Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1890

Chapter 1890: Regret It

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The Void Token exploded at once, and a dark gate appeared above everyone's head.


A frightening roar passed from the gate, and two huge heads squeezed out of the gate at once.

The heads of these two subjects are thousands of feet in size. There is only one eye on the head, fangs are sensuous, one head spouts hot lava, and one head swallows dark green poisonous smoke.

Suddenly there was a terrifying scorching heat in the void, and a dizzying stench.

"This is... Hell Ghost Dog! This guy is actually proficient in **** summoning. Isn't this kind of supernatural power a magical power of the Ancient Ming Clan? Is this Fengjiang Heaven inherited from the Ancient Ming Clan?"

"This guy is too dangerous, we step back..."

"How can this thing be so strong, it can already be comparable to the fighting power of the middle of the fairy king!"

"Broken, if this thing is raging, I am afraid that there will be no trees in the world!"


"Stop that dog for me!" Zhou Fei's face was also very dignified at this time, his palm turned over Xuan Ming and Xiaohei Xiaobai suddenly appeared in front of him.

The three beasts looked at the opposite hellhound, but they all couldn't help but look very dignified.

Although they are higher in bloodline than Hellhound, especially Xiaohei, the descendant of Hellhound Dragon, they suppress each other in the bloodline.

However, their current combat power can only be equivalent to the strong power of the late fairyland, even if the three beasts join hands, I am afraid that they cannot defeat each other.

This is the suppression of the level, and they are also very helpless.

But the three beasts faced a powerful rival, and their wild instincts were also inspired at this time, all of them roared and rushed towards the **** nether dog.

"Quick battle and quick decision, take this kid!" Zhou Fei looked dignified at this time, and Du Xiner and Fengjiang Tian battled together again.

But no one noticed that Zhou Fei raised his hand and quietly released a mosquito.

The mosquito's buzzing wings flew towards Fengjiang Tian, and those eyes were filled with bloodthirsty light.

"Haha! You can't see it, you are still an imperial beast, but your three fairy beasts are not opponents of Hellhounds at all. You are dead today!" Feng Jiangtian saw the Hellhounds suppressed as soon as he came up. The opponent's three-headed fairy beast suddenly showed a smug smile on the corner of his mouth.

"You are too proud!" Zhou Fei grinned and urged the euphorbia to confront each other hard, but every time he felt a strong reaction force, he shook himself back.

If it were not for Du Xin'er's powerful and unassailable defense, Zhou Fei might be killed by the opponent at this moment.

"Really? After a while, the Hellhound eats your fairy beast, you will know!" Feng Jiangtian kept fighting with the two people, but his heart was more and more excited.

But at this time, he suddenly heard a voice!


This sound is familiar, it seems to be a mosquito!

Mosquito! In this fierce battlefield, powerful waves can tear apart all creatures under the fairyland. How can a mosquito survive?

But it was too late at this time because he felt a pain in his neck.

Immediately afterwards, the blood in his body seemed to be a flood to find the vent, and he began to tilt outward frantically.

Within a tenth of a blink of an eye, his body collapsed.

"No... stop... I..." He knew that he had been secretly calculated, and that it was a mosquito.

"Okay, stop!" Zhou Fei grinned.

He saw that Feng Jiangtian was like a dry mummy at this time, and he lay on the ground with a cry, a pair of eyes were deeply sunken, and the two eyes were not a little angry.

"Buzz!" The mosquito reluctantly withdrew his mouthparts and flew back to Zhou Fei's side.

"Are you proud?" Zhou Fei stepped forward and directly restrained the dying Feng Jiangtian, completely blocking his power.

Without the support of Fengjiangtian's power, the black gate in the sky was closing slowly.

At this time, the **** nether dog didn't even want to fight with Xuan Ming, and there was panic between his two eyes, and he rushed towards the dark gate.

"Go back to me!"

Zhao Yuande's soul split into a strand and turned into an invisible barrier, blocking the black gate.


The Hellhound struck the invisible barrier with one head, and the stolen stolen brain almost swelled.

Behind the little black and white, Xuan Ming took advantage of this opportunity to launch an attack on it.

With the black gate closed, the Hellhound looks like a balloon that has been breathed out, and its power quickly fades!

However, in just a few breathing times, **** nether dogs were torn to pieces by Xuan Ming.

"Don't hurt my young master! Otherwise, you will regret it!" The sixteen uncle saw Feng Jiangtian was captured, and his face suddenly appeared anxious.

But at the same time, he also felt a trembling and terrifying breath, suppressing him so firmly that he almost couldn't lift his head.

At this time, only Sun Yang and Shen Turumeng and Meng Fei could not fight for a long time, but the two were not in a hurry. The fighting in other places was over. They had surrounded it. Meng Fei was powerful and could not fly. They instead Let go of his hands and feet.

At this time, Meng Fei was in a state of anxiety. Even Feng Jiangtian was caught alive. Now that he is alive and dead, he now becomes a caged bird and cannot escape.

He turned his hopes to his two guards again, only to find that they were sweating coldly on their heads at this time, as if their bodies were covered with rain, and the sweat was flowing down the shirt.

The two are under increasing pressure at this time, and the powerful breath of Immortal Emperor Realm is like a mountain pressing against them, making them afraid to move.

Once the Soul of God has reached the realm of Immortal Emperor, it seems to have reached a new realm, not to mention that his current Soul of Soul has reached the peak of the early Emperor Emperor!

Now Zhao Yuande can use this powerful soul to suppress all the powerful under the fairy emperor, can make the fairy strong lose his fighting power, or greatly reduce the fighting power.

And with his flesh body in the middle of Xianjun, it should be able to crush the strong in the late Xianjun!

As for the almost invincible presence in the fairy monarch like a star picker, he may still be unable to overcome it now, but self-preservation is no problem!

As for the strong man who has reached the fairy emperor realm, he is still unable to confront it. The flesh of the fairy emperor realm has reached an incredible level, and even the effect of the undead body has been initially achieved. He needs to double the victory over the fairy emperor. s hard work!

But the three immortals in front of him are just a piece of cake for him. He can be suppressed by relying on the soul of the gods.

Meng Fei was so upset that he regretted it!