Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1860

Chapter 1860: Sure Enough It Is Fairyland

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Coupled with Song Jingyun's explanation and swallowing the secret guidance, he quickly found his destination.

This is a somewhat old stone platform with a faint white brilliance flashing on it, and a force of space is transmitted from above, which is obviously a teleportation array.

"Boy, you can't come in first. You'll explore around first. I'll call you when you're done!" Tun Tian's voice rang in his ear.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande also had nothing to do with it anyway, so he proceeded a little bit of exploration in the fog and mist around him.

"Don't go far, there is a natural phantom array in the fog, even if I enter the array, I can't walk out!" Swallow's voice warned.


One day later, Zhao Yuande's soul returned.

"Senior Song...Senior Song, I have made a new discovery!" Zhao Yuande looked at Song Jingyun excitedly.

"What's new?" Song Jingyun's eyes lit up.

"In the other direction of the gray fog, I stumbled into a region by mistake and found a teleportation array!" Zhao Yuande replied with excitement.

"What! Take me to see it soon!" Song Jingyun's face also suddenly appeared surprised.

"Go!" The souls of the two came one after the other, and under Zhao Yuande's guidance, the one who appeared in front of him appeared in front of the teleportation array.

"This... is really a teleportation array. Looking at the layout of the teleportation array, it is very old, and at least it is also an ancient technique!" Song Jingyun is also a person who knows the goods, and at a glance he can see the extraordinary teleportation array.

"Just don't know whether the other side of the teleportation array is safe or not!" Zhao Yuande looked at the teleportation array and couldn't help worrying.

"Then let's test it, this is not really difficult!" Song Jingyun's face showed confidence.

He took a slap-sized little stone man from his arms and threw it on the ground.

When the villain fell to the ground, it turned into a stone man one foot high, walking like a wind, and rushed directly into the teleportation array.

"This is a puppet stone man that I obtained after refining the puppet secret method. I can carry a trace of my soul, and I can observe the surroundings through the stone man." Song Jingyun explained.

"The stone man does not have a trace of the spirit and soul fluctuations, just like an ordinary stone, which is much more secret than the exploration of the spirit and soul! Senior Song is really blessed with great fortune!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but sigh.

"Ah! It's just a little thing, not enough! It's you, friends, let me take a look at it!" Song Jingyun chuckled, but his face still showed a smug look.

His puppet, there is no fluctuation at all, even the immortal emperor can hide the past, and it is best to explore this place!

In fact, he has long used the Stone Man to explore the previously found channel, and found that in addition to the spread of poisonous clouds, it is a normal world. There is also a viper in the fairyland. There should be no problem with their ability. .

But what he didn't know is that the poison cloud behind that passage has very little harm to the flesh, but it is absolutely fatal to the soul of the gods!

If they are able to travel through the past physically, they will guarantee nothing.

However, if you pass through the soul, you may be melted by the poison cloud in an instant, and there is no chance of rebirth.

Looking at the complacency on the other person's face, Zhao Yuande couldn't help worrying a bit, he wouldn't peep through Brother Tian's arrangement!

"Very good, very good! Haha..." At this moment, Song Jingyun suddenly laughed, his face showing an unprecedented excitement.

"What's wrong? What did Senior Song find out?" Zhao Yuande suddenly saw his heart and let go.

"On the opposite side of the teleportation array is Xianjie... It's Xianjie...and it's Baihezhou!" Song Jingyun's face showed ecstasy, a pair of fists clenched tightly, and there was a bit of blood red in his eyes.

"What! Is it Immortal World, or Bai Hezhou... So, we are going to be saved!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but be overjoyed, but he immediately said, "There will be no danger!"

"I haven't found this mountain for a seems to be... the gate of Xuan Jizong!" Song Jingyun suddenly exclaimed, "I saw the gate of Xuan Jizong... there will be nothing wrong! It is Xuan Jizong's Mountain Gate!"

Hearing what the other person said, Zhao Yuande immediately knew that this was the passage he traversed last time.

"Let's go in!" Zhao Yuande was a little eager to try, and his face was extremely excited.

"This teleportation array is very weird, and it has a strong erosion of the real things. Although it is a short moment, it seems that it has passed hundreds of millions of years. If we pass through the body, I am afraid that we will die in an instant! The soul is immortal, without Shou Yuanyi said, we can only use the soul to cross!" Song Jingyun nodded.

"That's not set off yet!" Zhao Yuande's soul appeared, took control of a soul treasure Ding, and put his own body into the Ding.

Xiaoding exuded Baohui, and the colorful ripples spread towards the surrounding wave bands, which turned out to be a seven-grade fairy.

Zhao Yuande actually has a lot of low-level Xianbao, but he deliberately took this out of the Seven Grade Xianbao. He wanted to check each other's thoughts.

Song Jingyun glanced at the little tripod, and there was a slight greed in his eyes.

The heart began to confront again, but soon the righteous side overwhelmed the evil side!

He also took out the same, but his soul treasure is a small clock tower, only five grades.


The soul rushed into the soul treasure, driving the soul treasure into the teleportation array.

As soon as they rushed into the teleportation array, they were suddenly wrapped in a ray of light and disappeared without a trace the next moment.

At the next moment, Zhao Yuande felt that the speed of time seemed to increase ten thousand times at once, but in a flash he felt as if he had spent hundreds of millions of years.

But at the next moment, they appeared in a vast space, and a spirit of fairy spirits came to them from all directions. This is the fairy world.

"Sure enough, it's a fairyland!" Song Jingyun's soul rushed out of the soul treasure, feeling the breath around him, and suddenly overjoyed.

His body quickly appeared, took a deep breath of the air here, and he almost burst into laughter with excitement.

Zhao Yuande's body also appeared, putting Xiaoding into his body, and he was also observing the surroundings.

Found that this is where he appeared, where did Brother Tun Tian say the arrangement?

"Xiaoyou, this is the fairyland! We are safe!" Song Jingyun looked at Zhao Yuande with complex emotions in his eyes.

"Senior, we are really out of danger!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other and smiled, "Then let's go to each thing! I go to the Sun's house, the senior returns to the Central Immortal Palace! I think I will go back to the Central Immortal Territory after a while , I will definitely meet my seniors by then!"