Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1908

Chapter 1908: Yushoulou

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" can't talk anymore like this!" Zhao Yuande immediately gathered the power of the world again, as long as they dared to start, they suppressed them again.

Zhao Yuande had a headache for these two guys. Their destructive power was too great. If he broke it, he would have to work hard to repair it.

"Hehe! Brother! We are just fighting for a few words, let's not be like this!" Tun Tian said a little.

"Yes! Master, we didn't want to fight, really didn't!" Master Turtle immediately became honest and shrunk to the size of his slap, and flew to Zhao Yuande's shoulder, a bit pleased.

"Okay! I'll believe you for the time being!" Zhao Yuande knew that these two guys were of the hob meat type, but they couldn't always suppress it, "Brother?"

"I'm similar to you! The fairy summit can fight, the fairy emperor can't fight!" Tun Tian replied.

"In this case, what do you plan to do next?" Zhao Yuande looked at them.

"Master Turtle should work hard to recruit more turtles, and let my army of turtles sweep the whole fairyland!" Master Turtle raised his head and looked proud.

"I want to study the Black Rock Channel thoroughly, and be able to reach the universe of the void at any time, and then... and then return to the starry sea... Send the group of guys who had dealt with me to the far depths of the void, let them all in this life Can't come back, howling in the depths of the void desperately!"

"Hello, venomous!" Lord Turtle heard a hair in his heart for a while.

To know that cultivation has reached a state where you can bully and swallow the sky, Shou Yuan is almost endless.

Throw them into the depths of the void, unable to find the way back, without the same kind of communication, they will slowly go crazy!

This is a terrible torture!

"Hum!" Tun Tian also felt proud of his idea.

"Okay! Since then you will work hard! I'm gone!" Zhao Yuande felt that if he stayed here again, he would be mad by these two guys, "Brother, you still enter the other side of the world! Otherwise, you two Fight again, I will really suppress you for decades!"

"I'm going out, I don't stay here, I'm going out to find my army of turtles!" Lord Turtle is very anxious, he is a guy who can't help himself, if he stays here, he will be bored to death.

Especially when he swallowed the sky just now, he was a little dazed, but dont let this guy get the black hand and get the endless void, then it will be really crazy.

"We can offer three chapters of the law when we go out. We can't destroy it at will, we can't deliberately find things, everything must be listened to me!" Zhao Yuande couldn't believe this guy.

"Fine! No problem at all! I promise to be obedient!" The little turtle in the head of Lord Turtle ordered rice like rice, very seriously.

But who knows what it thinks in his heart, this guy has not played cards according to common sense.

Zhao Yuande appeared in the inn's room with Lord Turtle.

"Hoo! It's finally far away from your vicious brother!" Master Turtle breathed out for a while, it was really frightened by the idea of swallowing the sky.

"Brother and others are actually very good!" Zhao Yuande smiled, "If there is no brother, I can't reach today's height, nor can I meet you, he just talked about it, in fact, his heart is still very kind!"

"I... Bah! Very kind! Can you come up with such terrible tricks?" Lord Turtle snorted and didn't believe it at all.

"Forget it! Don't say this, you must not cause me trouble, otherwise I will send you into the world without hesitation!" Zhao Yuande warned.

"Huh! Is Lord Turtle the kind of turtle?" Lord Turtle looked at Zhao Yuande very dissatisfiedly. "In short, Lord Turtle, if you don't commit me, I don't commit anybody. If you commit me, you'll pee him all! Annoy me, I promise to be obedient, if anyone dares to annoy me...hehe!"

"Okay! We agree!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "Then I will go out shopping with confidence."

"I'm looking forward to it, and it hasn't been in the human world for a long time!" Lord Turtle seems to think of the past, with a bit of longing in his eyes and a bit of melancholy.

"Good! Since you want to find your army of turtles, let's go to the place where fairy beasts are sold!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

Anyway, he had nothing to do first, so he just strolled around.

Lord Turtle quietly lay prone on Zhao Yuande's shoulder, looking at the crowds coming and going in the city, his eyes could not help but show excitement.

Zhao Yuande inquired about the work of the inn. There is a royal beast building in the west of the city. I heard that it was opened by a royal beast envoy, and there are many rare fairy beasts.

An emperor beast made Zhao Yuande feel curious.

Imperial Beast makes this kind of occupation very rare, and Imperial Beast Ambassadors are all seated VIPs of a large sect, and their abilities allow all sects to cultivate.

For example, Zhou Fei has now received the highest attention from the senior Sun family.

The potential of the imperial envoy is endless. The stronger the fairy beast they can control, the stronger their strength. If Zongmen can get some super powerful fairy beasts to surrender, Zongmen's strength will skyrocket in an instant. .

Of course, the ability of the imperial ambassador is not unlimited. The fairy beasts they can tame cannot exceed their level and their spirit strength.

Take Zhou Fei as an example. He is now in the early stage of fairyland, and the soul reaches the latter stage of fairyland. At most, he can surrender the fifth-level fairy animal, which is equivalent to the fairy fairyland in the middle of fairyland.

Of course, the spirit of this fairy beast cannot be more powerful than his spirit.

Zong Men attaches great importance to this, and he would like to give him all the resources in Zong Men, so that his realm of soul can be rapidly improved!

After he is promoted to the realm of the fairy emperor, he can control the fairy beasts in the late stage of the fairy emperor. At that time, the strength of the Sun family can be at least doubled!

The Emperor Beast is so popular, why did the Emperor Beast come out to open a store?

Zhao Yuande was curious, and soon came to this Yushou Tower.

The area of the Imperial Beast Tower is very large, and it is like entering the zoo as soon as you enter it.

The boxes made of transparent crystals are filled with various holy beasts.

"Do you want to buy beast pets?" A young maid who looked cute and lovely at a young age stepped forward to ask.

"Hehe! Just take a look, can you introduce me to your Royal Beast Tower?" Zhao Yuande had a sense of intimacy when he saw this little maid.

The little maid looked involuntarily behind her.

Zhao Yuande followed her gaze and found that a middle-aged beautiful woman was nodding slightly at the little maid.

The little maid seemed to have strength all at once, nodded and said: "Well! OK!"