Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1875

Chapter 1875: Samsara

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"Brother, I heard that there are countless chances in the fairyland. Is there any chance that will make me handsome? Zhou Fei keeps frowning with Du Du in front of me. I'm still single! I can't stand this!" Jiao Xiao looked Zhao Yuande asked some serious questions.

"This, really!" Sun Yang on the side laughed at this time. "Recently in the depths of the reincarnation mountains, it is said that someone saw a Emperor Dream flower. This kind of strange flower has this kind of wonder effect. Permanently change a persons physical appearance. This is permanent. There is no time limit. It will not suddenly change back when the cave is lit!"

"It really has this effect! Brother, let's go check it out!" Jiao Xiao looked at Zhao Yuande with great expectation.

"In the depths of the reincarnation mountains... where there is a powerful fairy beast comparable to the fairy emperor, we may go to try not to try, but to loose meat!" Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly.

He knows the reincarnation mountain range, but it is one of the three dangers of Baihezhou, which is as famous as Baihe and Daze.

At the end of the mountain range is the legendary chaotic sea. In the depths of the reincarnation mountain range, there are legendary powerful fairy beasts comparable to the king of fairy emperors.

The ordinary immortal emperor really did not dare to go alone in the reincarnation mountain range.

"It's okay, not the deepest. It is said that the most powerful fairy beast should be comparable to the early stage of the fairy monarch, and the weakest is also in the middle and late stages of the fairy land. We should be safer to go!" Sun Yang said, "and there There is a legendary ancient cave house, we can take it and explore together."

"In this case, you can go to see it, but don't force it. Compared to treasures, life is the most important thing!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"When are we going to leave?" Sun Yang asked.

"As soon as possible! Everyone's state needs to be stabilized as soon as possible." Zhao Yuande said.

"Then I will immediately inform Rumeng and let her follow us too!" Sun Yang said excitedly.

"I knew you..."


Now that the plan is booked, they are ready soon.

A total of seven people went this time, Zhao Yuande, Sun Yang, Zhou Fei, Jiao Xiao, Du Xin'er, Yu Rosa, Shen Tu Ru Meng.

Shen Tu Rumeng's current cultivation practice has just entered the fairyland. Although he is outstanding among the young generation of Baihezhou, it is nothing to put in this group of people.

At first glance with so many genius figures, Shen Tu Rumeng felt a pressure, and some constraints.

But everyone is not the kind of person with a high eye, and the person who can make Zhao Yuande fancy, their behavior will not be too bad.

"Brothers and sisters, please take care of me!" Shen Tu Rumeng spoke very lightly.

"Well, girl Shen Tu, everyone is a friend, don't be so restrained!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Yes! Rumeng, we are now a small team, you need to join in as soon as possible!" Du Xin'er took Shen Tu Rumeng's hand, "Let's go, our sisters whisper, don't mix with these smelly men together!"

"Yes! Come, we know, my name is Rosa Rosa..."

"My name is Du Xiner..."


The three girls soon became good friends, chatting and chatting together. They pointed at the four men in front of them from time to time, and there was a giggling smile from time to time.

"Hey! Brothers, you... so enviable!" Jiao Xiao sighed and said helplessly.

"Okay! Are we going to find Emperor Menghua right now? If you find it, you can become more handsome than us!" Zhou Fei chuckled, his eyes full of happiness.

At this time, only Zhao Yuande felt a sense of discomfort, and the three women's eyes were thrown at him from time to time. He could feel a scorching eye, as if he could feel a terrible heat!

"Let's go now!" Zhao Yuande subconsciously avoided Yu Rosa's burning eyes.

"Go! Teleport the reincarnation city directly!" Sun Yang is the landlord, and naturally he leads the way.

The crowd soon passed from Jingxian City to Samsara City.

The reincarnation city is a very old city, its age is still before the Baidi city.

According to legend, it used to be an imperial capital of an ancient immortal reincarnation. Although the building is not very magnificent, it reveals a sense of historical vicissitudes.

People in the city feel a very peculiar sound all the time, as if someone is talking in a low voice, telling the mystery of this ancient city.

"It feels weird here, everyone seems to be very kind, just like a mortal city in the lower realm!" Du Xin'er looked at the people coming and going here, and everyone's face showed a sincere smile.

No one flies in the sky here, and no one releases a strong breath.

"Why is this happening here?" Zhao Yuande looked at Sun Yang.

"The city owner here is very powerful. It is said that he is close to the cultivation of the Peerless Immortal Emperor. He is calm and indifferent. Therefore, he requires the practitioners who come to the city of reincarnation to obey his rules. Really!" Sun Yang said of the city owner, his eyes showed a light of admiration and worship.

"This city lord is really interesting!" Zhao Yuande nodded and smiled, "Since this is the case, it is absolutely safe here, we don't need to defend, let's find a place where we can drink!"

"Brother Zhao's food has been greedy for a long time, and I must eat enough today!" Sun Yang suddenly heard excitement from Zhao Yuande's suggestion.

"It's hard to say, but since I'm here, I have to buy some of the ingredients here, otherwise I will lack food, and I can't make a good food!" Zhao Yuande looked at a tall store in front, and his eyes lit up. "That's right here. Chamber of Commerce!"

"The Void Chamber of Commerce!" Sun Yang naturally knew the name of the chamber.

"It is said that this chamber of commerce has nothing to buy, I am afraid that you don't have immortal jade! Its financial power is strong, even if the entire immortal world is unmatched." Shen Tu Rumeng is also full of yearnings.

"With so much wealth, wouldn't it cause the covetation of the powerful fairyland?" Zhou Fei puzzled. "The strongest among the fairyland is respected. Anyone with so much wealth will be jealous!"

"They can only see it, you don't know, it is said that this Void Chamber of Commerce is from the outside world... that is, a higher-level Void Chamber of Commerce, a branch set up in our fairyland!" Sun Yang is mysterious Said, "In the beginning, the Void Chamber of Commerce had just secured its foothold in Xianjie, and met the covetment of a strong late Emperor Emperor, but they just came out with a small deacon and gave this strong Emperor Emperor late strongman a slap. Shot dead!"

"Being able to slap the late strong immortal emperor, it should be at least the level of peerless emperor!