Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1892

Chapter 1892: Turtle Force

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"Since it's the same kind, do you still have to kill each other? It's over if you go directly to recognize your relatives!" Zhao Yuande said.

"No! Natural selection, survival of the fittest, only one of our family can survive. Today, it will die or I will live!" Lord Turtle looked solemnly.

"It has been dead for a long time!" Zhao Yuande was speechless.

"Can you make me feel better before the battle of life and death?" Lord Turtle opened his eyes uncomfortably.

"Good! No problem! You live, you will definitely survive in the end!" Zhao Yuande said helplessly, "Do we need our help?"

"Need! You need to help me remove his minions. Of course it is best to leave these minions for me. If I can overcome it, these minions will become my strength!" God Turtle humane.

"This is simple, just throw them into my body world! Wait for you to surrender yourself!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Then trouble everyone!" Lord Turtle looked at everyone and said this polite word for the first time.

"Let's go! If you have a sense, give us directions!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

He also saw the solemnity in the eyes of Lord Turtle, never solemn!

This time, Lord Turtle probably has the determination to die!

"Go this way!" Lord Turtle pointed to the front, where the golden basalt appeared.

They didn't go far, they heard a roar of the beast, a fairy with a huge body didn't know where it came from, and rushed towards them frantically.

These fairy beasts are basically carrying huge tortoise shells, Xuanwu, Xuanming, Xuncheng...they all looked fiercely at the master turtle on Zhao Yuande's shoulder at this time.

At this time, many cultivators who entered the golden area together also encountered the attack of the fairy beast, but the attack they received was obviously weaker, and it seemed to only hinder them.

"Most of these fairy beasts are first-class products. Everyone guards their own direction, and it is best to leave a live mouth. If you can't do it, beheaded!" Zhao Yuande looked at these fairy beasts, but did not shoot.

The fighting power of everyone is enough to crush this group of fairy beasts.


Everyone instantly collided with this group of fairy beasts.

Some people felt unreal in that scene. A tortoise-shaped fairy like a hill was flicked out by a few small humans.

These fairy beasts have more than 20 heads, but Zhou Fei and Sun Yang are different at this time. Their fighting power is strong. Only seven or eight heads were cut between dozens of breaths. The rest were also injured. They were all taken by Zhao Yuande. Into the body world.

Watching the head of the fairy beast caught, the eyes of Master Turtle showed an extremely excited light.

The more people they control, the more powerful they are!

Previously its roar could only stun the early strong in the fairyland, but then it became a little stronger after conquering the snapping turtle. Now if it can conquer so many fairy beasts, it will become stronger and stronger!

"Send me into the body world first, I have to conquer them first!" Lord Turtle asked impatiently.

"Okay! I will call you out again when I get there!" Zhao Yuande nodded and sent it into the body world.

As soon as Lord Turtle entered the inner world, he saw a huge fairy beast imprisoned in place, and he couldn't help but shudder with excitement.

"Give me obedience!" He took a fancy to the Xuanwu at a glance. Although this vortex was the weakest, the bloodline was very pure.

"Oh!" Xuanwu roared angrily, trying to resist Lord Turtle's will.

However, Master Turtle appeared a silver brilliance at this time, and these silver brilliances suddenly enveloped Xuanwu.


Xuanwu's voice changed from high to low and suddenly became very docile.

Just as Xuanwu was about to bow his head, a golden shadow rushed out of his brain.

"The breath of the same race, which one are you exiled..." The golden shadow voice was full of surprise, with fear, and a trace of excitement, "Come! Come! Come to me, I devour You can be unique in this world..."

"Humph! Idiot!" Master Turtle sucked open, and the golden shadow was pulled into his mouth without resistance.

"It tastes good! It's good!" Lord Turtle's mouth is full, and his face is full of satisfaction.

The following is even simpler. Every time Lord Turtle conquers his breath, his breath quietly increases a little bit, and all that golden shadow has become his ration.

"Aoao! It's so cool! Master Turtle also wants it!" Master Turtle yelled excitedly, chattering in Zhao Yuande's ear, "All must be alive, Master Turtle's strength depends on you!"

"Okay! Don't be noisy, satisfy you!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, this guy's voice seemed to beat the drums, and even he was buzzed by the shaking head.

Zhao Tiande wondered, as the tide-like fairy beasts came to them, where did so many turtle-shaped fairy beasts come from? Is the turtle's fertility so strong?

But at this time, it is obviously not the time to think about this. With Zhou Fei alone, Sun Yang and they can't resist the attack of so many fairy beasts.

Zhao Yuande could only do it himself, turned into a thousand feet tall, and thrown these turtle-shaped fairy beasts one by one into the body world.

However, in just a dozen breaths, there were hundreds of fairy beasts in Zhao Yuande's inner world.


At this time, a roar suddenly came from the depths of the earth.

All the fairy beasts who attacked Zhao Yuande retreated like a tide!

The underground man probably already knows at this time, if his men are to be transformed by Master Turtle Turtle under this way, and become Master Turtle Turtles' masters and losers, it may be failure to meet him.

"Ah! Don't go! Give me back!" Lord Turtle wailed with some pain, but the pace of surrendering these fairy beasts never stopped.

And the fairy beasts he surrendered to have changed dramatically at this time, and all the original traits have disappeared, becoming the same as him.

Guibaili saw so many companions, and immediately screamed in excitement, and finally no longer had to be lonely!

The fairy beast surrendered by Lord Turtle became his faithful servant.

Turtle Baili was recognized as the leader because of his earlier relationship, leading this group of turtles!

If this hundreds of turtle fairy beasts are pulled out, I am afraid they can directly destroy a small sect!


Just when everyone thought they could rest for a while, there was a sound of water between heaven and earth.

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw a gigantic wave surging from the far side, drowning towards them!