Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1873

Chapter 1873: Best Ending

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Everyone heard his words and couldn't help but take a breath. The Eighth Grade Xianbao was a legendary thing, and I didn't expect them to be able to feast their eyes today.

Even if Zhuxianxiandi and Qianxiandi powerful saw this little shield, they could not help but swallow quietly.

Even the Immortal Emperor could not have an eighth-grade Xianbao.

"Okay! I'm wrong, I shouldn't look down on you like that, but it won't be that simple next time!" Zhao Yuande's voice hasn't completely fallen, his figure has disappeared, and the next moment is a piece of gold The light struck.


Bai Kunpeng flew out with a small shield, and he did not know how many smashed to make the Sun's palace. Finally, he hit the Sun's protective array.

Zhao Yuande just quietly fashioned 40% of his strength, and the result made the other party unbearable.

"Senior, I'm sorry, no one will be injured in the Sun family!" Zhao Yuande's figure gradually appeared in the void, and he smiled slightly at Zhu Mo Xian Di.

"Haha! Anyway, my Sun family is not that kind of weak family, our Sun family are all strong!" Zhu Mo Xian Emperor laughed at this time.

"Broken, Bai Kunpeng is mad, this guy..." At this moment, Bai Kunpeng's direction of falling came from a roar of shock.

Thousands of feet tall and huge body suddenly rose into the sky, and the momentum of his body suddenly increased several times.

"Boy, I have bought you! You are going to die for me!" Bai Kunpeng's small shield is now gone, replaced by a trident with a dark green light!

"Ready! The opportunity is fleeting!" Zhao Yuande secretly whispered to Lord Turtle.

"Relax, Master Tortoise is hungry and impatient!" Master Tortoise's voice is full of excitement, and he seems very much looking forward to what will happen next.


Zhao Yuande turned into a Chaos giant again, and he waved toward Bai Kunpeng with Yuanci Excalibur in his hand and killed him.


With the symphony of gold and iron, Bai Kunpeng felt the terrifying power transmitted from the opponent's big sword, making him almost unable to grasp the trident in his hand.

And the power transmitted from the opponent's sword was endless, and once again absorbed the trident.

"What a terrible immortal treasure this is, why is there such an effect!" Bai Kunpeng looked at the Yuanci Excalibur in Zhao Yuande's hands with some horror.

"Hey! This is Jiu Xian Xian Bao Yuan Magnetic Excalibur. What do you think?" Zhao Yuande whispered to the other party with a sinister expression on his face.

"What!" Bai Kunpeng's face changed drastically. He suddenly felt an irresistible force of terror passed from the sword, and dragged the trident in his hand.

"I..." He opened his mouth to say that I admit three words.

He knew that the other party was playing with himself, Jiu Pin Xian Bao!

The other party owns Jiubian Xianbao. Who is he? Is it a powerful genius cultivated among the eight immortals in the Central Immortal Realm?

He knew that he could only be more and more embarrassing in persevering, and could only put himself in danger.

After the other party has played enough, I am afraid I will be on my way to death.

But at the moment when he opened his mouth, a warm current fell from the sky and shot directly into his mouth.

Suddenly, a roar of anger filled his mouth and nose!

When he saw the direction of the warm current, he almost fainted.

He saw the slap-sized tortoise on the opponent's shoulder has now swelled to the size of the pot lid. This guy stood upright and sprayed a parabola below...

"Wow wow!"

Bai Kunpeng finally couldn't help but wowed violently.

"Hey! Lord Turtle's technique is good!" Lord Turtle smiled and smiled proudly, "My urine, but contains a very profound mysterious law of the void, directly shuttle the product of the uncle directly into the void, and directly fall in What a novel idea in your mouth!"

"I am... what a heavy taste this is!"

"Oh, I feel nausea now!"

"Too...too...too much, but I like it!"

"Bai Kunpeng, if... if this is spread, the face of Baidi Palace will be lost!"

"Does the White Emperor Palace still have a face? Secretly sent someone to assist the Zhu family, they are already shameless!"


"Master Turtle is still so... shameless!" Although Ji Mingzhen and others had already guessed this result, they were still shocked!

This guy also peeps out what he can do, and can use the law of the void... this is definitely a wonderful thing.

He was a little lucky now, thanks to not being an enemy with this guy, otherwise he didn't know when he would be treated like this, it was even more uncomfortable than killing them.

The old lady, the chunky old man, the zombie-faced fairy emperor, the falling feather fairy emperor, the black demon fairy emperor, and two fairy emperors who came to witness, all froze!

They never thought this would happen, it was simply... unimaginable!

Even the Emperor Demon Emperor was a little embarrassed at this time. Although it was very hateful, it was too shameless!

"Dead!" Zhao Yuande had already played enough at this time. With a big sword, a terrible edge directly penetrated Bai Kunpeng's eyebrows.

The opponent is still spitting, the reaction and speed have been reduced to the lowest, plus Zhao Yuande's power, so the result is that his life is very simple.

"You're done! Killing the next palace lord of Baidi Palace, it's really over!" The old lady saw Bai Kunpeng's death and couldn't help but take a breath of air, but there was a trace of excitement in her heart.

Although the Zhu family failed, it was the Sun's destruction in exchange for it. The White Emperor Palace will surely kill them and destroy the Sun's family.

And they can become Zhang family, Liu family,...just change a name!

"This is probably the best ending!" The chunky old man also nodded. Although he didn't expect this result, the diagnosis was the best result.

"Will the White Emperor Palace be in trouble for us? It's because we didn't protect him!" The zombie faced Emperor Emperor with a bit of sadness on his face.

"No! They arranged for the Emperor Luoyu to be here. We couldn't save him if we wanted to save him. This was their own misstep and they didn't want us at all!" said the chunky old man.

"I'm going to see if this magic fairy emperor will cry!" The old lady looked at the magic monster emperor and found that instead of having a sad look on her face, she was a little excited, and she couldn't help but hate her teeth. .

"Zhumo! You have won, and we are gone!" The chunky old man looked at the Zhumo Xiandi, without any traces.

"Since admitting to lose, then quickly disappear!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the other party, reached out and took Bai Kunpeng's body into his hands.