Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1903

Chapter 1903: Blood Devil Bat

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"My God..." Zhou Fei hurriedly backed away and let this pass.

But a heart almost jumped out in shock. He patted his chest hard and was scared!

"Four-grade fairy beast, golden-backed fish dragon, you should be able to deal with it!" Zhao Yuande's mouth widened, almost couldn't help but laugh out loud.


Sun Yang and Jiao Xiao showed war in their eyes and killed them in the direction of this huge head.

"You guys, don't come out to escort!" Zhou Fei's hand, Xiaohei and Xiaobai were summoned out, protecting him and killing the golden-backed dragon.

"Hao Ran, don't shoot your brothers and sisters!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Yan Haoran brothers and sisters, let them look at eleven.

"Roar! Roar!"

A loud roar came from underwater, and a dozen or so golden-backed ichthyosaurs emerged from the water, fighting with them.

Although Sipin Fairy Beast is nothing to Zhao Yuande, they are full of pressure to Sun Yang.

In particular, Zhao Yuande would not let them not damage these golden-backed fish dragons too seriously, which is very good gourmet material!

This made them even more difficult. They almost took the strength of breastfeeding and were still at a disadvantage. Finally, Zhou Fei summoned the guy Xuan Ming to gradually block the attacks of this group of golden-backed dragons. Gradually reverse the situation.

After half an hour's battle, in the end, more than a dozen goldback fish dragons were all beheaded.

Looking at the body of a dozen golden back ichthyosaurs, Zhao Yuande smiled slightly.

"Everyone will be busy after a while, help me clean up these corpses, we will continue to explore after a meal!"

"Good!" Everyone clenched their fists in excitement.

We must go to Zhao Yuande to talk about eating, the exhaustion on their faces disappeared, and the excitement was replaced!

Some brothers and sisters Yan Haoran didn't understand, what happened to this group of people? Are you hungry? Why did everyone open their eyes when they heard about eating?

But after a few hours, they will understand!

They were intoxicated by this kind of food themselves, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes.

"I say lord! Can we hurry up, you are here for a few hours!" Lord Turtle complained while tasting the food.

This guy started to be unwilling to wait here, but after a bite he couldn't stop! He ate three goldback ichthyosaurs by himself, and he still felt like he was still not satisfied!

But when I saw that I had to eat, I immediately complained again.

"Go! Departure, I feel that the guy seems to be secretly peeping at us!" Zhao Yuande got up and put away the gluttonous Ling Ling.

He just took advantage of the opportunity to rest and scanned the whole underground world with his soul.

He found that there was a strange energy fluctuation in a mountain not far away. Although he did not grasp the source of this fluctuation, he was somewhat similar to the fluctuation of Lord Turtle.

"It's in that direction, I can feel it!" Lord Turtle also pointed to the mountain, his eyes full of anticipation.

Soon they came under the mountain peak. The lush green above the mountain was full of strange trees that were not seen on the ground.

"Let's fly up!"

But they had just flown into the air, and the thick vines were like spears protruding from the dense forest and spurting into the air.

"Everyone be careful, these vines seem to be highly toxic, don't be contaminated." Zhao Yuande saw these vines with a faint blue light flashing, and a dizzy stench came from the air.


The crowd sacrificed their immortal treasures and fought with these vines.

These vines are very tough, and they collided with their Xianbao. They were not cut directly, but were directly wound up, and they rushed towards the body along the Xianbao.

Everyone was in a hurry again.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and Yan's brothers and sisters still did not shoot, they just watched quietly not far away.

Sun Yang, they need to fight, need constant fighting to make their state stable and slowly improve!

They cannot always be by their side. They need to be strong to survive in this cruel fairyland.

In fact, he did these things for the Sun family. It stands to reason that the Sun family should secretly send people to protect them, and even those who secretly protect them should be immortal emperors.

However, the emergence of Zhao Yuande caused the Suns to do the handshake.

Everyone was chaotic for a moment, they were all geniuses, and soon they mastered some of the laws and habits of these vines, gradually gaining an advantage.

Soon these vines were chopped clean by them.

"Okay, keep going!" After a short break they quickly flew up the mountain.

At the top of the mountain, there is a large dark hole. It seems that this was a huge volcano before. I don't know how many years it took to change to this state.

The big hole is black, and there are heat waves from time to time underneath, as if there is a sea of magma underneath.

"Here... I feel a danger, Master Turtle, are you sure?" Zhao Yuande looked at Master Turtle on his shoulder.

"Good! This is my destiny! If you don't go down, I will go down on my own!" Lord Turtle is very determined.

"Okay! Let's go down together!" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone behind him, "Remember not to be brave, life is the first one. If it is too dangerous for a while, I will send you into my body world!"

"it is good!"

The crowd nodded one after another.

"The two of you are the same!" Zhao Yuande looked at Yan Haoran, "I don't want to get two good men just now, and soon lose."

"Master, rest assured, we know advance and retreat!" Yan Haoran nodded.

"Since that is the case, let's go!" Zhao Yuande nodded and jumped the first black hole.

Everyone followed him and jumped.

I don't know how deep this black hole is. Everyone has fallen for a long time, and I gradually feel that the temperature in the air is getting higher and higher.

Next, they saw a little red light appear below, this light is getting bigger and bigger, and finally found a sea of magma below.

At this time, the surrounding lava sea was already lit up, and on the rugged walls hung a **** bat that only reminded the giant.

"Blood Devil Bat, Demon Star Demon Beast..."

"It's a creature from Desolation Star Zone again, there will be no connection to Desolation Star Zone below!" Zhao Yuande guessed.


Just as Zhao Yuande was thinking, there was a burst of sound in his ears.

All the blood-colored bats full of wild boar screamed, and their eyes glowed **** in the dark.