Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1870

Chapter 1870: Finale

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"Is the other party a disciple of Bajing Palace?" Zhu Moxian Emperor's eyes lit up at once.

"Senior Zhumo, it's not what you think, my grandson has another history, you will know it later!" Zhao Yuande knew what was in the mind of Zhumo Xiandi at first glance, and laughed suddenly.

"Okay!" Zhu Mo Xiandi felt at this time in front of Zhao Yuande, as if there was no advantage at all. Instead, he seemed to think that the other side was an Xiandi and he was just an ordinary disciple.

However, he soon relieved himself. Speaking of the identity of the other party, how many people in the whole fairy world can provoke?

This is the paternal disciple of Bajing Palace, and the only disciple disciple. Even the teachers and nephews of others are already kings of the fairy emperor. This old guy who has just stepped into the middle of the fairyland is really in front of others. A piece of cake.

And listening to the other party, it seems that there is another layer of identity, which makes him very curious.

"Kill!" Just at this time, there was a sudden burst of thunder.

Zhu Zhong finally could not bear the invisible pressure and danger, and took the initiative to attack Zhang Qingyan.

He punched Zhang Qingyan with a punch, and behind him seemed to be an endless sea, and layers of gigantic waves blessed him on this punch, bursting into a loud, crackling sound.

The void fragments around all around shattered, and the entire Yanwuchang seemed to instantly become a chaotic ocean.

"The power is good! It can kill the powerful players in the late Fairy Realm, but it is of no use to me!" Zhang Qingyan smiled faintly, and his figure disappeared into the void.

A gust of wind shuttled through the void, as if ignoring the rules of time and space at all.

A fierce killing spirit spread in the void, permeating the wind.

"This... this girl is still proficient in the way of the void, which is a little too perverted!" Emperor Zhumo's eyes widened, and he suddenly felt that he wanted to be a ridiculous childish child.

"Well! It's not bad, it's a character who can compete with me." Zhao Yuande nodded slightly. If the other party can't reach this level, how can he fight the strong man of the fairy realm, this is definitely not her limit.

"It's over! Zhong'er is over!" The old woman shivered, and an old tear rolled in her eyes.

She seemed to be countless years old, rickety and trembling violently.

Zhu Zhong is her most important descendant and her favorite descendant. She has received the most attention and more careful training from her. Now the other party should watch him die like this, and the old woman's heart is like a knife!

"We confess!" The chunky old man naturally saw the seriousness of the situation at this time, so he yelled out and wanted to end the battle.

"Yes, we admit defeat!" The zombie face Emperor shouted hurriedly.

"This...not so good! What I need is to admit defeat, you are a little bit to do this..." Emperor Luoyu looked at the two of them, his face hesitant.

"Brother Luoyu, life is a matter of life, can't you get along?" The chunky old man looked at the three fallen feather emperor almost beggingly.

"Originally, the White Emperor Bai ordered us to be fair and equitable. Don't give favoritism at will. We are not easy to handle it!" Emperor Luoyu looked embarrassed.

The other two immortal emperors also nodded slightly, and seemed to agree with the words of the emperor Luoyu.

The three of them were actually forced. They were named by the Lord of the White Emperor Palace and asked them to come here to host the battle.

Although they were all doing loose repairs, the sect rules still could not get rid of the shackles of the fairy world, and living in Baihezhou would have to be controlled by the Baidi Palace.

As for the actions of the Zhu family, they are actually a bit overwhelming, so now when they see the Zhu family lose again and again, they naturally laugh in secret.

As for the life and death of the Zhu family, what do they do with them?

"" The chunky old man was immediately anxious.

At this time, the zombie face immortal emperor was sighing in his heart. The white emperor palace originally wanted to use the falling feather immortal emperor to tie them to the demon immortal emperor and prevent them from shooting in the battle between the Sun and Zhu. Three of them!


Just when the chunky old man wanted to say something, there was suddenly a soft sound.

Then there was a cry of cold air in the crowd.

Zhu Zhong, whose fist is rolling like the waves of the sea, was blown by a breeze, and suddenly broke into countless pieces.

The blood stained the ground in an instant, and the broken flesh spattered everywhere. A head was now intact. Obviously, it was not completely dead. His eyes were wide, and his eyes had revealed an incredible light.


At the next moment, the head dropped on the ground, and a bright red blood line appeared in the eyebrow. The head was divided into two halves. The bright red blood mixed with the pale white brain plasma made people look at the hair.

"Zhong'er!" the old woman growled.

"Don't be impulsive!" The chunky old man grabbed the old woman.

"Let's admit defeat!" The old zombie face sighed, "The other party does not know where to find this group of geniuses, I am afraid that the rest of us..."

"No... I have to play the last game. Even if I lose, I won't let the other party be proud!"

"Okay! Let's play the last game!" The chunky old man gritted his teeth and turned his gaze to a figure in the dark, with a greasy expression on his face.

Compared with the atmosphere of the Zhu family, the Sun family is excited and clenched their fists one by one. The successive victories cheered them up and filled their faces with excitement.

They know that they have already won the battle today, and the Sun's status has been preserved!

The Zhu family on the opposite side was busy for a long time, and finally fled with their tails!

"You will send someone first next time!" The old lady looked at Zhumo Xiandi without a trace of emotion.

At this time, Zhumo Xiandi turned his attention to Zhao Yuande.

"This game, I'm going to play! This should be their last game, let me finale!" Zhao Yuande nodded and stepped out.

Everyone watching around saw the Sun family turned out to be just a young man in the late stage of the fairyland.

"What's wrong with the Sun family? I clearly saw several young people in the fairyland. Why did he send this person to play?"

"Does Sun's family always win and feels a little embarrassed, and wants to send a match to the other party?"

"Is the Sun's family so stupid? This person's appearance is bound to be strange!"

"Yes, this person might just be the Sun family to get angry with the Zhu family, just shouted at random, and then directly admit defeat, so that even if the other party sent the strongest, they can only stare!"

"Yes! That's it, he came out to humiliate the Zhu family!"