Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1905

Chapter 1905: Get Out

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Lord Turtle crouched into the shell, and Xuanwu's mouth continued to wriggle with barbed teeth, rubbing the turtle's shell and making a startling cry.

"This guy..." Zhao Yuande's face stiffened. He didn't expect Lord Turtle to choose this method.

"This guy is a thief. This is the only way to defeat his opponent. Perhaps there is hope!"

"Can we help it?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"No! It can only rely on itself!" Swallowed Heaven, "And even if we want to help, we can't beat this Xuanwu, and we can't die!"

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande nodded and swallowed Tian's words. "Yes, Brother Swallowed Tian, what are you doing now, why don't you come out and let our brothers and sisters go into the fairyland together!"

"No time! I have been studying Black Rock. This treasure is too mysterious. I think if our brothers and sisters want to sweep through the world of void, we must rely on it!"

"So strong?" Zhao Yuande didn't believe it.

"The more I study, the more mysterious it feels. I think there are countless entrances in the channel, which can lead to any place in the void world!"

"It's so against the sky!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but show a shocked look on his face. If it was really like Tun Tian said, only one idea was needed for any place he wanted to go to in the future, what a void road, what a shuttle to time and space, simply No need.

"Yes! I have found dozens of channels, and I don't have time to experiment now. After going back this time, you must just make time for me. Let's study where we are going!"

"Reliable! Will you lose me and find no way back?" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but think of this question.

"What are you talking about? Is there still time when I can't speak?" Swallow Sky said angrily, "And after teleporting to a strange place, even if you can't find the way, you can return through Black Rock!"

"Okay! I know, brother don't be angry!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly calmed down carefully.

"It's almost the same, that's it!" Swallow said undoubtedly.

"Okay! Ok! No problem!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly patted his chest.


Just when the two were talking, suddenly a roar came from the opposite Xuanwu.

"My brother, have you finally recovered your memory? Unfortunately, it's too late, you can't escape my body, save some energy! Roar... how come, how can this happen!" Xuanwu's voice was full of horror and not determine.

"Brother, I know! It was you who betrayed me and sold me to Immortal Realm. You wanted to seize the opportunity of the Son of Destiny by this opportunity. Unfortunately... People are not as good as God. I met the old man!" God Master Turtle's voice is rare and calm and thick.

"Master! That's the human kid, I killed him! See if you can still calm down to seize my body!" Xuanwu roared repeatedly.

"It's too late now. I have controlled a part of your body. With your current combat strength, I can't hurt him at all..." Lord Turtle's voice was full of mockery.

"I don't believe it!" Xuanwu's body suddenly jumped out of the black hole and suppressed in the direction of Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande felt as if a mountain had been suppressed from the void, giving him a feeling of suffocation.

But before he dodged, he saw that Xuanwu's body was a bit uncoordinated, and his tail was uncharacteristically high.

As Lord Turtle said, Xuanwu's body suddenly twisted a bit strangely when he pounced on Zhao Yuande's head, and the long tail slammed violently, changing the direction of the fight.


Xuanwu's huge body crashed to the ground, smashing the extremely hard lava lake into a big pit.

" control my tail!" Xuanwu's voice was full of anger.

"Your tail is your weakest place, which is only known to me!" Lord Turtle is proud.

Zhao Yuande's figure flashed and disappeared directly into the void. He didn't actually go far, but escaped dozens of miles away, hiding behind a huge rock at the bottom of the lake.

"Damn! Let this boy run!" Xuanwu snarled violently, "I fight with you, I don't want this flesh, as long as my soul exists, I will be immortal!"

"Then you give up! This body is good, and I am in control of it!" God Turtle said humanely.

"Dream! I won't leave it to you even if I explode this flesh!" Xuanwu's eyes showed a fierce color, and then the whole body suddenly swelled, as if it was a gas balloon.

Xuanwu's body instantly reached tens of thousands of feet. The huge body rolled in the magma lake, and the stirring magma continued to boil.

"This guy is crazy!" Zhao Yuande backed up again and again, and could not help worrying about Lord Turtle.

Although this guy is unreliable and has a bad taste, he has been recognized by Zhao Yuande and has become his friend.

He didn't want a friend to have an accident, he had already made the worst plan and was ready to rescue him at any time.

"I want to explode, it's not that simple! I have controlled one-tenth of your body, you can't gather power at all, and it's impossible to explode!" Lord Turtle's voice clearly had a trace of pride.

"How do we reconcile!" Xuanwu suddenly stopped, and slowly stopped, the voice was full of unwillingness, "We are all born in a stone egg, brothers!"

"Brother! Hum!" Lord Turtle sneered immediately when he heard the word brother, "I really feel ashamed to have a brother like you! The benefits I got from betraying did not allow you to be promoted. I will not admit you! Everything you do is in vain!"

"I just want to become stronger! I just want to be the patron saint of our world. Is this wrong?" Xuanwu argued.

"The ideal is correct, but your approach is wrong, and wrong!" Lord Turtle sneered. "Rely on the achievements of the betrayal of brothers to protect the world? Don't you think this is ridiculous?"

"I don't care, I only know that there is no way to achieve the goal, but the process is cruel and the result is beautiful! Isn't this what he always taught us?" Xuanwu's voice was a little crazy, and he seemed to think of some past.

"It turns out that his statement is wrong!" Lord Turtle heard him and couldnt help but calm down.

"He is right, as long as you cast it now, as long as you let me devour me, it will succeed, which means he is right!" Xuanwu's eyes became crazy again.

"Okay! Since you think so, let's consume it!" Lord Turtle's voice was somewhat helpless and resolute.

"You get me out! Get out!" Xuanwu roared continuously, but Lord Turtle never answered him again.