Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1887

Chapter 1887: At Least Three Times

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"Thank you, Senior! Thank you, Senior!" Several people banged a few heads, then turned around and left.

Even the old man who was about to enter the soil left at this time.

However, no one can be sure that he can safely return to his family or sect. With his current combat strength, I am afraid that he will be intercepted halfway and throw his life here.

"Thank you senior!" Zhao Yuande arched his hand at Situ Ya.

"There is no sincerity! I heard that you can make good food, and that time is up, just come and make a meal for me!" Situ Ya glanced at Zhao Yuande, his mouth wide open, and a smile appeared.

"This is no problem at all!" Zhao Yuande said, afraid of his chest. "The juniors are on call, of course, they need to be picked up by the senior car!"

"All right! Don't be stubborn! Go find your companions! I will send them to the periphery of the reincarnation mountain range, reincarnation Panasonic!" Situ Ya's voice hasn't fallen yet, and his figure dissipated into the void.

"Hoo!" Zhao Yuande let out a long breath when he saw Situya's doppelganger dissipated. There was a little excitement and expectation in his heart.

This is the strong! This is the real big figure. The immortal emperor strongman must kneel down and beg for mercy. With one finger, he can let the immortal emperor strongman die. With his hand, he can extract these people's life yuan for 100,000 years!

Zhao Yuande suddenly remembered this magical power deprived of life. Due to his momentary interest, he also learned this magical power from Situ Ya.

But after studying, he never used it again. Today, seeing this kind of supernatural power, he can't help but feel a little emotional!

At the same time, he was still thinking, where did those deprived lives go? If it can be used for its own purposes, is it not endless?

It seems that this trick still needs to be studied carefully. If it can be combined with the engulfing vortex, it will be invincible.

"He... it turned out that there was such a strong backstage that he turned out to be a member of the Void Chamber of Commerce!"

"Who did you see his face clearly? Why am I always feeling very vague?"

"What about his friends? Have you all seen clearly?"

"No, it seems that our memories have just disappeared, and we just can't remember their looks!"

"I see! It must have been the strong man who erased our memories!"

"Ah... let's leave quickly! If we don't leave, we're afraid..."


Zhao Yuande flew away in the direction given by Situ Ya.

After a dozen breaths, he saw Sun Yang and Zhou Fei looked anxiously under a huge pine tree.

"I'm back!" Zhao Yuande waved to them.

"Brother Zhao, you are in a hurry to die us!" Sun Yang wanted to step forward, but was pulled by Shen Tu Rumeng around him.

Because at this time Yu Rosa's eyes were moving in the autumn, moving towards Zhao Yuande step by step.

Zhou Fei around him also hurriedly gave way. Today they are not the protagonist, but Yu Rosa is.

"You... come back!" Yu Rosa's voice was very soft, with infinite expectation and excitement, her hands were shaking slightly, her fingers were tightly held in the palm, and her nails were not consciously inserted into the meat.

"I'm back! Let you worry!" Zhao Yuande's face with a smile on her face stretched out and naturally took her hand.

Now that he has decided to accept the other party, he can no longer avoid it, he has to squander things quickly, and he never delays doing things.

"I..." Yu Rosa just said a word, and the tears in her eyes couldn't help but roll down.

She was so excited that she was able to get the approval or love of her loved one, and she was satisfied.

Not only did she not feel the danger and regret for the previous inexplicable impulse, but instead thought at this time, if this opportunity can be given to herself early!

In fact, she didn't want to use this thing to touch the other party and let the other party accept herself, but just wanted to know what it means to live alone in this world if her beloved person dies, it is better to simply accompany him, not in front of her Pairing with him, it's also a happiness to be together!

But I did not expect that it would be such a result, a result that made her almost unprepared!

"Okay! You don't have to say anything, I know it!" Zhao Yuande pulled gently, and the soft and delicate body entered his arms. He felt the burning heat from the other person's body. Suddenly thought of her perfect figure, especially the chest... His heartbeat accelerated, as if there was a flame burning in his body.


Yu Rosa seemed to feel something, her face shyly broke free from Zhao Yuande's arms.

"Cough!" Zhao Yuande coughed awkwardly.

"Haha!" Everyone could not help laughing.

Zhou Fei, Sun Yang, and Jiao Xiao's eyes glanced at a certain part of Zhao Yuande very unreliably.

And the other two women couldn't help but look blushing.

"Don't laugh at me, I'm embarrassed to laugh again!" Zhao Yuande also felt a blush for a while. He said that he was also a man with several wives, how could there be no resistance at all.

"Brother Zhao, I don't care. Today is a good day for you. You mean it!" Sun Yang rubbed his hands together and smiled.

"Yes! Double happiness is coming, you are developed! Realm and beauty are a win-win situation, and you have to show it!"

"Make a big meal, make a big meal..."

"Okay everyone, we are here to make a solid repair. After the trial is over, I will make everyone happy!" Zhao Yuande also shook his head helplessly, this group of guys are too...too greedy.

"It's about the same, but it's not enough to be satisfied once, at least three times!" Sun Yang said.

"Three times! Three times! I promised. Who would be happy today!" Zhao Yuande turned his eyes to Yu Rosa, not far away, full of joy.

Everyone talked and laughed, in pairs, Jiao Xiao, anxiously scratching his head and scratching his head, his face was full of envy.

"I must find Emperor Menghua this time! I must find it. Otherwise, with this group of guys, I will get angry a little sooner or later!" Jiao Xiao's face was bitter.

"What is that in front?" The crowd flew in the reincarnation mountains, and suddenly saw a golden area in front of it, as if a golden glow flew out of the ground, and instantly rendered a thousand miles away.

"There seems to be a basalt there!" Yu Rosa's eyes flashed divinely, seeing the center of the area clearly, there was a golden basalt roaring silently in the sky.

"It's just a metamorphosis. It seems to be the manifestation of something underground. It's very dangerous there!" Zhao Yuande frowned slightly. His current soul was so powerful that he reached the peak of the early fairy emperor, but he still felt a danger.