Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1901

Chapter 1901: Exposed

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How could such a person be an ordinary disciple of the Sun family, after this level of identity, he would still have another mysterious identity!

What is it that makes him so confident to face a peerless fairy emperor so calmly?

The people behind Zhao Yuande didn't think so. They had seen the strength of the people behind Zhao Yuande. Although the reincarnation of the city master was powerful, it was still a lot worse than the Emperor Xingjing and the Eighth Palace!

"Husband!" The middle-aged beautiful woman was anxious. When did her husband be so indecisive?

"Okay!" Wu Wanhui waved his hand. He looked at Zhao Yuande again, "What's your name?"

Although Wu Samsara is a peerless immortal emperor, he has fear in his heart!

Just because he has reached this level, he will not think that like the ordinary immortal emperors, the immortal emperor in the fairy world is the sky, and the peerless immortal emperor is the master.

This is just a manifestation of their ignorance!

In fact, Peerless Immortal Emperor is not the most powerful person in Immortal Realm. He knows that many secret forces have a stronger presence, such as the Eight View Palace, such as the Void Chamber of Commerce...

The young man in front of him knew his identity, but he was still so indifferent. The power behind him must be more than the Sun family, maybe...

So before he wants to get started, he still has to ask.

"My name is Zhao Yuande!" Zhao Yuande smiled faintly. He just decided not to hide his name from just now.

His strength has reached this level, although he can't cross the fairy world, but under the immortal emperor, he basically has no scruples. He wants to make his name a deterrent in the fairy world.

He has been brewing for so long, but he actually wants the other party to ask this question.

"Zhao Yuande..." Wu Wanhuai listened to the name, which seemed familiar. He seemed to have heard it somewhere.

The next moment his face changed suddenly, his body sweating and sweating, he finally remembered it!

Once he visited the Central Immortal Palace, and learned from the mouth of the Central Immortal Palace that the Immortal Emperor Mingjian Immortal Emperor and the Promise Immortal Emperor and other immortal emperors deflated and lost face in a junior!

At that time he also thought the matter was ridiculous, but when he knew the origin of the person, he also felt that the matter was normal.

The junior at that time seemed to be called Zhao Yuande!

And this Zhao Yuande's true identity turned out to be a disciple of Zhang Ling, who is in full swing in the Eight View Palace!

Although he had just been promoted to Peerless Immortal Emperor, he didn't know much about the information outside the fairy world, but he knew Zhang Ling's name!

The rapid rise of Zhang Ling is incredible. From the fairy emperor to the immortal emperor, to the peerless emperor, it took only less than ten years!

What happened in the end, and what was the chance to turn him so quickly?

Without discussing these for the time being, it is said that he is now in the Bajing Palace and has been appointed as the successor by the mysterious palace master!

Although his realm is only a peerless immortal emperor, but many of his descendants have already reached the king of immortal emperor, which is the legendary world of heaven!

According to the man at the Central Immortal Palace, at that time, a king of immortal emperor who appeared in the sky appeared and shocked the audience, so that the peerless emperors had to bow their heads.

And the king of the fairy emperor is just a nephew of Zhao Yuande!

No wonder the other party said that they can overturn their own reincarnation city, and others definitely have this power!

Although the Bajing Palace is neutral, it does not participate in the battle of the three demons and does not expand its territory.

But they are not good old people, not soft persimmons. On the contrary, they have always been blood-blooded killing people who dare to provoke themselves!

If he really dare to move Zhao Yuande's finger today, I am afraid his reincarnation city is not as simple as overturning, but is about to be flattened!

"What Zhao Yuande, I have never heard of it, husband..."


The middle-aged beautiful woman hadn't finished talking, she was slapped on the face with a slap, she was a little bigger than her, and she sat on the ground.

"Fu... Jun..." The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at Wu Samsara in disbelief, her flowery face suddenly swelled up, she looked dumbly at the anger on Fu Jun's face, wondering what she did wrong What's wrong.

"Little friend is the disciple of Bajing Palace?" Wu Samsara looked back at Zhao Yuande again, his eyes suddenly became very soft, and he even cautiously spoke.

"Hehe! I didn't expect that Senior Wu was well-informed, and even knew this!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see a light smile on his face.

"Misunderstanding, just misunderstanding just now!" Although Wu Samsara didn't show a flattering smile, but his face was no longer calm.

But as soon as his words fell, he was shocked in his heart, and the other party even called himself Senior Wu!

How could the other party know his name?

I have been inherited by the ancestors of reincarnation, and have been sitting in this reincarnation city for hundreds of thousands of years. There are very few people who know their real names, only the real cronies around them, and even the central cents are not aware of them. .

How could the other party know his name?

His origin is a secret. It is related to a major force in the central fairyland. He has been hiding very well!

He felt a horror for a while, did the people around him have a traitor?

Be sure to catch this traitor after you go back!

He secretly made up his mind!

Zhao Yuande did not know that his own name brought a burst of blood and blood to Samsara City.

"I've punished this evil woman. What else are you dissatisfied, Xiaoyou? Please say it!" Wu Lunhui's heart was bitter, but he had to smile.

Once the cultivation reaches his state, he can already shuttle between Baihezhou at will, and then one level above may be that the whole fairyland is between the ideas of others. I am afraid that an idea will appear in front of him.

Don't look at what a peerless immortal emperor is, but in front of the king of the immortal emperor, who is a strong man in heaven, he is still a stronger ants!

"Senior Wu laughed, and I am not a person who does not want to be spared! Since my predecessor gave such a face, then I can't say much about it. I will expose this today!"

"Then let's go!" Although Wu Shengli was going to be angry, he could only bear with him. Who asked the people to backstage hard?

He grabbed the silly middle-aged beautiful woman on the ground and tore the void directly and stepped into it.

Once again, it is already in the reincarnation of the main city.

He threw the middle-aged beautiful woman on the ground heavily, and dripped his face with gloom.

"Fujun...that man..." The middle-aged beautiful woman saw Wu Lunhui's face look very unsightly, and stood up with some care.