Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1900

Chapter 1900: Cautious

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This person is the lord of the reincarnation city, what is the bloodline of reincarnation? Zhao Yuande couldn't help but wonder.

"That's it! I don't embarrass you. After apologizing to Xinru, you can go!" The middle-aged said lightly.

He knew that this group of people must have powerful forces behind him, but as a peerless immortal emperor, he was also regarded as a senior, and it was not wrong for him to make such a request.

"No... Husband... I must get that golden-winged Dapeng bird!" The middle-aged beautiful woman pointed at Xiao Jin behind Zhao Yuande, her eyes showing greed.

"Okay! Didn't you hear what I said?" Wu Samsara looked at Xiao Jin deeply, but he shook his head lightly in the end.

"Husband..." The middle-aged beautiful woman was unwilling.

"Shut up! If you say one more word, I will turn around and leave!" Wu Wanli said undoubtedly.

"..." The middle-aged beautiful woman closed her mouth, but her eyes were still unwilling.

"You must be the lord of the city of reincarnation!" Zhao Yuande saw this person's principle, so he did not make any sarcasm, but asked, "Can the lord of the city know the ins and outs of things?"

"I don't know!" Wu Sanhui shook his head gently, his face smiled lightly, "Although I don't know the ins and outs of things, but my heart is my wife after all, I can't lose face! So you have to apologize, as long as After apologizing, you can go, I will never embarrass you!"

"Son, please apologize! The master of the city has the best face, and this is the only problem. He is still fair. As long as you apologize, you really don't need to worry." Yan Haoran on the side saw Zhao Yuande's unhappy face and hurriedly. Pass it on to him.

The other party said very clearly, the other party only needs face!

If others may apologize immediately, Zhao Yuande will not.

Obviously your fault, but let me apologize, is it because you are a peerless emperor?

What's wrong with Peerless Immortal Emperor, although it is high in the eyes of ordinary people in Immortal Realm, but it is the same thing in his Zhao Yuande's eyes, as long as he is given no more than ten years of time, he can be sure to exceed!

"We will not apologize, but you will apologize to us!" Zhao Yuande grinned, sneered. "Don't think that you are the reincarnation of the city, we are afraid of you, annoyed to overturn your reincarnation city!"


Yan Haoran and Yan Qingyu were shocked by Zhao Yuande's arrogant attitude and stayed on the spot.

They never dreamed that Zhao Yuande was so courageous, but this is a peerless immortal emperor.

The middle-aged beautiful woman was even more dumbfounded. She originally a husband did not apologize abruptly, but now it seems that even the husband does not give face, it is arrogant!

"Oh?" Wu Sanli originally thought the other party would apologize immediately, and he was very sincere.

This will not only give yourself a face, but also show your generosity!

But I did not expect that the other party not only did not apologize, but was extremely arrogant, and even said that he would overthrow his reincarnation city!

But he was not directly angry, because his identity is a senior, how can he quarrel with a junior.

And the other party knows that he is the lord of the reincarnation city, and his attitude is still so arrogant, obviously there is no fear!

Could it be a disciple of a palace owner? Perhaps only this one is possible!

"Are you a disciple of that immortal palace in the Central Immortal Territory?" Wu Wanli asked.

Zhao Yuande shook his head and sneered, "Do you want to guess, we are not disciples of Xiangong, we are only disciples of the Sun family."

"Sun Family? The Sun Family of Zhu Mo Xian Emperor?" Wu Samsara was a little stunned. Although the Sun Family is the five major forces on the Ming Dynasty, he actually has no eyes in sight.

In his impression, the Sun family was only one or two geniuses. The more famous one was Zhumo Xiandi.

Are these people in front of the Sun family? Some are unbelievable!

Geniuses of this level, even if they reincarnate in the city, there are only three or two.

Although the reincarnation city is not as good as the Sun family on the bright side, the secret forces have already overwhelmed the Baidi Palace and are already the most powerful forces in Baihezhou.

He instantly became jealous. The Sun family has so many geniuses. This is a sign of rising.

"Exactly!" Zhao Yuande casually sneered on his face.

"Even the demon should be respectful in front of me. You juniors dare to play prestige in front of me. It seems that my heart is very good. I want to give you some punishment!" Wu Wanhui glanced at everyone. Finally, it fell on Xiao Jin behind Zhao Yuande. "This golden-winged Dapeng bird has pure blood, which is not bad!"

"Fujun, the blood vein of this golden-winged Dapeng bird is definitely the purest I have ever seen. Even I suspect that it is a true descendant of Golden-winged Dapeng. If I can refine its bloodline, there will be a return to the ancestor. Its easy to be promoted to Immortal Emperor Realm at that time!" Hearing Wu Samsara's words, the middle-aged beautiful woman's eyes lit up suddenly, and she couldn't wait to say.

"Oh! Is that right?" Wu Wanhui thought in his heart. He originally thought that the golden-winged Dapeng bird had pure blood, but he didn't expect Xinru to say so.

You know that this lady is from the Jinpeng tribe. Their ancestor is a human woman who is in love with Jinwing Dapeng. If her bloodline is returned to her ancestors, there might be many wonders.

And if it is really as she said, the value of this golden-winged Dapeng bird is absolutely immeasurable. If it can be subdued, the future combat power will definitely reach the level of peerless emperor!

His heart moved!

But he suddenly thought of a question one by one. The seniors of the Sun family are not fools. How could such a young man bring the golden-winged Dapeng bird everywhere?

He was cautious and always felt that there was something wrong with it, so he still didn't do it.

Zhao Yuande was not in a hurry though, although there was a peerless immortal across from him, but he also saw the other party's caution and even said it was suspicious.

Before the other party knows his true identity, it will definitely not be easy to do.

The brothers and sisters Yan Haoran, who was not far away, had not left, and they were already frightened at this time. Although the city owner was kind on the surface, he was also a cruel person in secret. They followed him for thousands of years and had never seen him so hesitant.

But Yan Haoran thought of some clues. This young man named Zhao Yuande is very powerful! Powerful ridiculous!

When the other party rescued himself at that time, the powerful breath he exposed was almost terrifying.

There are countless geniuses he has seen, and several young masters in the reincarnation city are also called geniuses, and even the masters of the city masters are considered to be likely to be promoted to the peerless immortal emperor in the future. !