Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1880

Chapter 1880: Crossover

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Zhao Yuande, they walked out of the Void Chamber of Commerce, and their pace was extremely easy. They got these fairy treasures, and their fighting power has improved a lot, and they are more confident about this trial.

"They went out, let's keep up! I want to see, are these guys with three heads and six arms?" After seeing the figures of Zhao Yuande and others walking out of the chamber of commerce, Meng Fei and his entourage came out of a dark corner, Looking at Zhao Yuande's back, the guy's teeth giggled.

"Young Master, should we call a few more people? Master Wind Master of the Promise Fairy Palace is here today, right in the middle of Crane Immortal!" said a middle-aged man standing behind Meng Fei at this time.

"Feng Jiangtian is a troublemaker. It's a good idea to bring him!" Meng Fei nodded. "Go, let's go to Hexianju first! You few will stare at them and see where they are going."

"Yes! Young Master!"


Zhao Yuande They have arrived at a small courtyard in the city of reincarnation.

This is the property of the Sun family in the city of reincarnation. The backyard of Wanxiang Building is very quiet.

"Today, I boiled the magic magic lotus from the Twelve Dengxian City, so that everyone can make a breakthrough on the soul!" Zhao Yuande laid a layer of enchantment to isolate the atmosphere from the outside world.

He took out a lot of fairy medicine materials, and took out the gluttonous true spirit tripod, and began to prepare.

Everyone also worked together to help Zhao Yuande deal with various materials.

The magic lotus lotus is the real sixth-grade fairy medicine, and once taken out, a fascinating scent suddenly comes out.

Everyone felt their heads dizzy almost at the same time.

"All of them have raised the power of the soul to the strongest. This phantom magic lotus has gradually started to produce a trace of spiritual wisdom, otherwise you may be confused." Zhao Yuande's voice exploded like a thunder in the sea of everyone's knowledge. All of them were sober and awake.

"Huh! It's terrible, I almost fell into a illusion!" Zhou Fei patted his chest, his face showing fear.

"Oh! Mainly because you are not prepared, otherwise this will not happen." Zhao Yuande is actually intentional, just want to see everyone's reaction.

From the performance of everyone, he can see that the most calm thing is Du Xin'er, the most frizzy is Zhou Fei, the two are really a pair!

"Brother Zhao, let's get started! I can't wait any longer!" Sun Yang rubbed his hands excitedly.

"Start! Please be patient, this level of fairy medicine should be at least six hours above!" Zhao Yuande nodded and his expression gradually became more dignified.


After six hours, an irresistible scent came into everyone's nose, and everyone was energized, looking at the golden soup tumbling in the gluttonous real spiritual tripod.

"Phantom Magic Lotus Seed Soup! Everyone enjoys it casually, but this medicine is too strong, don't force yourself if you feel you are at the limit!" Zhao Yuande asked solemnly.

"Relax! We are not fools!" Sun Yang couldn't wait to fill a bowl and began enjoying it.

Everyone was also polite, each took a bowl and began to enjoy delicious.

But they soon learned that what Zhao Yuande said was not alarmist, they just took a few bites and felt a powerful force rushing into the sea of knowledge, constantly tumbling in the sea of knowledge The sea was a mess.

"All calm down, don't think about it, and start to guide these forces!" Zhao Yuande's voice sounded like Hong Zhongda Lu sounded in their knowledge of the sea.

All of them began to guide these forces and continue to refine their own sea of knowledge to make the soul of the gods more stable and powerful!

Seeing that everyone was in a state, Zhao Yuande nodded satisfactorily and began to enjoy the food.

His soul is now comparable to the peak of the fairy king, and he can only enter the realm of the fairy emperor. He now decides to break through this limit with the powerful magic of the magic magic lotus.

As long as his spirit reaches the fairy emperor realm, then his combat effectiveness will at least rise to a level, it should be comparable to the strong power of the late fairy king!

And his current state of God's Souls will increase, which will make him a higher starting point, and then complete the seventh layer of the Resurrection of the Primordial God, and the Spirit of God may reach the strength of the late Immortal Emperor!

This improvement is definitely a qualitative leap for him, so that his combat effectiveness will increase.

Even just using the powerful gods and souls can make the fairy monarch surrender!

Of course, this is just the ideal state, and many changes and uncertainties will appear during cultivation.

Time rushed, and soon Sun Yang had their own gains, and everyone's souls were raised to a new level, but Zhao Yuande was still in retreat.

"Let's not disturb him, let's protect him next to him!" Sun Yang saw Zhao Yuande's current state, and naturally he did not dare to leave easily. Otherwise, if someone appeared, Zhao Yuande might be in danger.

"it is good!"

Everyone also took advantage of this opportunity to feel the great change brought by the powerful spirit.

Their original spirits and spirits were almost the same as their own cultivation. Only Zhou Fei's relationship with the beast ambassador was only a higher level than the realm.

After Zhou Fei knew how to improve the soul, he was able to control two more fairy beasts again, but he didn't know how much he needed to improve.

And everyone else has their own income.

"Click!" The sky and earth shook violently, as if a huge fist fell directly above, letting people feel a strong sense of oppression.

"That Dao brother broke through the fairy emperor realm, please don't cross the robbery in my reincarnation city!" A loud voice came from a distance, obviously in the direction of the reincarnation city's main palace.

"You come to protect me, I will go out to robbery!" Zhao Yuande's figure appeared a thousand miles away. This is a majestic mountain, just outside the reincarnation mountain range.

Everyone glanced at each other, all showing dignified colors on their faces, chasing them in the direction of Zhao Yuande's disappearance.

At this time, the entire reincarnation city was alarmed, and a large number of practitioners chased in the direction of Zhao Yuande's disappearance.

Although the Heavenly Tribulation cannot be disturbed, the Heavenly Tribulation of the Immortal Emperor Realm contains infinite Heavenly Paths. It is also an opportunity to be able to learn something from this Heavenly Tribulation.

So many strong men under the fairy emperor were dispatched one after another.

Meng Fei and others were naturally alarmed at this time, and they all left the reincarnation city to chase in the direction of thunder and thunder.

Zhao Yuande flew tens of thousands of miles, and this gradually stopped.

Here is a barren giant mountain. The mountain is scorched and black, without any plants growing, and the surrounding space is still a burst of heat. It seems that there has been a war, and it has been baptized with fire.