Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1883

Chapter 1883: Covet

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"It's just a small rest period now, your Sky Tribulation is still early! Don't be distracted!" Tian Tian warned.

"it is good"

As Tun Tian said, at this time, everyone around me felt that the mysterious and mysterious atmosphere disappeared all at once, and they felt a loss in their hearts.

"Did we feel wrong just now?" An immortal emperor who stood high above the nine heavens, looking down, seemed to be grasping that feeling just now, and he made a breakthrough.

But the mysterious breath of the next moment disappeared all at once, as if swallowed by an invisible mouth!

"Hey! Passing by chance!" In the other direction, a fairy emperor shook his head and sighed.

"I don't know how many years to wait for this opportunity! Hey... pity!"

"It must be the sky to stop us, and we have no way!"


Zhao Yuande did not know the sigh of this group of fairy emperors, nor did he know that he had broken so many good things of the fairy emperors at once.

He is now slowly recovering the lost spirits, waiting for the next heaven disaster.


After dozens of breaths finally, a thunder burst suddenly sounded in the sky, and a piece of purple Leihai didn't know where to rush out of it, and slowly stopped on top of Zhao Yuande's head.

"This is... Zilei Heavenly Court!"

"What... this kind of disaster...too cruel!"

"I'm afraid this child will die here this time!"

"What is Zilei Heavenly Court?"

"Look carefully! There is a magnificent palace above Zilei..."

"Palace! There is really a palace, and there seem to be people flashing in the palace!"

"That's Heavenly Court, Zilei Heavenly Court will dispatch powerful heavenly generals according to your realm!"


At this time, Zhao Yuande also felt a strong oppression came from Zilei, and a figure rushed down from Zilei Heaven.

The figure's golden armor shone, and a huge pagoda in his hand released the terrifying Tianwei.

"Pagoda Fairy King! This kid is probably dangerous..."

"Not dangerous, but definitely mortal!"

"Hey... Really jealous!"


However, Zhao Yuande was not timid by the comments of the people around him, but shouted excitedly, and the soul turned into a person exactly like himself, and rushed up with the Time Immortal Hall in his hand.

He knew that to this point, it would be a dead end if he was hiding privately, so he had no reservations.

The war was on the verge. Zhao Yuande's soul held the Time Immortal Palace and the Pagoda Immortal King's battle, but he did not fall in the wind. The terror fluctuations caused the onlookers around to retreat again.

The collapse of the void, the sun and the moon, and the destruction of the world, these words are not enough to describe the fierceness of this war.

But Zhao Yuande finally defeated this pagoda fairy king!

"The immortal palace in his hand is definitely the soul treasure above the eighth grade. What is the origin of this son?" As soon as the battle ended, some people looked greedily at the time immortal palace in Zhao Yuande's hands.

"That's Jiu Pin's Soul Treasure, extremely powerful. If you didn't have this immortal palace, this son had just died here!"

"If it can be taken..."

"It's not that simple... there must be powerful forces behind this child, we still have to wait and see for a while!"

"It's not too late, are we still afraid of a kid who has just entered the fairy realm?"

"Everything must be careful, now there are more than dozens of fairy emperors here, there are many more powerful than us..."


Zhao Yuande looked breathlessly at Zilei Tianting in the sky. He felt a stronger breath and locked himself.


A giant purple dragon suddenly rushed out of the Purple Thunder Sky Court, and a red glow of eruption spewed out of his mouth.

"It's so powerful!" Zhao Yuande's complexion changed, blocking the Time Immortal Palace in front of himself.


A violent and overbearing force suddenly acted on the Time Immortal Palace. Although it passed to Zhao Yuande's body has weakened a lot, but he still let his body fly back, and his mouth spouted a light golden blood.

He felt a crack in his body, and he seemed to be breaking down soon.

"Brother, you can also urge Yuanshen Resurrection in battle!" Swallow's voice reminded this time.

"Huh? How does Zhang Dou-chung use it?" Zhao Yuande seemed to have caught something, but he seemed to know nothing about it.

"This time it's just resurrection, not destruction!"

"It's just a need to destroy...because it is close to the edge of destruction!" Zhao Yuande said a little silly.

"Yes... can be born again on the verge of destruction!"

"I know"

Zhao Yuande's eyes lighted up suddenly, and he rushed towards the purple dragon with a roar and started a war with it.

There were more and more cracks on his body, and finally every village cracked open.

"This kid is over, the spirits are all cracked, and they are dead!"

"The soul of the gods is cracked and cannot be saved at all. He failed!"

"It's a pity that he is not over one hundred years old. What a wicked existence this will fall here!"

"This is Heaven's Way. No one can escape. Anyone who does something contrary to Heaven's Way must be punished!"


"Brother Zhao..." Zhou Fei, Sun Yang and others fell into deep despair again at this time.

Only Rosa was calm at this time, looking at Zhao Yuande in crisis, she suddenly had a feeling that the other party would not die so easily!

This may be a communication above the soul, a feeling that transcends language and soul, and just at the moment when he struggled with her body, she had such a wonderful feeling.

Just as everyone shook their heads and everyone was desperate, Zhao Yuande's broken soul recovered at an incredible speed!

"This... how is it possible! How could the soul be broken again to recover! This... is too... incredible!"

"At this point, there must be a big secret, and I will keep him for a while!"

"Good! If we can get the secret from him, then..."

"You guys, how are we joining forces?"

"That's right, take him together, no matter what forces behind him, so many of us can withstand the pressure!"

"Yes! To quickly and quickly dig out his secrets, as long as he cooperates with us can also leave him a life!"

"This is the best result..."


At this time, Zhao Yuande's soul was reborn, and it was one point stronger than just now, but only this point made the other party unable to suppress him.

The battle situation was gradually reversed. Zhao Yuande's soul became more and more courageous, and finally the purple dragon was killed at the foot.