Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Bloodbath Zhou Family

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"Yuande..." Zhao Yunpeng and his wife stood up and cried out when they saw this scene, struggling and rushing to rescue their son.

"He's okay!" The seven elders imprisoned the husband and wife, and a voice came into the ears of the husband and wife. "This is his thunderstorm. It would be a great benefit to be able to survive!"

"Heavenly Tribulation..." The husband and wife looked at Seven Elders puzzled, but they must have had no reason to deceive themselves.

The thunder column poured down directly on the top of Zhao Yuande's head, and the long hair above him suddenly turned into a piece of coke. He only felt a terrifying heat of terror, since the heavenly spirit rushed into his body, and he was already Repairing the complete meridians instantly destroyed the mess.

He felt that his body was like fire, and countless horror thunders continued to burn every inch of his flesh and bones...

"Ah!" Zhao Yuande shouted loudly, and the black hole in the body appeared again. The horrible suction was like a pump, madly sucking the messy thunder in the body...

His flesh and bones seemed to have undergone a new life, which was more tenacious and crystal clear than the original, and the power of terror was constantly circulating in it, which was stronger than the original. I don't know how many times.

Zhao Yuande only felt refreshed for a while, and he just wanted to express his inner agitation with the sound of the sky. The dim sky lit up again, and a thicker column of thunder fell down straight on his head.

"I depend!"

Feeling the horrible destructive power of Thunder, even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but swear.

I feel very strange in my heart, but I have to promote the **** sea, how can I lower the punishment?

To know that the punishment of the practitioners generally starts from the promotion of the sixth great realm of Yin and Yang, and there are some demon geniuses who may come in advance.

But his thoughts are over, and the terrible destruction and restoration began again, causing him to sweat and sweat...

After six baptisms of the Thunder, the thick dark clouds in the sky gradually dissipated, and the horrible pressure gradually disappeared, only the figure sitting cross-legged in the field.

"Demon! This child is definitely a demon!" Seven elders looked at Zhao Yuande's figure, and a fiery light erupted in his eyes.

At the beginning, he had gone through all kinds of dangers and prepared for ten years before he summoned the courage to hit the yin and yang unity. Even so, the thunderstorm made him almost die!

This child attracted heaven's punishment when he stepped into the sea of qi and blood, which is definitely a demon against the sky.

He clenched his fists and excitedly shouted in his heart. This son was definitely given to Huo Yunzong by heaven. With his evil talent, he could lead Huo Yunzong to the peak of glory within a hundred years.

Zhao Yuande slowly opened his eyes and looked at everyone around him.

When his eyes fell on Shui Youdao, he couldn't help showing a trace of satisfaction, and nodded gently to him.

Shui Youdao's excited face turned red, and only he knew it. This was a kind of affirmation to himself.

Zhao Yuande looked at the seven elders beside Shui Youdao and showed gratitude to him, although he was under punishment. But the powerful soul had long been collecting everything around him, it was this man who appeared to save himself.

Zhao Yuande has never liked to say useless nonsense, and the other party's life-saving grace is remembered in his mind, and will certainly be repaid in the future.

He just nodded to the other party and thanked him.

Finally, he looked at the parents around him. The pain and worry in the eyes of his parents had not faded, which made him feel very distressed.

To be born again, his greatest wish is to make his parents safe and happy, and no longer suffer such insults and torture.

All this is because you are not strong enough to be awesome!

At this moment he felt the mighty power of the body, and the thousands of feet of blood that had just been developed, and he couldn't help grinning.

It seems that it's time to let everyone know me again!

He patted his mother with flushed eyes and strode toward the group of Zhao family not far away.

"Yuande! Hey..." Zhao Yunpeng knew what his son wanted to do and wanted to stop, but he finally sighed a long time, and didn't say anything.

He doesn't want to happen to brothers, but the other party wants to put his family to death, and he is foolish if he is kind.

Zhao Yuande strode in front of everyone in the Zhao family and took a closer look at these people. Among them were his uncle, three grandpas, and some celebrities who could call their names.

"Yuan...Yuande!" Zhao Yunfeng looked at the murderous Sen Nei's pro-nephew tremblingly. His teeth were trembling, and his helpless eyes turned to his younger brother, begging, "Yun Peng! I'm wrong, I really know wrong Yes, I promise..."

Before he finished speaking, he saw a crystal-like palm slapped towards his head.


The next moment the blood splashed, Zhao Yunfeng's entire head was smashed like a rotten watermelon, and the red and white spilled on the ground.

Several clan elders standing next to Zhao Yunfeng were all splashed with a look on their faces.

Zhao Yunpeng turned his head not to look. Although he hated these people, he couldn't bear to watch them die.


