Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1861

Chapter 1861: You Are So Shameless

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"Otherwise, don't go to the Sun's house, Xiaoyou, follow me to the Central Immortal Palace!" Song Jingyun looked at Zhao Yuande and suddenly said, "I think Lord Xiandi will reuse you, and those of your friends will also have Better treatment!"

"Senior, you should know what kind of person I am. Since I agreed to the Sun family, I will not change my position again!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with stern eyes.

"This... Ok! I'm not a strong man, if you don't want it, forget it!" Song Jingyun hesitated a little, then nodded helplessly, and there was a little regret on his face.

"Now that's the case, I will say goodbye to my senior!" Zhao Yuande checked the direction and flew towards Baihe Daze not far away.

He didn't want to enter the Xuanji Sect, he would go to the small city beside Baihe Daze to take the teleportation array to the Sun's house.

"Little friends have to think about it! This is related to your future development." Song Jingyun finally reminded.

"If the Sun family is uncomfortable, maybe I will go to seniors! Then seniors can't refuse me!" Zhao Yuande's voice came from a distance, and people really walked farther and farther, and lost their traces in the blink of an eye. .

"Hey! What should I do, just let him go?" Song Jingyun looked at Zhao Yuande's disappearing direction, and he couldn't help showing a hesitant look on his face.

"Catch up, kill him, steal the treasure from him!"

"No... I won't do it. He saved me anyway, I can't do this kind of ungrateful thing!"

"What is ungrateful is nothing, as long as the benefits are sufficient, even parents and family can betray! Have you forgotten what happened that year?"

"You shut up! At that time... I was blinded by you. I had vowed that I would never do that kind of thing again!"

"Swear... what kind of oath did you make? It's not a heavenly oath, but it's just empty words. If you don't, you can do it!"

"You bullshit..."

"Then you make a heavenly vow! As long as you make a heavenly vow, I will stop harassing you! I can't harass you anymore!"

"This one"

"So, you still listen to me, take that kid, and take all the treasures on him! Look at others, just a little guy in the fairyland, he is much richer than you, a fairy, soul treasure Its all Qipin Xianbao! That value... Im afraid you cant make a hundred years!"

"Okay, stop talking, I don't want to hear it!"

"Imagine again, his treasure that can travel through space, the limit of the fairy treasure that must have been surpassed, has reached a higher level! Why does he have it and you dont... Now is an opportunity for change, a let you One step to the sky!"

"I...I fell time...never again, I swear!"

"Hey! Swear..."

"Brother, don't fly too fast, you'll show your feet soon!" Just when Zhao Yuande was flying at full speed, there was a swallowing voice in his ear.

"Horse feet? What horse feet?" Zhao Yuande asked puzzled.

"It's just a huge array of illusions that I arranged according to the real world. This large array has limited space. You will fly out if you fly again!" Tun Tian explained.

"What! This is a big battle? How is this possible!" Zhao Yuande almost exclaimed.

"Hush! Don't make any fuss! What is this, your brother and I have supernatural powers!" Tun Tian's voice was full of pride.

"Since then, I have to take care of my elder brother!" Zhao Yuande gradually saw no stranger. Brother is a strong star in the sea of stars. This little means is really nothing, and he is really a little fussed.

"It's easy to say! It's easy to say that in the future, our brothers will go into the fairyland together and turn him upside down!" Yeah!"

"He...really came!" Although Zhao Yuande had already guessed this possibility, he still felt a little disappointed.

"Little friend, go slowly!" Song Jingyun's figure caught up and appeared in front of Zhao Yuande.

"Senior, what other instructions do you have?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other expectantly. He hoped that the other party would not do what he imagined.

"After thinking about it, I still think that Xiaoyou should follow me to the Central Immortal Palace, where is more suitable for you!" Song Jingyun looked at Zhao Yuande, and the tone was not as calm as before.

"Senior, I already said..." Zhao Yuande wanted to explain, if the other party can dispel the idea, it's best!

"Okay! I am good to you, and you will be grateful to me in the future!" Song Jingyun's face sank slightly, "Follow me! We have been together for such a long time, you should know that I am a person, I will not be wronged your!"

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande smiled, with a bitter smile. "Song Jingyun, I still had a hint of fantasies about you. I think you are still a person. You should not do things that make people feel disgusted. But I never thought I was wrong!"

"Hey! Xiaoyou, I actually don't want to be like this, but..." Song Jingyun saw that Zhao Yuande had already said so clearly, and he didn't want to cover up anymore.

His whole person suddenly became a little sultry, and an invisible force blocked the radius of the area.

"Don't say it, it's all an excuse, I just want to ask you a question!" Zhao Yuande looked at the other party. "Where is your limit? Can you save your savior?"

"Haha! I don't have a limit... I had no limits after I personally destroyed my Song family!" Song Jingyun's eyes suddenly became very strange, and the whole person seemed to be a **** out of hell. The demon coming out exudes a frightening breath.

This voice is exactly the same as that in his heart!

"You... didn't expect you to pretend to be so good, even I almost didn't see it!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other in disbelief for three years, and the other party had been disguised so well for three years. It's really deep.

However, Zhao Yuande did not know that the other party was not a deep mind, but a double character!

At this time, the evil side has the upper hand, and the good side is suppressed, so this will happen.

If Zhao Yuande is just an ordinary genius, there are not so many treasures on his body.

"Hey! Now you see that it's too late! In fact, it's a mistake for you to save me, I won't appreciate you, hey!" Song Jingyun's face twisted evil, hey hey laughed nonstop.

"You... really shameless!" Zhao Yuande really had nothing to say.