Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1906

Chapter 1906: Go To Central Fairyland

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However, Xuanwu could feel that the other party's soul was constantly invading his body, competing with himself a little bit for control of this body.

He felt the soul of the other party... Although he was weaker than himself, but because he could not suppress the other party, and the body he controlled was too big, the soul could not take care of every corner completely, which made Lord Turtle organic Available.

I don't know how long it took, Lord Turtle actually competed for one-third of the control of this flesh. A tail and a pair of backwards are under Master Turtle's control.

Xuanwu was almost in a frenzy at this time, but there was nothing he could do. He could only control the remaining two-thirds.

The two guys couldn't hold each other in this way and stalemate!

"Master! Not coming out soon, now it's time for you to play a role!" Lord Turtle suddenly shouted with a loud voice.

Zhao Yuande was in a dilemma this time.

Let's go, don't worry, stay, but worry about Rosa's present situation.

Hearing Lord Turtle's voice, he reappeared in front of Xuanwu's huge body.

"Grab the hind legs and send this flesh into your inner world! Where is your site, you can help me surrender it!" Lord Turtle whispered to Zhao Yuande.

If Xuanwu heard these words, they would be obstructed by every possible means.

But the turtle population said: "I control its body, take out your ninth-grade fairy sword, and chop off its head. I don't believe that without it, how can it fight me!"

"Good!" Zhao Yuande took out Yuanci Excalibur very cooperatively.

The powerful power of Yuanci Excalibur suddenly surging in the magma lake, making Xuanwu's face change greatly.

"You... there are really nine grade fairy swords!" Xuanwu's voice trembled, and there was some fear in his eyes.

If he hadn't been afraid of the other party before, even Jiu Pinxian Jian could not take him.

But now one-third of the body is under the control of others and he cannot hide even if he wants to hide.

"One sword cut off your head!" Zhao Yuande's body grew larger, holding the Yuanci Excalibur, and the sword split towards Xuanwu's head.

Xuanwu's body was half controlled and his face was pale, his head and front legs were directly retracted into the turtle shell.

"It's now!" Lord Turtle shouted loudly.

Zhao Yuande grasped his heart and grasped one of Xuanwu's hind legs with a big hand, and directly charged it into the inner world.

"No!" Xuanwu felt the space change and wanted to resist, but it was too late.

The next moment, they have entered Zhao Yuande's body world.

In Zhao Yuande's inner world, he is the master!

His spirit is not weaker than that of Xuanwu, so he suppressed it very easily!

"Master! Join me with his soul from the body, this flesh will be mine later!" Master Turtle said excitedly.

"This is simple!" Zhao Yuande took the Time Immortal Palace in the sea.

There was a terrifying power of attraction in the time immortal palace, which launched an attack on the soul of Xuanwu.

"No... what's this! It's a Jiu Pin Xian Bao! How could you..." Xuanwu's voice was full of fear, and the voice was getting smaller and weaker!

Knowing that the Last Time Immortal Hall pulled the soul of Xuanwu out of the body, it is a mini Xuanwu image.

The Time Immortal Hall is a soul treasure, and it has an extremely vast space, and it is no problem to imprison the Xuanwu God Soul in it.

"Haha! I finally got this flesh!" Lord Turtle's excited voice shook a little!


The matter here was resolved, Zhao Yuande could not help but quickly returned to the place where he had just encountered the Batwing Dragon.

I saw that although everyone was embarrassed and some people were injured, the huge Batwing Dragon turned into fragments and wandered in the lava lake.

"How do you feel?" Zhao Yuande looked at everyone.

"You're finally back!" Yu Rosa saw Zhao Yuande in his eyes, and she was relieved. "Do you know how long it has been? It has been three days! If Zhao Liu is not here, we will all go to you." !"

"Okay! How could I be in trouble!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward, stroking the other's soft hair, with a touch of tenderness in his eyes.

Yu Rosa naturally leaned on Zhao Yuande's arms. She was very obsessed with this feeling. Zhao Yuande's wide chest gave a very safe feeling.

"Brother! Don't show love here! Take care of my feelings, OK!" Jiao Xiao's voice was very unharmonious.

"Jiao" Yu Rosa blushed, but she did not leave in Zhao Yuande's arms.

"Haha! Brother, this time it seems that your wish will be defeated!" Zhou Fei patted Jiao Xiao's shoulder.

"Hey! I can't hurt it! It seems that my hero I... is still..." Jiao Xiao grabbed her hair in distress.

"Let me teach you a technique of change first!" Zhao Yuande laughed.

"The technique of change, I will just insist on the time is too short, and it will show his feet!" Jiao Xiao shook his head.

"My technique of change is different, as long as the fairy spirit in your body does not consume the light, it will not show the body."

"Really? Teach me dear brother... hurry up!"



Everyone could not help laughing out loud, the trial was over, the danger passed, everyone was in a good mood!

"Lets leave now! Im going to pass on what happened here to the Central Immortal Territory. This matter may be related to the comfort of the Immortal Realm!" Zhao Yuande told everyone to fly up the hole first, and he was at the command of the swallowing the sky. Here a simple seal is placed.

However, although this enchantment is simple, he used his three pieces of fifth-grade fairy treasure and consumed a lot of top-grade fairy jade. I am afraid that even an ordinary fairy emperor might not be broken here.

After doing all this, he caught up with the crowd again.

They quickly rushed out of the ground and appeared among the reincarnation mountains.

The next step is to return to the reincarnation city and take the teleportation array to the Suns.

Taking a break at the Sun family, Zhao Yuande appeased Yu Rosa, and left Yan Haoran as her escort.

Everyone closed their doors and digested the fighting gains of this period, while Zhao Yuande set foot on the road to the central fairyland alone.

The last time I went to the Central Immortal Territory was through the teleportation array, but recently I don't know why, and the teleportation array from Baihezhou to the Central Immortal Territory appeared.

Zhu Mo Xian Emperor helplessly helped Zhao Yuande get a place to ride a large ship in the void.

Zhao Yuande couldn't help but smile for a while, but fortunately, this matter was not one hundred thousand rushes. It would take a few months to ride the Void Ship, and he would just practice on the ship.