Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1896

Chapter 1896: Yan Haoran

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Zhao Yuande could only shoot at this time. Jing Zhongyue flashed a silver brilliance and swept a large area directly in front of him, with hundreds of jade tooth dragons killed.


At this moment, an angry roar was remembered deep in the cave, and a huge figure appeared deep in the cave.

This is a thousand feet tall, almost against the jaw tooth dragon at the top of the cave.

It stared deadly at Zhao Yuande's crowd, and an angry flame spewed out of his eyes.

"Mother of E-tooth Devil Dragon, Six-Fairy Fairy Beast, Demon Star Field..."

"I'll deal with this guy, you beheaded this small group!" Zhao Yuande raised his fist and rushed towards the big guy.

A war begins.

However, what slightly disappointed Zhao Yuande was that the mother of the jade tooth dragon did not seem to be as powerful as she thought. Her size was too large to turn in this cave.

And its speed is much slower than that of Zhao Yuande, so it quickly fell to Zhao Yuande's feet.


The moment the mother of the jade tooth dragon fell, there was a loud noise at the end of the cave, as if there were some powerful creatures fighting.

Zhao Yuande glanced at everyone and found that they are now very skilled in coordination and assisted by Xiaojin, so fighting against this group of jade dragons has gradually gained the upper hand.

"I'll go ahead and see, you be careful!" Zhao Yuande told them.

"You can rest assured! These guys can't help us anymore!" Sun Yang nodded.

Zhao Yuande hesitated for a while, but he still left Zhao's avatar Zhao Liu unsure.

Zhao Liu has an immortal body and can protect everyone if he encounters a critical situation.

At the end of the front passage, five people are fighting a humanoid monster. This is a giant with two heads. Its reminder is not very tall and only seven or eight feet, but it is very fierce and terrible.

Both of its heads are chanting different mysterious spells. From time to time in the void, huge fireballs slamming against their opponents, a series of dark electric flashes, constantly bombarding their weakest positions.

A pair of big hands grasped different weapons, a giant hammer in his left hand and a big mace in his right hand, wielding a terrifying hurricane in the sky.

"Chaotic two-headed demon, the pinnacle of fairy kingdom, native of the desolate star field, proficient in the five elements, and infinite power..."

All of them are in the Desolate Star Realm. Could this sibling of Lord Turtle open a portal to the Desolate Star Realm?

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of this problem.

Although this chaotic two-headed demon is powerful, its opponents are not weak, there are five people on the opposite side, three men and two women.

Headed by a middle-aged man with a square face, his cultivation practice is the later stage of the fairy monarch realm, but the fighting power has obviously reached the peak of the fairy monarch.

The remaining two men are an old man with a black clock in his darkened face and a man with scars on his ugly face.

The two women were dressed in red clothes, and they looked gorgeous and good. At first glance, they looked like they were eighteen or nineteen years old. They could not see her actual age at all, but she could see a trace of vicissitudes from the depth of her eyes.

The other is a middle-aged and beautiful woman with a lot of manners. Even in battle, there is a graceful and graceful atmosphere between hands and feet.

Among these five people, the middle-aged man is the most powerful, but the status seems to be that of the middle-aged beautiful woman. Everyone is surrounded by her, and there is a meaning of protection.

"Ma'am, I feel that there seems to be some danger ahead. Let's leave!" The middle-aged man asked respectfully to the middle-aged beautiful woman while fighting.

"Yan Haoran, are you afraid! The four of us are guarding, even if there is a strong immortal emperor, we all have a way to let my wife leave safely! Not to mention this little two-headed demon! And this time the wife is also The person who came out to fix the realm and cultivated his behavior was so stable not to participate in the battle?" The old man holding the silver bell seemed not to be in harmony with the middle-aged man, and he directly objected.

"Yes! Even if there is any danger, the master of the city will rescue first time!" The ugly man nodded.

"Brother, don't say more, listen to Mrs. everything!" The woman in red shook her head slightly at Yan Haoran.

"Okay! Haoran, let's move on!" The middle-aged beautiful woman frowned slightly, and seemed somewhat disappointed with Yan Haoran's suggestion.

"Okay!" Yan Hao nodded helplessly, "But everyone should be warned, don't let his wife be in danger, otherwise we can't explain to the master of the city!"

When they talked about the lord of the city, a deep respect appeared on his face. It seemed that the city lord was very powerful and popular.

"Then let's speed up! If these two-headed monsters are pressed, they will explode and need to fight quickly!" Yan Haoran said.

"Okay! Then I will go all out!" The middle-aged beautiful woman was a little bit eager to try, and a long sword in her hand flashed a dazzling chill.

With a sword in the air, he directly chopped on the body of the double-headed demon, and immediately left a scar of visible bone on his body.

"Sure enough, it is the Seventh-grade Immortal Sword. This sword's prestige is enough to defeat a strong man in the later period of the Immortal Monarch!" The old man with a bell in his hand exclaimed, and his face was somewhat flattered and flattering.

"Yes, at most two swords can understand the life of this two-headed demon!" The ugly man also echoed.

Only Yan Haoran and his sister frowned slightly, because the sword had completely angered the two-headed demon. The four eyes of the two-headed demon sprayed angry flames, and of course there was endless madness.

"I want you to die..." The two-headed demon roared indistinctly, and the weapon in his hands dropped his chest at once, revealing a beating heart!

A blood arrow spewed out of the heart, and the blood arrow drew a strange pattern in the void.

At this time, around the double-headed demon, the voids were twisted, as if the entire space and time were directly twisted.

Even blocked the attack of everyone for a while!

"#%^%&*&^......" A strange and ancient voice echoed in the void, and people could not help hearing the hair in his heart.

There is a terrible power in the void, as if a terrible monster is about to break open and come down.

"No! This is a terrible calling ritual, break it soon! Otherwise, let it be called successfully, we may be in trouble!" Yan Haoran's complexion changed, and he began to attack the two-headed demon crazy.

At this time, everyone also naturally felt the waves of strange power in the void fluctuating, a force that made them feel creepy.

But at this time, the two-headed demon seemed to be not in the same time and space with them, and their attacks were completely defeated.