Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869: Tu Sun

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"Damn it! Damn... I..." The old woman was almost blown away.

The tiger roar just now must have been intentional by the other party, just to cover his voice!

However, the other party did not violate the rules of the battle at all. The battle was to defeat the other party with all means. She also taught this group of disciples this way!

"Okay! This time we have been cheated by him. Next time no matter who the other party sends, I will use the strongest! Only then can I be assured." The chunky old man shook his head helplessly.

"It's been yelled hard! I really want to cut this kid! I ate his white tiger and Xuan Ming, that's a big patch!" The zombie face Emperor licked his lips.

"Let's go! Goodbye, seniors!" Zhou Feishao waved at the crowd around him, and returned to Sun's camp proudly on Xuan Ming.

The face of Zhumo Xiandi almost smiled and blossomed. This guy is a huge treasure trove, the biggest surprise Zhao Yuande gave him!

Royal Beast makes this profession, as long as you have a beast pet, it can be strong enough to be abnormal. Zhou Fei's three beast pets are all ancient relics with unlimited potential. In the future, they will be able to compete with the immortal emperor!

"It's okay! But it's too shocking, I'm afraid that those fairy emperors will hate you!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"There is a senior Zhumo, what am I afraid of!" Zhou Fei then smashed the fairy devil Emperor Zhumo!

"Hehe! Yes, you don't have to be afraid if you have an old man!" Zhu Moxian Emperor smiled, and these flatterers are very useful.

"Brother Zhou, it really is a real person!" Sun Yang also came up with a happy face and patted the other person's shoulder.

This guy is the guarantee of his own family in the future, and he must have a good relationship with the other party!

"Hey! Brother Sun is polite!"


"Next!" The old lady sneered and scanned the group of disciples behind her, eventually pointing her finger at a middle-aged man who looked slightly sloppy, "Zhong'er, go!"

"Yes!" The sloppy middle-aged man nodded. No one was within a few feet of his surroundings, as if everyone felt a sense of fear.

"This time Zhu Zhong was sent off, it should have been a steady win!" The chunky old man looked at this sloppy middle-aged man, and he frowned slightly.

"Zhu family Zhu Zhong, please send seniors to play!" Although Zhu Zhong is sloppy, he can be regarded as a polite man, and he arched his hand at the imperial fairy emperor.

"This son's cultivation base is only the early stage of the fairyland, but the body is strong and rare in the world. Yang'er has suffered a big loss in his hands!" Zhu Moxian Emperor frowned and looked at Zhao Yuande, "Why don't you Appear in person?"

"No... Although this man is strong, but it is not invulnerable, Qingyan solves him!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Zhang Qingyan.

"Relax!" Zhang Qingyan showed some kind of excitement. The swordsmanship of Xuanye just gave her a kind of inexplicable inspiration. She already wanted to fight!

"I don't want you to be compared with Xuan Ye!" Zhao Yuande looked at Xuan Ye aside.

"It seems that I'm going to take out my strongest magical power!" Zhang Qingyan showed a confident smile on his face, glanced at Xuan Ye not far away, and then strode out.

"This woman...a very powerful breath, she... she turned out to be the late fairyland! Where did the Sun family get this kind of strongman!" Zhang Qingyan walked out, the breath covered by the demon fairy emperor Immediately exposed, the face of the three immortal emperors suddenly changed!

"It's broken! There must be something that we don't know!" The chunky old man's face changed drastically.

"Zhu Zhong admits defeat!" The old woman gritted her teeth, bleeding in her heart. The other party's power had already beaded her imagination. She knew that Zhu Zhong had no chance!

"Grandmother! I want to fight!" The sloppy middle-aged Zhu Zhong shook his head at this time, "I think I can save my life even if I can't win!"

"Zhong'er, are you... are you sure?" The old lady looked at the sloppy middle-aged man's eyes with a rare color of love.

"Yes grandmother, my Zhu Zhong can't fail without a fight, I want dignity!" The middle-aged, sloppy middle-aged man suddenly straightened his waist, his eyes showing utter desolation.

At this moment, his figure appeared extremely tall, and a powerful breath was passed out, which surprised everyone.

"Oh! His flesh..." Everyone looked at Zhu Zhong and felt the surging blood inside him. This time was like a big river.

At this moment, the other party raised his spirit to the limit and wanted to fight Zhang Qingyan.

"Qingyan, don't underestimate the enemy, the other party is not easy!" Zhao Yuande reminded, but although he said it was not simple, he did not show any tension.

"Relax! A sword is enough!" Zhang Qingyan slowly raised the fairy sword in his hand, and gently rubbed his fingers on the sword.

Everyone present seemed to hear a slight wind.

"Huh!" "When did the wind start? This wind is a little weird!"

"This is not ordinary wind, this is a kind of artistic's windy!"

"The wind... what's that? How could there be such a thing? I feel the wind is very gentle..."

"The know the sword!"

"Sword potential! That is the second stage of the sword's artistic conception, as long as you have the sword potential, you can use pressure to suppress people. The sword technique is not limited to ordinary actions such as cutting, stabbing and picking, but a powerful potential. Come to suppress."

"It's like practicing martial arts. At the beginning, it was just hacking. When you were practicing Aura, you could manipulate the sword mansions to kill the invisible with the sword. At this time, it was a big attack!"

"The momentum is like a combination of multiple swords, a combination of multiple offensive means!"


At this time Zhu Zhong also felt the presence of wind, and his eyes suddenly showed a very dignified color.

Because he felt danger in the wind and felt a strong breath of death.

"Really... a genius!" At this time, even the Emperor Xie Mo couldn't help but marvel, "This woman... will certainly have great achievements in the future!"

"Oh! Can my apprentice be worse?" Zhao Yuande was proud.

"Your disciple!" Zhu Mo Xian Emperor almost spit out old blood.

At the beginning of the introduction, Zhao Yuande didn't tell these people the identity of Zhumo Xiandi, but just said his name!

Zhu Mo Xian Emperor thought that these were all geniuses in the lower realm. Just now he saw Zhang Qingyan exerting the wind, and he is also developing in this direction. Now he has surpassed the wind and has realized the domain of the wind!

You know, it took him hundreds of thousands of years to cultivate to this point, and the other party is now in his twenties. If such a genius, if he can pass his mantle...

But the other party almost choked him to death in a sentence. Zhao Yuande's disciple even wanted to be a disciple. This is simply... finding a master for himself.