Several of the elders of the tribe all knelt on the ground, with white flowers all over their heads.

"Yuande! We are all forced, no matter what our business is!" Zhao Yuande's three grandpas kowtowed, and their foreheads were blurry due to excessive force.

"Forgive us..." The remaining few clan elders also kowtowed again and again.

"Puff puff puff..." Zhao Yuande's heart was as strong as iron, and the crystal-like jade palms flapped continuously. The white flowers and heads were all smashed by him, and the headless body lay on the ground.

"From now on, if anyone dares to stir their minds again, I will surely destroy the entire Zhao family!" After Zhao Yuande killed these people, he looked around. He knew that there must be many Zhao family watching in the dark at this time.

"The Zhou family dares to offend my father, and I will kill him to bleed into a river!" Zhao Yuande stepped on the ground, and the whole person rushed out of the Zhao family as a streamer.

Although he had just broken through the sea of qi and blood at this time, his flesh, which had been baptized by the Six Heavenly Tribulation, was unbelievably powerful.

The physical strength directly reached a staggering 100,000 catties. If the pure physical combat, it can already compete with the powerful monk who is pregnant with the spirit of the Lingtai.

If Zhou Jinfeng just stood in front of him, he could shoot him to death with a slap!

However, once the cultivator enters the Lingtai Pregnancy Realm, he has his own soul power. Although he still cannot leave the body, the bonus to the battle is not a star.

After reaching this level, the strength of the flesh is gradually reduced, and most of the cultivators have transferred the tempering of the flesh to the soul of the soul. Because the flesh is strong, it is extremely difficult to fight across the big realm.

However, these are not within the scope of Zhao Yuande's consideration. His soul has been completed. As long as the blood sea foundation is firmly secured, the future combat power will be unlimited.

"This is terrible!" The Seven Elders looked in his eyes, and he couldn't help feeling a little stunned. He had never seen such a terrible young man in his hundreds of years of cultivation!

In comparison, the so-called elite disciples of the Huoyunzong are nothing at all. Perhaps only those ancient holy places, Shenzong will have such outstanding figures.

"What! Someone dare to go into the Zhou family alone and want to destroy a family?"

The news seemed to have spread its wings and spread throughout the entire city of Skyfire in an instant. Countless practitioners swarmed in. They wanted to see who was so arrogant.

Zhao Yuande looked at the bronze gate tightly closed in front of him and punched the gate with a punch.


The bronze gate flew out dozens of feet, and I did not know how many houses were smashed. Even the huge gatehouse could not withstand such a powerful bombardment, and wow shattered the ground all at once.

The large group of Zhou family members who rushed out of the news only saw a young man Shi Shiran stepping on the rubble and entered the Zhou family.

The young man's head was full of blood, and the eyes on the slightly immature face were as bright as a galaxy, as if a **** descending from the sky looked down on Zhou's family.

"Who are you! How dare you come to my Zhou's house!"

A middle-aged man with a similar appearance and a similar resemblance to Zhou Jinfeng strode out of the Zhou family crowd and pointed at Zhao Yuande.

"Today I want to blood wash the Zhou family, but anyone who has nothing to do with the Zhou family hurries away, or there will be no amnesty to kill!" Zhao Yuande ignored the middle-aged people's questioning, and instead said such murderous words.

Everyone in the Zhou family looked at Zhao Yuande. Although he was shocked by the powerful power of the other party, his realm was seen at a glance.

No one thought that he could wash Zhou's family by virtue of this practice. Everyone looked at Zhao Yuande like a fool, and did not mean to leave at all.

"Crazy! The thief is desperate to come!" The middle-aged man was furious and rushed towards Zhao Yuande.

"Give you the opportunity, if you are not sure, then don't blame me!" He stretched out the crystal-like jade palm and greeted the middle-aged man with one palm.

"Ah!" The middle-aged man screamed, and the whole person was smashed by this palm, and blood was splashing to half the sky.

"Homeowner..." Everyone yelled in grief, and they only knew that what the boy said was true.

"All die to me!" Zhao Yuande's face was grim, his hands stained with blood, and he rushed towards the Zhou family.

"Go! Revenge the house owner!" Some Zhou's family members were bloodshot and rushed towards Zhao Yuande's life.

There are also a small number of people who have quietly backed away and fled to the back of the family, because there is the ancestor of the family in seclusion!

But they are destined to be disappointed, because the ancestor is Zhou Jinfeng.

This was a one-sided massacre. Under the witness of countless days of fire city practitioners, the Zhou family was slaughtered clean by Zhao Yuande in just one hour.

But all the Zhou family who did not escape, died in this ruthless killing.