Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1872

Chapter 1872: Kunpeng Real Body

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"Ah! It's not free to play, it's not fun!" Master Turtle looked at the other party and couldn't help but feel a little regret, but quickly covered his mouth and smiled lowly, and the smile was very obscene and very cheap. , "If this mellow long hair is...hehe!"

"I'm...evil!" Zhao Yuande despised.

At this time, all the people watching around listened to the conversation of one person and one turtle, almost all smiled and bent down.

"Haha! What is this guy doing, communicating with a tortoise? Is that so explicit, surely it wasn't the Sun family who sent it funny?"

"Look, Bai Kunpeng's face is green!"

"If I were, it would be greener! This guy is so capable!"

"But this is better. Bai Kunpeng is angry, will he disregard the rules and kill the Quartet? The other party is the person of the Baidi Palace, even the three Immortal Emperors are not too bad!"

"I knew that a good show was about to begin!"


"You are looking for death, I will not give you the opportunity to speak, I will let you die in my hand, and die in my hand with this nasty turtle!" Bai Kunpeng roared, without hesitation Charged towards Zhao Yuande.

Descendants of the White Emperor, the flesh is the most powerful and has unparalleled strength, so their battles are usually simple and direct, with the flesh to determine the outcome.

But this is exactly what Zhao Yuande meant. He saw the other party rushing, but he did not dodge, but greeted him with a punch.

A brilliant star burst out of him, and his momentum suddenly soared numerous times, and there was a tendency to be able to contend with Bai Kunpeng in his momentum.

"Master Turtle, you are ready. You have only one chance, it's up to you!" Zhao Yuande didn't forget to remind before punching.

"Relax! Master Turtle's grasp of the opportunity has long been perfect, and everything depends on me!" Master Turtle is crawling on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, and a pair of green bean eyes flashes with excitement.

"What! Is he crazy? Dare to actually fight the people of Baidi Palace, and still fight melee!"

"This guy seems to have some skills. Look at his momentum, it doesn't seem to be much better than the other party!"



The first impact made everyone's eyes wide!

Bai Kunpeng's body went backwards and forwards, blood spilled from the corners of his mouth, and an incredible light appeared in his eyes.

On the other hand, although Zhao Yuande's body was also retreating, he only stepped back a few steps. His face was light and calm, as if he was not injured at all.

In fact, he only used 30% of his strength. If he goes all out, he may be killed by a punch.

However, there are too many exposures. He still has to keep a low profile.

If his performance is too eye-catching, I am afraid that some powerful hostile forces will even abandon the powerful of the fairy emperor realm to kill him.

Immortal Emperor Realm Powerhouse, he can't even deal with it now. I'm afraid that he can't even escape when he meets him!

"What the **** is going on? Isn't my dazzling!" The chunky old man looked at the two of them strangely in the field, his skin twitching constantly.

It was as if he saw a docile kitten, which suddenly turned into a fierce tiger. This gap made him feel unacceptable.

Bai Kunpeng was even weaker than the other party. The flesh of the descendants of the White Emperor could not suppress the other party. Instead, he was suppressed by the other party.

Everyone couldn't help feeling a little nervous at this time. They didn't expect this battle to really make them look forward to. A strong duel is a situation that everyone likes to see.

Only in this way will there be suspense and people will feel nervous and exciting.

"You... are very strong!" Bai Kunpeng looked at Zhao Yuande with solemn dignity. "It seems that I have to show real strength to suppress you and defeat you!"

"Oh! Then take it out quickly! I'm looking forward to it!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were shining, and he really looked at the true strength of Baidi's successors.

"Then you die!" Bai Kunpeng's body swelled at once, but in a blink of an eye he turned into a giant with thousands of feet, a black spear in his hand, and he fell towards Zhao Yuande's headless head.

This spear, which was thousands of feet long, was covered with a cloud of dark cloud, as if it were a vicious snake in the black cloud.

"Good! Just what I want!" Zhao Yuande saw the other person's body grow bigger, and suddenly smiled, his chaotic true **** also showed up as a kid. The Yuanci Excalibur in his hand just struck the spear directly with a slight wave Fly back.

"You... so strong! However, I haven't used my full strength, and let me die!" The black spear erupted into a black covering the world, and enveloped toward Zhao Yuande.

"It's just a seven-grade fairy treasure, come to me!" Zhao Yuande's powerful force urged the Yuanci Excalibur, and a terrifying force of attraction broke out from the sword.

"This... what kind of power..." Bai Kunpeng suddenly felt that the black spear in his hand flew towards the other party uncontrollably, and his huge body was carried by the black spear.

"Good! You lie down to me!"

Zhao Yuande drew towards Bai Kunpeng with a slap. As if a terrifying giant mountain appeared in the sky, he was suppressed directly towards Bai Kunpeng.


Bai Kunpeng could not escape the suppression of the giant mountain in anxiety, and his body was knocked out.

"Hey! It's a pity that you used the name Bai Kunpeng. Does Kunpeng have you like this bear? I'll show you what a real Kunpeng is now!" Zhao Yuande sneered, and his body suddenly turned into a large piece of bright golden light.

Jin Guang's speed is incredible, and the next moment has arrived in front of Bai Kunpeng.

Bai Kunpeng's eyes were straight when he saw the golden bird in the golden light.

"Kunpeng's true body!" Bai Kunpeng took a breath, but this was something he had been pursuing, but he didn't expect to see it on his opponent today.

"Yes, Kunpeng's real body! But you know it's a little late!" A voice came from Kunpeng's real body.

A pair of golden wings, like a golden sky knife capable of cutting the void, had been cut in front of Bai Kunpeng.

"Not necessarily, you are too small to see the details of my Baidi Palace!" Bai Kunpeng spit out a silver shield.

Xiaodun flashed in the void, and was already in front of the Golden Sky Sword.


The golden sky knife was cut on the small shield. The small shield was not damaged, but was hit hard and flew. It drew a beautiful arc in the sky and returned to Bai Kunpeng's hands.

"Bapin Xianbao Hundred Yuan Shield! No matter how powerful your Kunpeng's true body is, you can't hurt me!" Bai Kunpeng's face appeared proud.