Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Zhu Wanqing

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"Okay! Stop it, you are mine now!" Yao Qianshan reached out towards the green light and grabbed it.

But at this time, a gray shadow shot towards Yao Qianshan, stab him in the back of the head.

"Humph! I had expected it!" Yao Qianshan's face remained unchanged, and he still grabbed the green light.


The gray shadow seemed to be an invincible weapon, suddenly pierced the protective array arranged by the four people, and continued to pierce Yao Qianshan without losing his momentum.

"Not good!" One of the strong men of Yin and Yang gave up the formation and ran out of a long sword towards the gray shadow.


The long sword seemed to be chopped on a metal mountain. Instead of letting the gray shadow move, the long sword flew out.

"Little Lord!"

The other three also pounced on Yao Qianshan, hoping to stop him before the gray shadow pierced him.

Yao Qianshan no longer dared to be brave at this time, his body flashed away from the direction of the gray shadow stabbing.

"Haha!" The gray shadow seemed to have his own life. He even burst out laughing, and wrapped a green light with nowhere to hide, and then rose into the sky!

"Stop me!" Yao Qianshan's gloomy face was about to drip water. He pulled a large net from the storage space and threw it directly into the air. "Use the God Net!"

The four strong men of yin and yang rise into the sky, and everyone grabs the corner of the big net and gently slings towards the gray shadow in the sky!

"Damn! How could there be such a thing!" The gray shadow was suddenly surrounded by a large net, struggling a few times and unable to break free.


The four yin and yang powerhouses will close the net, and this time the body slowly landed.

A large piece of gray wood in the large net was curling a section of tender green leaves and was twisting weakly.

"Don't be like a ghost, you should also drink your son's footwash!" Yao Qianshan grabbed the green branches and leaves in his hands, and his face showed satisfaction.

"Aw! You angered me!" An angry roar came from not far away, and a tall gray-skinned man swept across here like a gust of wind.

"I knew it was you. I have guarded you from the undead three princes!" Instead of showing tension, Yao Qianshan returned to his jade bed and leaned back lazily. "Give me a real spirit !"

The four yin and yang in a strong body turned around to block the gray-skinned man in four directions, and his fingers flicked out and fired a marvelous fire show. The surrounding fire suddenly burst into flames, and a terrifying flame of power burned the four sides. space.

The gray-skinned man showed shock on his face, but he did not give up immediately. His body rushed left and right in the flames, but he could not always approach Yao Qianshan.

"You can also come out of the friend who is hiding behind Dashi! Otherwise, I'm going to lose the "Booming Thunder"!" Yao Qianshan looked in one direction, and there was a smile on the corner of his mouth, with a thick smile in his smile. Self-confidence.

There is a silver sphere in his hand, and the sphere exudes a trace of electric awn, which seems to contain infinite terrible power.

Zhao Yuande was shocked in his heart, was he found?

impossible! With my technique of collecting interest, even the strongest in the world may not be able to find out, is he cheating me? Just gamble once, anyway, "Booming Thunder" is not necessarily stronger than my Sky Tribulation, and should not hurt me.

Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth, hiding behind the stone motionless.

But he didn't move, but it didn't mean that others didn't move either. Behind a big rock in the other direction, a tall figure emerged.

"Don't throw it, don't throw it! Wouldn't this Dao get out?"

This is a tall and burly bald man, but he is wearing a robe and carrying a bamboo pole with a calf of more than two feet long behind his back. This dress gives a nondescript feeling.

"Yao Family, how did you find Dao Ye?" The bald man looked at Yao Qianshan curiously. "The Dao Ye consciously hides the seamless clothing, how can you find out?"

"Humph! Actually, I didn't find you, I just cheated you. I didn't expect you to run out of yourself with such a coward!" Yao Qianshan looked at the person opposite with a smile on his mouth with interest, "You are a Halloween Zhu Wanqing, right?"

"Hey! This Dao Ye is Zhu Wanqing, how about the Yao family, let's make a deal?" The bald man wiped his bald head and said with a smile.

"Oh! What a deal?" Yao Qianshan was curious.

"You give me the tender branches of the undead tree, and I tell you a big secret about the **** ruins!" The bald man looked at the other party annoyed and added quickly, "Hey, don't refuse it first! You listen to me first, This big secret is about an innate spirit treasure!"

"Innate Lingbao!" Yao Qianshan's curiosity was suddenly suspended, "That innate Lingbao? Don't lie to me!"

"Oh! Can't say, I'll tell you if you give me something!" The bald man looked at the tender branch in Yao Qianshan's hand.

"Forget it! The innate Lingbao kind of thing, I can't use it for me, it's a scourge on me, I don't want to know!" Yao Qianshan waved his hand, pretending to be indifferent, "This undead tree The twigs of the tree can make me condense the goddess of the wood, and I will be able to combine the five elements into this one, and achieve the extreme state of the fetus realm of the blood god!"

"Hey! Wait a minute! Can I tell you a little?" The bald man looked at the twig and finally made a decision. "This is about a top-level innate spirit treasure called Kaitianbei." , It is said that a certain powerful existence has left a terrible exercise on it!"

"Kaitianbei! What you said is true?" Yao Qianshan's eyes lit up when he heard the name. He couldn't wait to grab the bald man's arm. "Hurry and say where it is, as long as you say this. The young branches of the undead tree are yours!"

"Your monkey spirit monkey spirit! I won't believe you, you give me first!" The bald man extended his hand to Yao Qianshan.

"You... am Yao Qianshan the kind of nonsense person?" Yao Qianshan heard it, and suddenly he was frightened.

"Yes!" The bald man nodded seriously. "The two people killed by you are proof!"

"You're not afraid of me killing you!" Yao Qianshan's face suddenly changed, becoming extremely cold and terrifying, as if it were a human-eating tiger.

"Afraid! I'm scared to death!" The bald man said very seriously, "I'm afraid of death! But you can't kill me, plus your four men still can't kill me, because I also have helpers!"

He touched the green bamboo behind him, and a confident expression appeared on his honest face.

"It..." Yao Qianshan saw the green bamboo and took a step backwards subconsciously. He had heard of the bamboo Wanqing, a very terrible character. His own strength is generally added to that green bamboo. It is said that Yin and Yang are in one environment The strong men have died in his hands.

"How about it, give it to me!" The bald man stretched out his hand.

"How can I believe you?" Yao Qianshan doubted this time.

"Hey! You're so annoying. I don't want to take care of this thing. I don't believe I can't win the last chance by my means!" The bald man seemed to lack interest, waved his hand, and turned to leave.

"Okay, I'll give it to you!" Yao Qianshan finally couldn't help it first, and handed over that tender branch.