Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1879

Chapter 1879: Win

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"" Mu Qingyun seemed to have seen a ghost, and the expression on his face was wonderful, but he quickly adjusted and bowed to Zhao Yuande, "Mu Qingyun has seen the deacon master!"

"Okay! Don't really treat me as a deacon, otherwise we can't get along! I just want to use it to offer more discounts!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"Oh!" Mu Qingyun was speechless and smiled bitterly, "I don't know the real name of the deacon master?"

"Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande said.

"What! Are you Zhao Yuande?" Mu Qingyun's face showed a very strange look, " and my cousin..."

"Your cousin?" Zhao Yuande instantly thought of someone, Situ Qing.

"Situ Qing!" Mu Qingyun asked curiously, "between you two... is it..."

"Hehe! Well!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

Although he didn't make it clear, he let anyone know what he meant.

"Ah! Then you have to be careful. Recently, a few terrible guys heard that you and your cousin must come across the star field and look for you to fight! I think your cultivation is..." Mu Qingyun looked Looking at Zhao Yuande's practice, he couldn't help shaking his head slightly.

"What kind of eyes do you have, is the eyes that a young uncle should have to see her brother-in-law?" Zhao Yuande said uncomfortably.

"These people are all fairy monarch realms, and the fighting power is all in the late fairy monarch. IMHO, brother-in-law, you still have to hide." Mu Qingyun heard Zhao Yuande's real name and changed a lot, and he was not polite to him. , Directly pointed out that his cultivation practice is a bit low.

"When can they come?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other, but he was thinking.

"It should be a year and a half later! Now a genius event is being held in the void world, they have no time to come to you, but after this genius event is over, they will definitely arrive!" Mu Qingyun replied.

"A year and a half?" Zhao Yuande thought secretly, and then smiled slightly, "Enough! If they dare to come, I will definitely fight with them!"

"Okay! Since the Chamber of Commerce will choose you, you should have your own peculiarities, I won't say more!" Mu Qingyun nodded, and he didn't dare to underestimate Zhao Yuande.

He can now be in the late stage of Fairyland, but he still has not been affirmed by the senior executives of the Chamber of Commerce. He is still only in charge of this level.

The person in front is only the late stage of the fairyland, but he is already a deacon, and he is also favored by his cousin. No matter whether it is a senior executive of the chamber of commerce or a cousin, they are not fools. Their eyes will not be under their own, so he is not very worried about Zhao Yuande Situation.

"Then let's talk about the issue of discounts!" Zhao Yuande put away the deacon tokens, with a faint smile on his face.

"Since your brother-in-law has revealed your identity, that's 50% off!" Mu Qingyun shook his head helplessly and smiled bitterly, "You're really right, this time it's really the Chamber of Commerce broke the expenses, not only did you not make money but also lost A lot!"

"Haha! This is not my business!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"This is a fairy jade. Don't talk nonsense after going out. My whereabouts must be kept secret!" Zhao Yuande handed a storage ring to the other party and told him.

"Relax! I won't say a word about your affairs, but I'm most afraid of my sister, she is too violent! I don't know how you can bear her!" Mu Qingyun twitched as if thinking of something difficult Looking back at the past.

"Let's go! I don't know what happened to my friends, but don't let the chamber of commerce spend too much!" Zhao Yuande smiled and walked out of the VIP room.

"Does Meng Fei want me to warn him?" Mu Qingyun asked behind him.

"Don't! It's easy to have such a fun, you must not mess with me!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Never mind!" Mu Qingyun rolled his eyes. The brother-in-law likes to play the role of a pig and a tiger to tease others. There are absolutely problems with his character.

"Let's go directly to Xianbao to see it!" Zhao Yuande said.

"Okay! Come with me!"


At this time, Sun Yang was holding a long stick, and his face showed an expression of indulgence.

"Brother Sun, this is Liupin Xianbao, you have to be more leisurely!" Zhou Fei on the side said a little cautiously.

At first glance, this guy took a fancy to the strongest Xianbao here, a sixth-grade Xianbao, Hunyuan Wuji stick!

Others choose to look at the fourth-grade and fifth-grade Xianbao. There are so many treasures here, especially the most high-quality fourth-grade and fifth-grade Xianbao. There are dozens of them, so they have their own choices.

"How is it? Everyone's fancy?" Zhao Yuande and Mu Qingyun came up at this time.

"Brother Jiang, I fancy this Hunyuan Wuji stick, how come there is no pressure!" Sun Yang looked at Zhao Yuande excitedly.

When Zhao Yuande looked at the price tag, it was 430 million yuan, which was the most expensive among all the treasures. This guy really has a good eye.

But after the discount, there were only more than 200 million points, which was nothing to him.

"No problem! Take it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

There are tens of billions of immortal jade on his body, and it is appropriate for them to improve their strength and equipment.

Otherwise, after a while into the reincarnation of the mountains, you have to be distracted to take care of them, which can be regarded as decompression.

"Haha! I knew it!" Sun Yang excitedly put the Hunyuan Promise Stick in my hands and danced up and down, and everyone around him couldn't help but cast an incredible look at Zhao Yuande.

This is more than 400 million, just as simple as agreed?

Their eyes light up instantly, and they all turn their eyes to the fairy treasure they fancy.

"I want this... Wupin Xianbao Battlegear!" Zhou Fei made an impolite choice.

"Only 70 million yuan, won!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand in an atmosphere.

"I want this sword, Qiu Shui Huang Ying!" Du Xin'er looked at a long sword with a faint halo, and looked forward in his eyes.

"Take it down!"

"I need to"

"Take it down!"


At last it was Rosas turn. Her eyes flickered, passing among the many fairy treasures, and finally landed on a small mirror.

"Liu Pin Xian Bao Zhen Luo Jing! The price is 290 million!"

"Nice treasure, bought it!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly at her.

At this time, Mu Qingyun shook his head bitterly. These fairy treasures are basically the most outstanding here, so he was taken away by this brother-in-law for half the price, he was distressed!

But there is no way, who calls others deacons, who calls them brother-in-law!

"Okay, now that everyone has chosen, let's go!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the excitement on everyone's face and couldn't help but twitch his mouth slightly.

"Mr. Jiang walks slowly!" Mu Qingyun looked at Zhao Yuande's fading back and shook his head slightly. His bitter face was gone. Instead, he was excited. "The cousin knows that this guy will be very excited when he arrives here. Take this opportunity to blackmail her Tibetan Pill!"