Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1868

Chapter 1868: Too Violent

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Zhou Fei's cultivation at this time is in the late stage of the fairyland, but several of his beast pets have broken through to the level of fairyland beasts, especially Xuanming and Baihu. After reaching the fairyland realm, the combat power has advanced rapidly, and has already owned the fairyland realm. He has the mysterious big mosquito as the bottom card, as long as he does not encounter the strong players in the late fairyland, he is sure to win.

"Zhou Fei, you go! Don't be embarrassed! Girl Du is looking at you!" Zhao Yuande made a nuisance to Zhou Fei.

"Hey! Brother, don't worry, is there any problem with me!" Zhou Fei pretended to take out his euphorbia and jumped to the center of Yanwuchang. With a wave of euphorbia in his hand, he pointed across, proudly saying, "That dare to come, Uncle Zhou smashed his head!"

When Zhou Fei appeared, everyone couldn't help but open his mouth. He was too shocked to face the three immortal emperors!

"This kid is so arrogant! I'm afraid it will end in horror!"

"However, others are strong in the late fairyland. At this age, it is inevitable to be arrogant at this age to achieve this kind of cultivation!"

"I don't know who the Zhu family will send? Will it send a strong man at the peak of the fairy to crush him?"

"No! Not to mention that the other party does not have a strong man at the peak of the fairy, and even if there is, it will not be sent out! That is the key to winning, the finale!"

"Who do you think the other party will send?"

"It should be a strong man in the early stage of Fairy Realm, which can just crush the other side in the realm!"


"Xiao Ba, go! This time you can only win or not lose!" The old woman looked at a young man and cast a harsh light on him. "This person's flesh is slightly stronger than ordinary people, and his spirit is also stronger. There is nothing particularly powerful outside of it, you should be able to take it easily!"

"Yes! Xiaoba will never let the ancestors down!" The young man's eyes showed a firm light.

"Go!" The old lady waved her hand!

"I'll cut you!" The young man named Xiaoba leaped forward and landed in front of Zhou Fei.

"Parent Sun Fei Zhou Fei!" Zhou Fei looked at the other side up and down, a faint smile appeared in the corner of his mouth.

"Zhu Family Zhu Ba!" said the youth, "Come on! Let's die!"

"Wait! Are you sure? You won't change people halfway!" Zhou Fei looked at the other party.

"Good!" Although Zhu Ba was puzzled, he nodded.

"Senior, is it not allowed to make substitutions halfway?" Zhou Fei turned his attention to the three emperors like Luoyu Immortal Emperor.

"It is true, you can rest assured to fight!" Emperor Luoyu nodded, but his heart was full of doubts!

Everyone looked at Zhou Fei a little puzzled. Is this guy wrong? Is there any way of saying substitutions in this battle?

"Senior, did I kill him, and no one would trouble me?" Zhou Fei asked again.

"No, no!" Emperor Luoyu was confused by him!

"What is he playing with? But be careful, the other party is a strong fairyland!" Zhu Moxian Emperor frowned a little.

"Senior will know soon!" Zhao Yuande held back the smile on his lips.


"Then I'm relieved!" Zhou Fei looked at Zhu Ba on the opposite side, and grinned broadly, "If that's the case, then you can come and die!"

He made a move, and suddenly a behemoth appeared under him, it was Xuan Ming!

Xuan Ming's body is really too large, thousands of feet, almost occupying half of the performance martial arts field, everyone's eyes will be glaring at this time!

This breath of Xuanming is too powerful, even if it is far apart, you can feel a terrible evil spirit.

"Hey, get smaller, how can you fight like this!" Zhou Fei dissatisfied patted the sharp corner on Xuan Ming's head.

"Oh!" Xuan Ming responded, and his body shrank to a hundred feet.

At this time, Zhu Ba on the opposite side was extremely dignified. He looked at Xuan Ming and felt the terrible breath from the other person. He had a feeling that he could not get started.

Although the opponent is just a fairy beast, but the defense alone is not what he can break, the opponent is in an invincible position this time!

"This is a relic that possesses the blood of Xuanwu. Where did the Sun family find this person!" Seeing this Xuanming appeared, the face of the chunky old man turned black.

"We still can't win this game, but according to the speed of Xiaoba, we should be able to draw a tie!" The old lady is also dignified, but she still has a little confidence in her words.

"I hope so!" The zombie face immortal nodded.

"Don't doubt everyone, in fact, I am an imperial beast envoy. It is normal to summon one or two immortal beasts!" Zhou Fei beckoned frequently at the surroundings, as if he was a celebrity star, his tone was very beating, People can't help but want to kick him.

"Xiaobai, Xiaohei, you guys come out!" Zhou Fei waved again, and Xiaobai and Xiaohei also appeared around him.

"I rely on! This guy is too shameless! This is the white tiger... more powerful than Xuan Ming!"

"That's the Black Prison Wolves, with the powerful bloodline of the Black Prison Wyrm, although not as good as the White Tiger, but it's also terrifying!"

"He's too bullying! The three beasts will be torn to pieces in an instant!"

"Hey! Shameless! Shameless! This is purely the introduction of the Zhu family!"

"Who told them to do nothing to stun the fairy city and deserve it!"


"Tear me to pieces him!" Zhou Fei pointed at Zhu Ba opposite, coldly and mercilessly.

Seeing the appearance of Xiaohei and Xiaobai, the old woman's face changed suddenly.

"Hurry up and let Xiao Ba admit defeat!" the chunky old man shouted.

"Little..." But before the old lady shouted, she heard a roar of the tiger shaking the world.

The opposite Zhu Ba had been locked by the powerful breath of the three-headed fairy beast, and he didn't even dare to tell the atmosphere.

He was blank in his mind at this time, and he still wanted to admit defeat.


Bai He and Xiao Hei rushed up at the same time, one by one left and right, the terror attack made Zhu Ba lose his fighting will instantly, and within a breathing time, he was shredded into a piece of minced meat.

"Click! Click!"

Xiaohe didn't want to start chewing.

The white tiger swept arrogantly with his head up.

"Too...too **** violent! But I like it!"

"This guy is so cruel, he always leaves a dead body!"

"It's called weeding and weeding out, understand?"

"The three-headed fairy beasts are there. Even in the late fairyland, they can't take him, especially the head of Xuanming, which hasn't shown its power yet!"

"There was no suspense in this victory, but it was...very exciting!"