Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1889

Chapter 1889: Do My Best

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But he was sneering in his heart. This Fengjiang naive is a fool. I won't say a word for a while. I want to see if he can overpower the other party, or if the other party can suppress him!

Although he didn't like his efforts to do so, he was happy, but he didn't dare to test Zhao Yuande in person, so he let Feng Jiang Tian get ahead. This feeling of playing tricks is really great!

"Don't be complacent, you won't find a place to cry after a while!" A cold voice rang in his ears, and he was a little sweaty.

He turned his gaze to Zhao Yuande on the opposite side, and when he saw the killing in the other person's eyes, he suddenly felt a little bad!

But in the end he is the young master of Lingxiao Xiangong, and he won't be frightened by a word.

After being afraid, he felt a sense of anger and anger, he felt humiliated!

"Brother Feng, don't show mercy for a while, if you can't figure out your brother, I will be with you!" Meng Fei gritted his teeth and decided to work with the other party!

It has been a long time since he coveted Shen Tu Ru Meng. This time he must win the opponent!

"Hey! This is a good brother. If you don't say anything, I will turn around and leave!" Feng Jiangtian turned his head and grinned at Meng Fei.

Meng Fei was shocked, he thought the other party was a fool, it seems that he is a fool!

"How could I let Brother Feng face these guys myself, and we will take them together!" Meng Fei gritted his teeth.

"They came over, and I will deal with the three late-gen guys in a while. Zhou Fei and Du Xiner will join forces with you to deal with the bald guy, Brother Sun, and Girl Shen Tu, you will deal with Meng Fei and Jiao Xiao you. Deal with the rest with Rosa! There should be no reservations in this battle. It is a quick battle and a quick decision. It is better to be able to catch a bald head or Meng Fei!" Zhao Yuande quickly assigned the task.

Everyone nodded silently. This time it was a test of their combat effectiveness, and it was also in line with their purpose of reincarnation of the mountains.

"Brother Feng, it seems that they are fearless, are we..." Meng Fei felt a little bit of something wrong, and the other couples were too calm.

"It's okay, no matter how powerful they are, they will not be the opponents of Sixteen Uncles. There is something he is afraid of you!" Feng Jiangtian pouted, looking at Meng Fei's eyes with a slight look.

"The same is true! We have to make a quick decision and quickly resolve one or two of them, especially the guy whose eyes are very annoying!" Meng Fei said Zhao Yuande.

"Sixteenth Uncle, you used to give priority to killing the kid!" Feng Jiangtian also felt that Zhao Yuande's smile was evil, and he could not help telling him.

"Young Master, rest assured, he can't escape my palm!" The old man held his head, his face full of confidence, a little guy in the late fairyland, he could solve it within his palm!


It was at this time that Zhou Fei could not help but yell and join forces with Du Xin'er to take the initiative!

Du Xin'er's swordsmanship is impeccable, as if it were a huge grinding disc, and anything blocked in front of it will be crushed by it.

Zhou Fei's euphoria, coupled with his strong physical body, also has a somewhat impressive power.

He deliberately did not release his fairy beast in advance, this is playing pigs and eating tigers!

"Is the target me? Hey! You two are not enough to see!" Feng Jiangtian sneered, a powerful breath released, turned out to be a strong man in the late fairyland, the terror combat power released at this moment can be at least Contend with the early strong Xianjun.

"Meng Fei's life is coming!" Sun Yang and Shen Tu Rumeng jointly killed.

"Boy, I have long seen you as disagreeable. Since you dare to stand up and be my enemy today, I will take this opportunity to kill you!" Meng Fei saw Sun Yang's heart burst into flames and roared. "Kill me this kid!"

Hearing the young masters order, the two middle-aged strong men behind him immediately rushed to kill Sun Yang, but at this time they felt that a strong breath locked them, and this breath was very powerful. Beyond the fairy realm to reach the realm of the fairy emperor.

They have a feeling that as long as they dare to move a little, the next moment waiting for them is death!

Although they are Meng Fei's escorts, although they are protecting Meng Fei, they must have their own lives.

So they didn't dare to move at all, just a pair of eyes glanced in the void, wanting to see if the strong man came.

At this time, the late strong king behind Fengjiang Tian also felt the same way. He also felt a strong breath locking himself, and he could clearly feel the strong killing in it. He was like two of them, and immediately froze. Once in place, I dare not move.

"Sixteen Uncle, what are you doing!" Feng Jiangtian felt something was wrong, but at this time he was already fighting with Zhou Fei and Du Xin'er.

Although his state is stronger than the two, Du Xin'er focuses on defense, and a Hunyuan Promise figure hangs in the void, no matter how Feng Jiangtian attacks the duel and cannot break it.

At this time, Zhou Fei simply didn't call his pet for the time being, and rushed up with Fengjiang Tianzhan.

Although the realm of Sun Yang and Shen Turu's dream are not as good as Meng Fei, but they have long been connected with each other, fighting to complement each other, plus the promotion of their souls during this time, so that they can be with Meng Fei in the middle of the fairyland The battle was evenly divided.

The rest was Yu Rosa and Jiao Xiao also fought with the men brought by them. There were Xiaojin who were like cutting leeks under these men. Once they cut a large piece, it was just a dozen fairies in just a few breaths. Jing's men were all put down.

At this moment the viewers watched all those people being cut in half, and the broken limbs all over the floor could not help but take a breath.

"Good strength, the bird really misses the legendary golden-winged Dapeng!"

"It seems that this time Meng Fei, Feng Jiangtian they are going to lose!"

"Why didn't the three immortal strong men shoot? Where did they stand silly?"

"Don't you feel that a powerful fairy emperor's breath locks each other? I'm afraid there is a fairy emperor who secretly protects these people!"

"I wonder they are so calm and calm, with the guardian of immortal emperor strong, what are they afraid of!"

"This shows the power behind them..."


Feng Jiangtian's battles became more and more palpitations. He had already felt the bad things and his face became more and more dignified.

"In this case, then I will be free!" He took out a token dignifiedly, infused immortal power into it, and threw it towards the two.

"Hell Puppies come out for me! Tear these two guys to me!" He sounded a little eerie, but with a strong penetrating power, as if crossing the void boundary.