Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1884

Chapter 1884: Give It A Try

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After he felt that the purple dragon was dying, a powerful spirit power was poured into his body, and his power was once more powerful!

What a powerful feeling!

Zhao Yuande was ecstatic in his heart. He found that the Purple Thunder Heaven Court seemed to be a step. He stepped up the steps step by step and moved towards a higher level!

Seeing this situation, Zhou Fei, Sun Yang and others suddenly clenched their fists in excitement, watching Zhao Yuande become stronger and more excited than their own promotion.

However, Yu Rosa's face showed a kind of relief and ease. It seemed that she was right!


A giant purple tiger jumped out of the Purple Thunder Sky Court.


Zhao Yuande shouted excitedly and immediately fought with the Purple Tigers.

The purple tiger is a bit more powerful than the purple dragon. The terrifying power makes the onlookers shivering from hundreds of miles away.

Zhao Yuande also felt the tremendous pressure, and was forced to a dead end at one time!

The power of Yuanshen's resurrection technique appeared once again, and he was once more powerful after rebirth.

In this way, more powerful opponents constantly appeared in the Purple Thunder Sky Court, and his soul was broken and reborn again and again.

After the tenth opponent fell, his spirit was now several times stronger than it was at the beginning!

Although it has not entered the mid-term of Xiandi Realm, at least it has reached the peak of the early Xiandi Realm!

Looking at the purple thunder that was gradually dissipating in the sky, Zhao Yuande let out a long breath, his face showing a relief expression.

"Don't be complacent, someone is already staring at you, or a group of immortal emperor strong, hurry up and find a way!" Tun Tian's voice slowly sounded in his mind at this time.

He also felt that there were a few eyes around him staring at himself, and a powerful force enveloped the whole world.

"Hey! The money is moving, and the cheats of the exercises are even more moving. This group of really looking for death!" Zhao Yuande's eyes were light and cold.

His soul entered the realm of the Void Chamber of Commerce instantly.

"Senior Situ..." As soon as Zhao Yuande entered the realm, he saw Situ Ya looking at herself with a smile.

"It's needless to say, I know it all! The motion you just made is too big, even I feel a distance of a million miles away!" Situ Ya looked at Zhao Yuande with a strange look and kept looking at him up and down.

"What happened to the senior?" Zhao Yuande looked at each other's eyes a little puzzled, and always felt weird.

"How can your kid have such a charm? Let a woman wish you to die together..." Situ Ya's face was puzzled.

"I...may be handsome!" Zhao Yuande twitched, but said with pride.

"I'm going. Do you look handsome?" Situ Ya slapped him in the head with a slap.

"Oh! Then... that's probably my personality charm attracted them!" Zhao Yuande thought about it for a while.

"I have to say, your kid has a hand!" Situ Ya nodded. "It's okay for a man to have a few women, but you must remember that you can't let down Qinger, otherwise I won't be polite to you!"

"You can rest assured that as long as Qing'er is willing, I will never lose him... unless I die!" Zhao Yuande said firmly.

"Okay! Go back! If anyone dares to move you, is the enemy of my Void Chamber of Commerce, I will wipe them out without hesitation!" Situ Ya's voice killed Sen Sen, even Zhao Yuande could not help but shudder at the whole body. .

When Zhao Yuande heard Situ Ya's words, he immediately put his heart in his stomach.

Situyas cultivation base can almost slap and kill all fairy emperors in the fairy world. What does a powerful existence beyond the king of the fairy emperor represent? He still cant see clearly with his current vision, but he knows As long as Situ Ya takes action, none of the fairy emperors who pretend to be secrets of their own practice can run away!

Zhao Yuande was cross-legged to the ground at this time, and sent a message to Rosa Sunyang to hide them immediately.

Although everyone disagreed, they knew that the fighting power of these people could not help Zhao Yuande any more, but instead became his burden.

So they could only disappear into the crowd as Zhao Yuande said.

At this time, everyone's eyes had been on Zhao Yuande.

"Boy, surrender your undead secrets, we guarantee your safety!" A voice echoed from the void, eerie and terrifying.

"Oh! If I don't pay?" Zhao Yuande glanced in a certain direction in the void, and asked with a smile instead of a smile.

The intensity of his current soul has reached the peak of the early stage of the fairyland. He can clearly feel that the person who speaks is not as powerful as him, and the position is also clear.

"If you don't pay, we will force you to pay, but the method will be cruel!" The voice was full of indifference.

"Do you know who I am? Dare to threaten me like this, are you not afraid of the revenge of the forces behind me?" Zhao Yuande looked in that direction and saw several blurry figures slowly appearing, all of them powerful immortal emperors. By.

However, these immortal emperors were all in the early stages of the immortal emperor, and their eyes on Zhao Yuande were full of burning and excitement!

"We have a total of seven immortal emperors, belonging to different forces. At least we have the middle and even late immortal emperors. Are the forces behind you strong enough to directly fight the union of our Qi family forces?" Three strands of long beard fluttering, which looks like a fairy bone, but it has a pair of triangular eyes, which show a cunning and fierce light, and it seems to make people feel uncomfortable.

The cultivation of this triangular eye should be at its peak in the early days of Immortal Emperor,

"Why don't you give it a try?" Zhao Yuande's mouth twitched, and he looked fearless. "Look at what will happen after you start."

"You... indicate your identity, otherwise we are really going to do it!" The fairy emperor with triangular eyes saw Zhao Yuande's appearance and suddenly burst into his heart.

"Brother, don't listen to his nonsense. If our seven families are united, even the Eight Great Immortal Palaces will be afraid, and don't forget, the current brother is also among us. Which one is in the Eight Great Immortals? Gong also has to give him face!" There is a middle-aged man with a sallow face beside the triangle eyes. His eyes flickered, and he encouraged the triangle eyes.

"Yes! That's right, the one who wants us to come, actually wants to win us. He wants to be the master of the ninth largest fairy palace, and needs the support of many fairy emperors. As long as our seven families unite to support him, he will have At least 50% sure!" Triangle's eyes light up, and confidence is immediately sufficient again.