Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1871

Chapter 1871: What To See

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"Zhumo sent this kid, what did he want to do? Shame us?" The chunky old man looked at Zhao Yuande's appearance and couldn't help but express his anger on his face.

"Shall we send him to play again?" The zombie face Emperor looked at the old lady.

"Pie! Anyway, except for him, we have no more hope!" The old lady looked at the figure in the darkness, her face showing a terrible color.

"Good! In the last game, we must win and fight back for some face!" The chunky old man nodded.

"Master Bai, please come out!" The old lady slightly arched her hand at the figure in the dark.

"Hey!" The figure in the darkness sighed slightly and came to the stage in one step.

This is a man with long hair shawl, burly figure, sword eyebrows straight into the sky, his eyes seemed to be disillusioned by countless stars, a powerful breath passed in the void, and there was a ripple in the road.

Zhao Yuande could not help but nodded slightly when he saw the man.

Not to mention the combat strength of the other party, at least the style of others here is definitely more visible than yourself, more powerful and domineering than yourself!

"Zhu Family, Zhu Kunpeng!" The man with long hair and a shawl glanced at Zhao Yuande and said lightly.

"Zhu Kunpeng... Are you kidding me!" Zhao Yuande's lips slightly raised, mockingly, "When did the people in the Baidi Palace change their surname to Zhu?"

"You..." The man with the long-haired shawl on the opposite side was a little surprised in his eyes.

You know that he is a genius figure secretly cultivated by the White Emperor Palace, and he almost never shows his face in front of outsiders. Even if he comes out to fight, he will be replaced by another name.

Now the White Emperor Palace sent him to hide in the ranks of the Zhu family to prevent this special situation from happening.

Taking the cultivation of the peak of his fairy land and the flesh of his white emperor as a successor, the current combat power should be able to fight against the strong men of the early stage of the fairy land, and it is basically in the highest state among the younger generation.

"Okay! Don't cover it up. I cut a lot of people in the Baidi Palace. I'm too familiar with your breath." Zhao Yuande waved his hand, interrupting what the other party wanted to explain.

"You killed my Baidi Palace?" Bai Kunpeng's face showed a fierce look.

But then he calmed down and grinned slightly at the corner of his mouth, taunting: "Just like your cultivation? Hum, don't try to irritate me, you won't succeed!"

"Hey! I'm too lazy to explain to you, come on! I'll let you do it first and give you a chance!" Zhao Yuande tickled his finger at the other party, his face relaxed and freehand.

Seeing Zhao Yuande saying this, all the people watching around this time could not help being surprised.

"What is this guy going to do? The performance has gone too far!"

"I think he is looking for death, this guy doesn't know the horror of this man in front of him!"

"No, I think this person seems to be well-informed, and he also broke the identity of the other party, obviously to understand the other party's details!"

"If this person is really a person in the White Emperor's Palace, this matter is a bit strange!"

"What's wrong, you just have the news blocked. Who doesn't know the fact is that the Bai Emperor Palace united with Tianyi Zong, and the Zhu family wants to push the Sun family out of the five forces!"



"You are looking for death, then I will complete you!" Bai Kunpeng looked at Zhao Yuande's provocative expression, and his eyes showed a thick murderous opportunity.

"Hey... wait!" Zhao Yuande suddenly showed a strange look on his face.

"Are you afraid?" Bai Kunpeng sneered in the corner of his mouth. "It's useless to be afraid. Unless you take the initiative to admit defeat, I will tear you up a little bit!"

"Who's afraid of you, I just want to tell you, in fact, I am also an imperial beast, I haven't summoned my fairy beast yet!" Zhao Yuande said seriously.

"It turns out that he is also an imperial beast envoy! No wonder he is so arrogant, I really look forward to what horrible fairy beast he will summon!"

"It won't be a real dragon, a phoenix, this kind of thing!"


"Humph! I'll give you a chance. I'll see what trick you want to play!" Bai Kunpeng's eyes showed cats and mice.

Simply beheading the opponent directly is not enough to relieve his hatred!

"Come out! Lord Turtle!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, a slap size... No, a little turtle slightly larger than the slap appeared in front of everyone.

"Poof!" Zhang Qingyan's daughters suddenly laughed when they saw the appearance of Lord Turtle.

Their faces were slightly red, but they looked at this little guy with great anticipation!

But Ji Mingzhen and Xuan Qi are full of excitement. They have already seen this master turtle's method!

His performance, I don't know what kind of impact it will give everyone in the fairy world!

The people watching around are stunned. What kind of thing is this?

A turtle! And... and there is not a little strong breath on my body, how can I feel like an ordinary turtle!

Is this guy funny?

Or mocking each other?

Zhu Mo Xian Di even glared out his eyes, what is this guy planning to do? Take it out as a pet?

But soon the imperial fairy emperor came into contact with the eyes of the chunky old man who wanted to kill, and he could not help crying again in his heart.

"This kid is **** it! Really **** it!" The chunky old man looked at Master Tortoise and couldn't help but stare at the fire. He thought that the other party was intentional, absolutely intentional!

It should even be taught by the old thing of black magic!

The chunky old man was called Zhenwu Immortal Emperor, because he got a Zhenwu magical power, but many opponents secretly scolded him as an old turtle, one was a reminder of mocking him, and the second was because Zhenwu represented Xuanwu, Same as the turtle image.

The other party summoning this turtle is obviously mocking himself, which is really bad!

At this time, even if the three emperors of the Falling Feathers couldn't help but twitch their mouths slightly, this demon was really...too bad!

He even used a junior to humiliate the other party, which made the other party unable to fire, and he would never lower his body to care about a junior!

If this is worn out, how can Zhenwu Immortal be a man!

"I...!" Zhao Yuande looked at Lord Turtle, this guy swallowed a drop of chaotic Yuanshui, and merged for three years, but only grew up in a circle!

"Master! What are you, don't you think that Lord Turtle has become stronger?" Lord Turtle said with his head raised, very proudly.

"Are you strong? I don't see it. It's not because your urine volume is too large!" Zhao Yuande glanced under the tail of Lord Turtle.

"Look at it, it's not that I haven't seen it. Master Turtle not only urinated, but also made it thicker... what's wrong!" Master Turtle was angrily angry.

"It's not a big deal, I feel very fortunate that you have seen this guy who is very windy. The task I gave you today is him, but the opportunity must be well grasped, and you can't let you play it!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the opposite side. Bai Kunpeng.