Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1895

Chapter 1895: Jade Tooth Dragon

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"There is such a thing?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help wondering.

"I'm not sure, this thing seems to have been engraved in my mind, as if I should have known it by nature!" Lord Turtle is a little confused. "Maybe it is the information in my blood lineage!"

"Well! There is such a possibility!" Zhao Yuande nodded, it seems that Jing Zhongyue's treasure should be used frequently.

I didn't dare to use it before because my cultivation level was too low. Now that I am strong enough, I shouldn't have the covetedness of life.

Of course, even if someone is coveted, he is not afraid, he has a powerful fighting force and an absolute powerful backing, even the Peerless Immortal Emperor of the Eight Great Immortal Palaces dare not treat him.

"Let's move on!" Seeing that the crisis was lifted, Sun Yang and Zhou Fei had followed.

"What kind of monster was that just now, the black blood splattered from that big claw, and the potholes that corroded the earth? I think even the immortal king will be poisoned directly!" Sun Yang said with a lingering fear.

"That's Mohuang Xuanming, from Mohuang Starfield!" Zhao Yuande now remembers that the big guy still has some headaches.

"I feel like there are a lot of people in front of me, they seem to be very powerful!" Zhou Fei frowned suddenly and looked forward.

His soul is among this group of people, except for Zhao Yuande, who is the most powerful, so he felt something wrong in front of the others.

"It's a few immortal kings, they probably passed by here, we don't need to control them." Zhao Yuande nodded.

He also felt that there were a total of five people in the other party, one of them was in the late Xianjun period, and the other three were all in the middle of Xianjun period. They should have gone to the depths of the reincarnation mountains and saw the golden Xuanwu phantom before they came down to investigate.


At this moment, a loud noise suddenly came from the ground ahead, and countless golden breath erupted from the ground, like a volcanic eruption, and a huge mountain was raised.

On the top of the giant mountain, the golden Xuanwu phantom is more and more real, as if it is alive.

"They went in!" They vaguely saw that in the golden breath, the voices of the five people fell into the erupting giant mountain.

"Let's keep up! There should be no danger now." Zhao Yuande nodded to everyone. "Remember! Everything is about safety. If there is any danger, remember to give priority to your own life!"

"Relax!" The people nodded.

Their figure also came to the top of the giant mountain with a flicker. Looking at the Xuanwu virtual shadow, he did not feel any abnormality, just a virtual shadow.

They no longer hesitated and jumped directly into the erupting giant mountain.

Although this eruption is very powerful, it is nothing to their current state.

So they quickly fell into the mountains, there is a golden channel, countless golden breath is pouring out of the channel.

"I know!" Lord Turtle suddenly opened his eyes suddenly, and there was an incredible look in his eyes. "It's advancing, it's about to evolve to a new form! We'll find it quickly, otherwise we will all wait for his promotion to succeed. Die here!"

"Evolution?" Zhao Yuande listened to his heart, even now he can feel a non-existent crisis, if it is really like the Lord Turtle said, once the evolution is successful, it can be really dangerous.

"Go quickly and follow the passage, I feel it is not very far from us!" Lord Turtle said anxiously.

Zhao Yuande they followed the instructions of Lord Turtle, and soon reached the end of the passage. They looked at the scene before them and couldn't help being slightly dazed.

They appeared in a huge underground karst cave, with huge eggs densely placed in the karst cave, under the golden light baptism, these eggs are constantly shaking, it seems that there is some life in the world to be born.

"These will not be turtle eggs!" Zhao Yuande asked Lord Turtle.

", these are not my kind, they are very evil, there is a breath that scares me." Lord Turtle's voice was shaking, as if something terrible had happened.


At this moment, an egg closest to them suddenly cracked a gap, a monster with huge fangs broke through the eggshell, its evil eyes with green light glanced around, and finally fell on Zhao Yuande Wait for someone.

The monster is three feet long, with its legs upright and a pair of front paws slightly curved. Half of its body has a long tail with sharp barbs on it, and from which barbs a little green mucus comes. Dripping constantly, falling to the ground and eroding the hard rocks.

His mouth is very large, in addition to his long fangs, there are two rows of teeth inside and outside. It seems that Bai Sensen makes people feel cold in his heart.

"E-tooth Demon Dragon, Third-grade Fairy Beast, Demonic Star-Agglomerated Creature, possesses highly toxic, extremely fierce..."

Zhao Yuande glanced at the monster and immediately got its message.

"It is a third-grade fairy beast, highly toxic, everyone be careful!" Zhao Yuande asked carefully.

"Click! Click..."

The sound rang continuously, one by one and the jade tooth dragon came out of the shell.

"Kill it! We can't get around this group of guys!" Zhao Yuande said.

In fact, Zhao Yuande had a way to bring everyone to the past, but he saw that this group of jade tooth dragons felt that it was a good opportunity to hone them, so he did not intend to take them past, but let them kill them directly.


Everyone was not too long-winded, and each faced with excitement was killed into the group of E-tooth Dragons.

Although these jade tooth dragons are very powerful, they just came out of their shells, and they were killed before they were fully adapted.

No matter how cruel they were, it didn't help, so at first Sun Yang killed the E-tooth Dragon by surprise and cut dozens of heads in a row.

However, there were more and more javelinous dragons coming out of the shell, and they quickly fell into the siege of javelinous dragons.

Zhao Yuande also followed them, and he would rescue him when he was in danger.

Xiaojin and Zhou Fei's Xiaohei, Xiaobai, and Xuanming played the role of strikers in this battle, especially Xiaojin's incarnation, Golden Changhong, shuttled back and forth in the hole, but a small half of the jade tooth dragon was cut alive by it. In half.

However, when the crowds reached the depths of the cave, the jaw tooth dragon in front of them became stronger and stronger.

These jade tooth dragons have broken their shells for some time. They are like a natural killing machine. Once they adapt to the surrounding environment, they make a roar of excitement and bloodthirst.

At this time everyone's face was dignified, and they felt more and more pressure.