Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1882

Chapter 1882: Own Goal

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"Okay! It's out of danger, you..." Zhao Yuande didn't know what to say, at this time he felt a mysterious feeling of mysterious and mysterious passed from the void, as if he was in a hazy sea of clouds, full of clouds A kind of power to wash the soul.

"Ah!" Yu Rosa, suddenly realized at this time that her movements seemed very...and countless people around him stared at this scene in dumbfounded.

Fortunately, she was masked with black towels at this time, otherwise she would have no choice but to let herself go.

But when she saw Zhao Yuande's loving eyes, she knew that she had succeeded and successfully entered the other party's heart.

Although she felt the threat of death just now, she still threw herself around without any care. She didn't know what she thought at the time. Anyway, there was a kind of strength supporting herself.

Without the recognition of the other party, you can't be with the other party, what is the point of living, it is better to die with him, so that you can never separate from each other.

It was this kind of thought that fulfilled her and was hitting Zhao Yuande's weakness, giving him no reason to refuse others.

A woman willing to die with you, he still has the heart to refuse?

"Go! My God's Soul Tribulation is not over!" Zhao Yuande nodded softly to her, and his voice was full of love.

"Hmm!" Although Yu Rosa was covering her face at this time, she still covered her face subconsciously and turned away to run away.

All the onlookers all around looked at Zhao Yuande with some envy.

"Really... touching!"

"It's jealous. It's a miracle that this kind of woman can still see now!"

"Good! What kind of spirit is it to die with a loved one?"

"I also want such a confidante..."

"Hey, I said to you, don't you feel the laws of heaven and the heavens descending from the void? Don't hurry up to understand!"

"I'm relying on... I've been moving all the time and forgot about it!"


Countless people felt this mysterious breath, and began to understand this law of heaven.

And Zhao Yuande is standing in the center of the law of heaven and land, at this time he already knows that this is a huge opportunity that can be encountered but not sought.

"Don't worry about it, swallow the vortex to devour me!" Zhao Yuande suddenly showed excitement on his face, and began to frantically run the swallowing vortex inside the body, absorbing the laws of heaven and earth that slowly fell from the void.

"Wow! Sure enough!" Zhao Yuande felt that the laws of heaven and earth were absorbed by the engulfing vortex, and then he returned a wonderful power of mysterious and mysterious, and he condensed into a crystal like jade in his knowledge of the sea.

Every crystal seems to contain a mysterious and ancient character, which makes people feel dizzy as soon as they look.

"I depend! Your boy is really lucky, these are the original laws of heaven, a total of 9,600 pieces! You actually condensed into a third, as many as 3,200 pieces! You have no future , There is absolutely no future!" At this time, Tian Tian shouted excitedly in his sea of knowledge.

"The original law? What is this? What's the use?" Although Zhao Yuande felt the mystery and ancientness of these crystals, he really didn't feel how powerful.

"This is the foundation of the operation of Heavenly Dao. As long as you can fully comprehend 9,600 pieces, that is the realm of Dao Zun! Of course it is too illusory. Now you have 3,200 pieces, as long as you can With complete understanding and thorough understanding, the entire sea of stars will be stepped on by your feet, and even in the void of the Dao, they belong to the powerful existence of the first class." The whispered excitement swallowed the sky.

"This thing is so powerful?" Zhao Yuande was a little unbelievable, "Can this kind of thing be condensed by swallowing the vortex?"

"It's such a cow! It is said that we eat Dao is founded by Dao Zun. Isn't even this skill known as Dao Zun?" Tun Tian proudly said, "You completely seized the opportunity of everyone around you, let them I lived in vain! If you dont devour it, I am afraid there will really be a few people who will then break through the existing realm!"

"Okay! Then... how can I go to the enlightenment?" Zhao Yuande asked expectingly.

"This thing can't be in a hurry. If you can understand it now, you really have to go against the sky!" Swallowed the sky and shook his head. "This is related to the law of heaven's operation, but only after reaching the fairy emperor. Things you touch!"

"Able to enlighten one, that is, a law of heavenly Dao, means that you have entered the fourth small step of the fairy emperor realm, seeking heaven realm! If you can enlighten ten, your realm can enter the immortal emperor realm The fifth step is to observe the heavenly realm, and one hundred can achieve the supremacy and step into the real heavenly path. That Situya is such a realm..."

"Then if all of my 32,000 pieces are understood, what can I achieve?" Zhao Yuande was most concerned about this issue.

"The supreme fairy king, enter the pinnacle of the supreme realm!" Swallowed a long breath, full of anticipation in his tone, "The supreme realm... that is the realm of terror above a million people under one person. It is a horrible existence that can stand side by side with your ancestor Feng Cang. Daotian is probably this kind of state, which is beyond hope..."

"It's so horrible!" Zhao Yuande was a little unbelievable, "If I understand it all, can I fight that Daotian?"

"Well! As long as you can turn the flesh on the ten stars, you should be able to fight one!" Swallow Heaven Road.

"Okay! I'll understand when you say that! I already have my own goal!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists and was excited.

"It's not as simple as you think. This primitive law of heavenly path is very esoteric. The esoteric makes people feel desperate. The crystals you form now are a prototype, which is the third small one in the fairy emperor realm. The process of breaking through the realm! You just formed in advance!" Swallow Heaven Road.

"Everyone has the same number of crystals?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel a little disappointed, he thought he was different!

"Its different, and its very different! How much is formed generally depends on how much potential you can have. The average person has only one hundred, the genius may have a thousand, and like you, there are 32,000 rare hairs, so you also have Dont be disappointed!" swallowed the heavens. "You dont have to go to the enlightenment now. You cant enlighten yourself if you dont reach the realm of brokenness. You can only get some piecemeal insights! Great effect!"

"Okay! It's up to you!" Zhao Yuande nodded and gradually let go of an agitated heart.