Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 189

Chapter 189: There Is Something Under The Water

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"Huh? Is there anyone?" Zhao Yuande just wanted to keep up with Yao Qianshan's group, and suddenly he heard a burst of water.

He turned his head to look and saw a gray shadow passing over the lake.

The golden fish in the lake clearly saw this shadow stepping over the water, but they didn't jump out of the water to chase. They seemed to see a piece of lifeless wood.

"Mu Zhen, the third prince of the undead, in the late Yin and Yang unity, is born with an immortal body, intermediate-grade ingredients, matching the recipe "Shenmu Xiang", placed in the mouth of the dead, can gather the gods and souls for seven days and seven nights! Can stabilize the soul, list of ingredients..."

This turned out to be the strong of the Undead, and he did not know how he escaped the detection of the Zhongyu Alliance, or that someone in the Zhongyu Alliance was bought by the Undead...

Zhao Yuande frowned, and all the ox, ghost, and snake gods came in this Shenxu trial. It seems that this journey was not peaceful!

The undead third prince flew to the shore like a ghost, looked around the realm, and quietly followed behind Yao Qianshan's group.

"The mantis catches the cicada cardinal, and I am the hunter waiting for the cardinal to enter the nest!"

Zhao Yuande waited for a while and found nothing unusual, then quietly trailed behind the third prince.

Besides the 23 princes, after the two of them rushed into the mask, they found that the scene they had just seen disappeared suddenly, and a dry well appeared in front of them.

"This...nothing like this! Those just now..." Zhu Yuntai looked at the dry well with a puzzled expression.

"I know that it must have been an ancient scene just now. We were deceived!" Twenty-three princes took two steps on the spot and suddenly turned their eyes to the dry well. "I remembered that this well is the legendary connection One of the three Shenjing wells in the whole Shenxu territory, maybe we can find something in this well."

"Guru! Guru!"

Suddenly sounds came from the dry well.

The two headed towards the ancient well and found that the bottom of the originally dry well began to be milky white liquid!

A strong aura spewed out of the well, and the two felt the aura, and their eyes suddenly turned bright.

"These are spirit fluids!" Zhu Yuntai clenched his fists in excitement.

"Someone is here!" The twenty-three prince looked behind him.

Yao Qianshan and others slowly stepped into this space.

"Who are you? Why have you always been behind us?" Zhu Yuntai leaned against the twenty-three princes, feeling the strength of the other party and daring not face it alone.

"Okay! Let's go, I don't want to embarrass you! You can pick up all the elixir outside, just as your reward for cracking the formation!" Yao Qianshan glanced at them, and seemed to be sending out two poor beggars. .

"You... you are too overbearing! We discovered this ancient well first, and we deserve it! Don't look at your crowds, I won't hold you back if I fight hard!" Zhu Yuntai clenched his hands tightly With a long knife, a determined expression appeared on his face, ready to work hard at any time.


At this time, the prince twenty-three had no nails at all, and hit the back of Zhu Yuntai with a strong hammer.

At that time, I heard bones crackling and crackling, Zhu Yuntai's spine behind did not know that the spine was broken into a few sections, a blood arrow spouted from the mouth, and the whole person flew out, falling in front of Yao Qianshan.

"Why?" Zhu Yuntai turned to look hard at the twenty-third prince, "Why do you want to attack me... Poo!"

The twenty-three prince did not even look at him at all, and ran to Yao Qianshan in small broken steps, kneeling on the ground respectfully, flatteringly said: "Yao Gongzi, Xiao Wang has given you a gift!"

Zhu Yuntai heard the three words of Yao Gongzi, and there was a hint of relief in the godless eyes. If I knew that this was the son of the Yao family, I would do it the first time!

"Oh! Do you know me?" Yao Qianshan looked at the chubby fat man with interest.

"Recognize! Recognize! I once glanced at a distance when the father-in-law entertained you!" The twenty-third prince was respectful.

"It turns out that you are the prince of the Dali dynasty, no wonder! No wonder! Get up!" Yao Qianshan lazily raised his hand and motioned for the other person to get up.

"Thank you, Mr. Yao!" The twenty-three prince stood up carefully. "If Mr. Yao is okay, Xiao Wang will retire first!"

"Go!" Yao Qianshan waved his hand.

Prince Twenty-three, with a happy face, turned and left.

But at this time, Yao Qianshan's eyes were cold, and made a wink at a strong man around him.

A strong light in the hands of the yin and yang unity ignited and directly hit the back of the twenty-three princes.

The flames instantly burned the twenty-three princes transparent.

Zhao Yuande, who was hiding not far away, could not help seeing this fire light, which seemed to be a ground fire, a special kind of flame. If the fire of the green lotus was swallowed, it might give it a hint of evolution.

" don't count!" Twenty-three princes staggered around and looked at Yao Qianshan incredulously.

"Can you betray your companion and you will not let me go back on your shoulders?" Yao Qianshan looked at Prince Twenty-three with interest and smiled, "Moreover, I just let you go and I didn't say I would let you go!"

"Despicable!" Twenty-three princes fell to the ground, just beside Zhu Yuntai.

Zhu Yuntai was not dead at this time, and the twenty-three princes who fell to the ground couldn't help laughing, "Haha...ha...ha...ha...poo!"

"Throw these two guys into the lake to feed the fish." Yao Qianshan waved his hand with disgust.

"It takes about half an hour for the well water here to rise up, and the tender shoots will appear here along with the underground spirit veins. They are all well watched by me. Don't make any mistakes!" Yao Qianshan told the crowd. In a word, take out a huge jade bed and some lazy assistant exam on it.

"Hey! This guy can really enjoy it!" Zhao Yuande was almost not amused by this Yao Qianshan. This guy went out to practice with the bodyguard without saying anything, and took the bed with him.


The time passed quickly, and after half an hour, Gujing had begun to overflow the spirit fluid.

"Give me a jade bottle, don't waste a drop. Although the mosquitoes are small but also meat, they are collected and accumulated." Yao Qianshan directed his men to start collecting the spirit in the well.

"Son! There seems to be something under the water!" one of the men who collected spirits shouted in surprise, "It seems to be a root branch."

"Really!" Yao Qianshan's spirit was refreshed, and he jumped from the jade bed and came to the ancient well. "Give me a large array, this twig is likely to escape!"

The four men of yin and yang combined suddenly began to condense the array, and gradually formed a protective mask.

"Come out!" Yao Qianshan stood waiting excitedly at the wellhead, and suddenly saw a green light rushing towards the outside of the well. The speed was so fast that he could not see clearly.

"Lock!" Yao Qianshan suddenly had a small mirror in his hand, and a white light was emitted from the mirror, which directly closed the space of a few meters around the wellhead, and let the green light burst out to the left in this small space. Right rushing, but still unable to escape.