Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1874

Chapter 1874: Find A Place To Try

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His hands groped for a while on the other side. This is an important figure in the White Emperor Palace. There must be no less treasures on his body.

Soon a smile appeared on his face.

"Are you junior, are you looking for death?" The chunky old man looked cold and forced towards Zhao Yuande.

"Old things, don't mess with me, or your Purple Cloud Immortal Sect will disappear soon!" Zhao Yuande's eyes flashed coldly, killing him.

Touching Zhao Yuande's eyes, the chunky old man also felt a cold in his heart!

But at the next moment he thought of it. How did the other party know the name Zixian Sect?

"I don't care who you are. I dare to be irrational to Immortal Emperor, I just want to die!" But Zhao Yuande's tone to him and his name made his anger exceed the chill in his heart, and he decided to kill him!

"Dare you!" Zhumo Xiandi came to Zhao Yuande's side in one step and looked at each other with a sneer.

"Don't think we are afraid of you, we are three people, two people contain you, one person should kill him should not be a problem!" The old woman looked at Zhao Yuande coldly, she was also at this time!

"Yes! This person killed the future palace owner of the White Emperor Palace. How about we kill him!" The zombie face Emperor sneered.

"Humph! Your Ziyun Immortal Sect is so brave that he dare to move my ancestors!" Xuan Ye came to Zhao Yuande in one step and sneered at the three immortal emperors.

"Ziyun Xianzong, a non-influential second-rate small sect, dare to run wild in front of the ancestors, which is ridiculous!" Zhang Qingyan also came up unwillingly.

"Junior! Junior! You..." The old lady could no longer bear the ridicule of the two, and the detective caught them.

But when she saw a token in Zhang Qingyan's hands, her face suddenly turned pale.

The outstretched hand also froze in place, his mouth flapping, and he couldn't say a word for a long time.

"Lingxu Xianling! It's still the **** are you?" The chunky old man was also shocked. He looked at the token tremblingly and asked incredulously.

"I am Zhang Qingyan, and the Emperor Lingxu is my ancestor!" Zhang Qingyan said proudly.

"Zhang... Qingyan! The first genius of Lingxu Xiangong!" The zombie face Emperor swallowed hard and said a bit hard.

"It's just me!" Zhang Qingyan finally found the glory of her first talented girl in front of these three people.

Of course they stood up, and this was approved by Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande knew that relying on the victory of this battle alone was not enough to make the White Emperor Palace afraid, only to come up with the forces that really made them fear, this way!

"He... is your ancestor?" At this time, the attitude of the chunky old man had already turned 180 degrees, and some tremblingly pointed at Zhao Yuande.

"Yes! My ancestor, he is the younger brother of Lingxu ancestor. They are the same brothers!" Zhang Qingyan sneered.

Zhang Qingyan's answer not only shocked everyone at the scene and made you speechless, even for Ji Mingzhen, who was familiar with Zhao Yuande, Zhou Fei and others were stunned.

They did not expect Zhao Yuande to have such a strong background!

Even Xuan Ye couldn't help but stunned slightly. Although his identity was more transcendent, but when it came to deterrence, he was not as powerful as the Spiritual Emperor!

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! We don't know you are..." The chunky old man changed his face for the first time, changed countless times more than before, and even stooped to bow.

Both the zombie-faced fairy emperor and the old woman trembled up and bowed to Zhao Yuande with a sincere attitude.

The three immortal emperors who witnessed the falling feathers looked stunned, as if in a dream!

What kind of identity is the brother of Lingxian Emperor! Representing transcendence, representing inviolability, like the loosely repaired immortal emperors like them, and the second-rate sect gates like Ziyun Immortal Sect can only look up when they see it!

Zhu Mo Xian Di was very excited at this time. He didn't expect Zhao Yuande to have such a layer of identity, which is more intimidating than the background of Bajing Palace!

Others can look at the face of Bajing Palace and dare not move Zhao Yuande.

But the battle between their Sun family and other forces, Bajing Palace did not intervene at all.

The Emperor Lingxu is not true, but he has no scruples!

"Go!" Zhao Yuande snorted coldly, turned around and gave the three people a back.

"Okay! Okay! Let's get away, let's get away!" The three of them, like Meng Amnesty, look like a little fairy emperor, extremely embarrassed.

The three immortal emperors who witnessed did not receive such treatment, and the demon emperor cast their gratitude to them.

The three of them naturally felt uncomfortable for a while, and left in a hurry!

Soon a voice came from the outside world. The Sun family was taken care of by the Spiritual Deficiency Palace. The Spiritual Deficiency Emperor sent Zhang Qingyan, the most proud disciple of the Spiritual Deficiency Palace, to help him out, so that Zhu Jiayu returned home, and finally withdrew from the top five. Scramble for power.

At this time, the crisis of the Shen Tu family was also lifted at the same time, and the two families reunited together, becoming the two unshakable forces in Baihezhou.

The remaining Xuanji Sect, Tianyi Sect, became the target of other forces at this time.

The two storms were shaking, and some were precarious.

At this time, Zhao Yuande sent away Zhang Qingyan and Xuan Ye, as well as Ji Mingzhen and others, and began to settle down in the Sun family temporarily.

Zhao Yuande used his inheritance of eating the Tao to continuously help everyone become stronger, let Sun Yang and Zhou Fei, they quickly broke through the existing realm and reached a new level.

Of course, cultivation is not done overnight. Its just that eating and eating will improve the cultivation. The first thing they do is to increase their experience and understanding of this avenue through combat.

In this way, their fighting power can keep up with the rapid improvement of the state.

"Everyone, we have been in the Sun family for four full months. Everyone has basically raised a small realm. I think we should find a place to try it out!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone's mind and thought Where should I go.

"I agree, I have long wanted to visit the fairy world!" Zhou Fei rubbed his hands excitedly, and glanced at Du Xin'er, who was not far away.

He and Du Xiner's progress is also very smooth. In the four months, the relationship between the two has made a big step, and they have passed through the Sun family's channels to pass back what happened in the fairy world to their own ancestors.

Zongmen also very much supported the two of them together, and now they only have the last film left without piercing!