhao Yuande could not help but secretly admire the importance of this information. However, his past life has only come in once, and people are different. It's much more than yourself.