Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 188

Chapter 188: Someone Came Again

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"It seems that the two of us today...should be divided into life and death!" Twenty-three prince's eyes showed a fierce light, and the hammer in his hand turned toward Zhu Yuntai.


Zhu Yuntai's backhand is a knife, blocking the attack of the hammer.

"Prince Twenty-three, I've guarded you already!" Zhu Yuntai sneered and fought with Prince Twenty-three.

The two men's cultivation skills are equal, and their fighting strength is also their opponents.

"Okay! If the two of us fight again, I'm afraid someone will find it here! Since neither of us can help each other, then share it evenly!" Zhu Yuntai jumped out of the battle circle first.

"Okay! This kind of meaningless battle is a waste of time, evenly divided!" Although the twenty-three princes had a round body, they did not affect the battle.

"Well! It seems that someone is coming again!" Zhao Yuande frowned and looked into the lake behind him, and found a huge ship coming.

Standing on the ship were seven or eight energetic young men, one of whom was dressed in a golden shirt, and his face was extraordinary. All the young men around him were dominated by this one and surrounded him.

He rushed to hide his body, hiding behind a large rock.

The big ship approached the shore, and these people leaped ashore. The first person immediately found the body on the shore.

"Young Master, someone here has fought and must have escaped from the mouth of the fish." The man hurried to the Jinpao Boy to report it with a very courteous attitude.

"Well! This is one-third of the Emperor's Medicine Garden. Although the first-level elixir has been lighted by the previous people, it still has many fourth- and fifth-order elixir growth. It is normal for them to kill each other!" The golden robe boy spoke slowly and slowly, with a high degree of majesty, as if he had lived for a long time, and he was used to it.

"Shall we..." A teenager made a throat wiping motion.

"Forget it, as long as they don't **** the untwisted branches of the undead tree with me, let them go!" The young boy in gold robe waved his hand, showing very generously.

"Who is this guy, so hideously coquettish!" Zhao Yuande looked a little bit blind, and this guy was too big.

"Yao Qianshan, a disciple of the Yao family, the late stage of the blood-sea **** fetus, Xuanwu real body, intermediate ingredients, matching recipe "True Spirit", there is a chance to help practitioners achieve Xuanwu real body, list of ingredients... Difficult to capture!

"It turned out to be a disciple of the Yao family of the four super families. No wonder he did this. He was just the late stage of the Blood Poseidon. How could it be difficult to capture?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but look at the teenagers around him.

This inexplicable was taken aback. There were four teenagers beside him as if they were four javelins, following him in every step, all of them had strong breath fluctuations hidden on them, as if suppressed by some kind of treasure. for.

"Yao 17th, the dead of the Yao family, in the later stage of the yin and yang integration, the body is born, the low-end ingredients, there is no matching recipe!"

"Yao Twenty Three..."

It turned out that these four people were all in the later stage of the yin and yang integration, and they were suppressed by the treasures to cultivate and follow Yao Qianshan's side.

Even if the strong players in the China Alliance saw these four people, they were not right, but in the face of the behemoth such as the Yao family, they could only open one eye and close one eye.

"It's awful this time. Even if the four of them joined forces, I might not be able to succeed. It seems that this matter should be considered long-term!" Zhao Yuande carefully concealed his breath so that they would not be discovered by the four.

"It's broken. Someone is coming behind! We are going to speed up!" The twenty-third prince heard someone talking behind him, and his face was a little ugly. He first stepped into the medicine garden and moved towards the few ancient spirits behind. The ghost of the medicine rushed past.

"Don't worry, there may be danger in it!" Although Zhu Yuntai said so in his mouth, he still closely followed him.

But just after they entered the medicine garden, their bodies suddenly felt as if they were pressed down by a big mountain, and the two of them staggered and were almost directly crushed to the ground by terrible pressure.

And at this time, powerful spells came from all over the medicine garden, and the various spells of the earth, water, fire, thunder and light flooded the two people like a storm.

"Open to me!" The twenty-three prince sacrificed a large flag. The large flag fluttered all the spells around him. The twenty-three prince followed the shaking power on the big flag and broke through the formation. The heavy pressure, rushed towards the depths of the medicine garden again.

"Wind!" Zhu Yuntai took a sip, and a hurricane that didn't know where it came from, whistled, and rolled him toward the depths of the medicine garden.


The two of them hit a vanity light curtain at the same time and were bounced back directly.

"There seems to be a strong formation protection here. If we can't break the formation, I'm afraid we will make way for later generations today!" Zhu Yuntai looked solemnly at the light curtain in front of him, gently tapped with his fingers, and found that he was full of flexibility , Very difficult to be destroyed.

"This is the aura of spiritual light, which can block the practitioners in all realms. If they are completely inspired, the strong men in the yin and yang unity will all die!" The twenty-three princes were worried, "I In the library of the Dali Dynasty, there was once a book called'Dacheng Formation Solution', which happened to have been read by me, so this formation method is actually not difficult to break, just..."

"Just what?" Zhu Yuntai asked anxiously, "Hurry up and don't want your mother-in-law."

"It just needs a lot of spirit stones and materials. I have some materials here, but the spirit jade..." The twenty-three prince made a helpless expression.

"Fuck! At this time you are still knocking on the bamboo sticks, here you are! This is all my spirit jade!" Zhu Yuntai threw out a storage ring.

Twenty-three princes took it, and dived into it, his face suddenly showing joy.

He no longer hesitated, throwing a lot of materials, Lingyu formed a wonderful formation in the air, and then his palms were shaken continuously, colorful flashes of light continued to flash between his palms, and he shot toward the light curtain in front of him.

The blue light curtain seemed to be drawn by some mysterious force, and began to tremble a little. The spells that attacked all around came to an abrupt end.


The mask in front suddenly made a sound of soap bubbles breaking, and then the whole shattered apart.

"It's done!"

Zhu Yuntai saw this scene, his face suddenly showed a happy look, he lightly tapped his fingers, and found that the mask had indeed disappeared.

"Hurry! They are coming!" Twenty-three princes rushed in without breathing.

At this time, the figure of Yao Qianshan and his team had appeared outside the medicine garden.

"Young Master, they went in!" One of the men looked anxiously as they watched the figures of the two in tandem.

"Huh! Let them walk in front, but save us a lot of hands and feet, but they are always just fish on the sticky board, I want to cut whenever I want!" Yao Qianshan was not in a hurry, his mouth smiled, words There is a strong self-confidence.