Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1886

Chapter 1886: One Hundred Thousand Years Old

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But at this time it is too late to regret, his own destiny is already in the hands of the person opposite.

They have the same question in their hearts at the moment, who is this person? Why is there such a strong man, how dare he do it!

"Do you know what forces are behind us? The forces behind us can contend with Xiangong, and you are not afraid..." Some of them finally couldn't help but said this.

"Huh! The palace lords of the Eight Great Immortal Palaces must be honest in front of me. Some of the small forces in your area dare to move me!" The shadow sneered, "There are you, don't be sneaky, Come with me!"

When the silhouette was caught in the void, a silhouette hundreds of miles away flew involuntarily.

This is the old man. He just shook his body when he saw the appearance of the figure. He knew that he might have made the wrong move. He hurriedly escaped into the crowd.

But how could his whereabouts escape the surveillance of Situ Ya, the whole piece of Bai Hezhou walked in his field of vision, as long as he wanted to know, even the Central Immortal Territory could not escape his dharma eyes!

Because his current state has reached the supreme state, and has really embarked on the road of heaven, and gradually merged with heaven...that is, heaven and heaven!

Zhao Yuande was looking at Situ Ya's figure in worship at this time. He could clearly feel that this was only a shadow, and should be an incarnation of Situ Ya!

Situ Ya's words shocked everyone at once, even those who were onlookers in the distance were stunned.

The meaning of the other party's sentence is really chilling in his heart. If he said it true, is it that he has reached the realm of the king of immortal emperor?

Is there still a legendary king of fairy emperors in the fairy world?

What is the identity of this young man, and the King of Immortal Emperor is behind him, which is really terrible!

"You... who... who are you?" The old man shivered. He had wanted to bring out his background strength, but he couldn't help but dare to speak when he heard this from the other side.

"You are the disciple of Jiuhua Immortal Emperor! You haven't forgotten the death of your uncle!" Situ Ya glanced at the old man, and he knew the details of the other party instantly.

In his state, he can already merge with Heaven and Dao, and it is not difficult to understand a person's identity.

"You... you are from the Void Chamber of Commerce... that senior!" The old man shook his body, and he immediately collapsed to the ground.

At this time, the despair in his heart was beyond description. He originally wanted to see the drama, but he couldn't resist the greed in his heart. He suddenly fell into this endless abyss, and suddenly lost his life.

"That's just my teacher's nephew!" Situ Ya's words seemed to be a thunder, and they chopped directly on the old man's head.


He couldn't say anything at this time, and there was no need to say it!

He heard the master say that the man who killed his uncle was already the king of the fairy emperor, and that man was just the nephew of the master in front of him. What kind of cultivation would this person do? The King of Immortal Emperor goes up...

No wonder that the Void Chamber of Commerce in the entire world has no force to dare to provoke it. It turns out that there is such a horrible existence!

Situ Ya's voice did not pass too far, but all the six fairy emperors heard it at this time.

They were shaking more than the old man at this time, and Zhao Yuande's eyes were full of incredible!

They never dreamed that this young man had such a terrible power and such a terrible character!

If they can go back in time, they will turn around without hesitation!

The more powerful people are afraid of death, they have tasted all kinds of superiority brought by the powerful, and tasted the taste of looking down on the world, so as long as they can survive, how about begging for mercy!

But they knew at this time that what they said at this time was superfluous and they could only plead guilty!

Your own life and death are only in the other party's thoughts!


The six of them were kneeling on the ground directly after so many people were watching.

"Also invite seniors to spare their lives, as long as we can spare our lives, we are willing to give everything!" The middle-aged man's sallow face trembles, his body lying on the ground trembling.

"Although you are not the mastermind, you are even more abominable and die!" Situ Ya pointed her finger.

"Poof!" The middle-aged man with a pale yellow face exploded and his soul was extinguished.

"Forget us...we..." The remaining people were scared face to face, shaking their bodies like sieve chaff.

"Several of you have to be punished a little bit! Let each one lose 100,000 years of life!" Situya's voice was soft, but what he said made these people feel as if they were hit by thunder!

They were stunned on the spot, it was simply unbelievable, and they lost 100,000 years of life! This...also...too cruel!

The vast majority of these people have become immortal emperors for millions of years, and their life span is running out!

One hundred thousand years almost cost them half of their lives!

In particular, there is an old man with pale hair and folds all over his face. I am afraid that Shou Yuan is running out. I am afraid that he will die directly in 100,000 years!

However, they still dare not say more. They know the power of the Void Chamber of Commerce. They know that the Void Chamber of Commerce starts their business and be kind. But if someone provokes it, I am afraid that it is only a **** cleaning.

"Give me in!" Situ Ya's five fingers were slightly out of it, and a mysterious power came out of it. This power seemed to communicate with Heavenly Dao and was blessed by Heavenly Dao, acting on the five Immortal Emperors.

The five people only felt that the spirit spirit in their bodies was disappearing at an incredible speed, and they all started to grow old one by one instantly.

But within a few short breaths, Situ Ya withdrew his palm.

And the oldest immortal emperor among them, at this time, he rolled on the ground with a loud tremor. His face seemed to be a gully mountain. Obviously, Shou Yuan was about to run out, and he would soon enter the earth!

Others are better, but the breath on their bodies has also begun to vanish. Obviously, the reduction in Shouyuan has made their state unstable!

Now they need to practice for a long time, or increase the potion of Shouyuan to supplement this situation.

Zhao Yuande's mouth is full of grin, and now if he cooks a few dishes that increase his life by tens of thousands of years, these people will probably buy it if they are ruined.

But he doesn't have time to make this money now. He doesn't lack immortal jade now, the most missing is power.

Otherwise, they will not be intimidated by these few immortal emperors, but will directly shoot these guys to death!

"Get off!" Situ Ya glanced at them and sneered.