Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1885

Chapter 1885: Forgive Me

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"What I am is not important, what matters is whether you dare to do it!" Zhao Yuande sneered again and again.

"Boy, don't be too unscrupulous. Although your soul has reached the fairy emperor realm, but the cultivation base is far away. I advise you to be obedient and obedient, otherwise you will regret it!" Triangle Eye is gradually approaching Zhao Yuande, but it is just It releases a strong breath, and there is no real hands-on.

The people watching around this time also felt the huge breath from the seven fairy emperors, and they subconsciously retreated and then retreated.

"Who the **** is this man, why did he have the guts to fight against the fairy emperor?"

"I don't know, this person is very born, never seen it."

"Huh, did that woman go there just now?"

"People left early, I'm afraid they knew this would happen, and left early!"

"Aren't they going to die together? Why did they leave early?"

"Is it really as the man said, the power behind him is huge, and he doesn't even care about the seven immortal emperors in front of him?"

"There is such a possibility, otherwise, in the situation just now, the woman will definitely not leave."

"There is a good show now..."


Someone soon analyzed this situation, and they were looming in their hearts, looking forward to seeing the misery of these seven fairy emperors.

Of course, some people do not take it for granted. The power of the seven immortal emperors, especially the forces behind them, should be few in the fairy world!

The triangle eyes approached step by step, followed by six fairy emperors behind him, almost all of them were enveloped by a thick mist, making people unclear about their true appearance, and obviously they did not want to be recognized Come out, add a lot of trouble.

Zhao Yuan De Lao Shen was looking at the seven people who had come across from him, and he couldn't help but sneer. Is the power of the Void Chamber of Commerce you can imagine, you dare to do it to me, just wait for the pain and howl!

"You guys, listen to me, don't do it!" Just at this moment of tension, a voice came from a distance, and a smiling old man appeared in front of everyone.

"Why did he come here?" Triangle eyes saw the old man, suddenly burst into his heart, and immediately stopped.

"Broken! This person is not a good thing. It looks like a grin, but in fact it is full of bad water. This person must not be disturbed by him!" The middle-aged man with a pale yellow face saw this The old man also frowned, this guy is really a bit dazed.

"There are so many of us, don't be afraid of him. He is only the middle of the Immortal Emperor when he is strong. Could he still defeat the seven of us?"

"Good! Let him get out..."


"Don't worry, everyone, how about listening to me?" The old man was not annoyed when he heard everyone's words, but he still said with a smile, "I think the potential of this child is huge, we should not conflict with it, you see He has a fearless look, dont he understand?"

"Humph! He's just pretending!" Triangle glanced at Zhao Yuande and sneered. "If he really has a strong backstage, he has already reported his name. It can't be dragged on for so long."

"Good! Old man Yin, you don't have to worry about it. You want to persuade us to go, then you can enjoy it!"


"Hey! Okay! Since you don't know anyhow, then don't blame me for not reminding me!" The old man sighed, his eyes showing a bit of disappointment.

However, the old man did not leave, but kept glancing at the crowds who were on the outside for hundreds of miles.

"This old thing, the thief is holding it! He doesn't know what bad idea he is holding back." The middle-aged man with a pale face looked at the old man, and he couldn't help showing a disgusted look on his face.

"It's broken! I remembered that this kid started to have a few companions, and the old thing must be looking for his companion!" The triangular eyes flashed suddenly, and there was also a bit of anxiety on his face, "If so He really succeeded. Even if we win him, there will be many variables. Lets hurry and start now!"

Zhao Yuande's eyes were cold, and the back of the old man was full of murderous opportunities. This person even wanted to threaten his friends. If he was really found by him, I am afraid he would be able to follow him.

"This old guy is looking for death!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth. The last thing he could bear was that others threatened his friends and relatives. That was the limit of his scale. Such a person would definitely kill him.

At the same time, he was secretly glad in his heart that he would let them leave early, otherwise the situation might be very detrimental to him now.

Although the Void Chamber of Commerce will protect itself, it has no obligation to protect its friends, and it is not known whether Situya will help his friends because of his relationship.

"Do it!" Triangle Eye has already decided this time, and immediately won Zhao Yuande.

His figure flickered and came through the void, and appeared directly in front of Zhao Yuande, and he grabbed him towards him.

Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a terror force that he could not resist at all. He came from all sides of the void and instantly wrapped him in it. The terrible force tore the void and condensed all the laws of time and space around him, even if it was peace. The immortal emperor, who is as strong as the other party, cannot be broken.

This time I was going all out and wanted to catch Zhao Yuande directly.


At this moment, a vague figure emerged from the void.

This figure is just a random finger towards the other side, and an invisible force directly penetrates the eyebrow of the triangular eye.


The triangular eye was penetrated by the eyebrows at once, his head exploded at the time, his consciousness of the sea collapsed at the same time, a faint shadow rushed out of the blasted consciousness of the sea and screamed in horror.

"No... forgive me, leave me a chance to be reincarnated!" Because he has seen the other person's finger point to himself again.


There was another soft bang, and the remaining ray of soul was also directly killed.

"You... who are you? Do you know what you did?" The middle-aged middle-aged man with sallow face shook his legs and was almost sitting on the ground.

He felt the power of the finger just now, just a flat finger, ignoring space and time, and directly killed a strong man in the early stage of the fairy emperor.

People with this ability must be at least the late immortal emperor, or even peerless emperor.

The other five people also backed off again and again, so scared that their faces were pale. At that time, the figure had not targeted them, and they felt that a crisis of death had locked themselves firmly!

They regretted it instantly, regretting that they should not be greedy, and should not join in the excitement.