Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1909

Chapter 1909: I Am Handsome

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The corner of Zhao Yuande's mouth slightly curled up. He knew that this little maid must have greeted the guests for the first time. She was also timid and a little nervous.

"Don't be nervous, just talk!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Our Royal Beast Tower has three floors. The first floor is the Holy Beast, suitable for practitioners under the fairyland! Our Royal Beast House will present a low-level Beast Charm while you purchase the Holy Beast. Its very simple to control the purchased holy beast with a beast rune!" The little maid continued with a breath. "The second floor is a fairy beast below the third grade, suitable for the strong under the fairy land. We will give you a mid-level control. Beast Rune. The third floor is the Fairy Beast of the Third Grade to the Sixth Grade. It is suitable for the fairyland and the powerful of the Fairy Monarch Realm. We will give you a high-level Beast Rune!"

"Oh! That's the case! Can I purchase the Beast Rune separately?" Zhao Yuande heard the Beast Rune and couldn't help but feel a little curiosity in his heart. "Can a powerful Seal be controlled by just one Rune Seal?"

"It's natural that other people's beast-controlling symbols will not work, but the beast-controlling symbols of our Yushoulou will do!" The little maid was very confident, and there was a little pride on her face.

"Oh! Do you control the beast amulet of the Royal Beast House is the work of Grand Master?" Zhao Yuande curiously said.

"Yes! My dad... Our magician at the Beast Tower is the Grand Master's realm!" The little maid said suddenly and quickly corrected.

"Oh! It's so powerful, then I want to buy a few turtle beasts, you can help me introduce it!" Zhao Yuande was also secretly surprised.

Both the magician and the imperial beast are very rare occupations in the fairyland. I didnt expect there to be a great master of the magician here. How could he not be surprised.

"Good boy, please come with me!" The little maid nodded and made a gesture of please.

Zhao Yuande walked ahead, and the little maid followed him with some excitement.

Quietly looking towards the middle-aged beautiful woman not far away, she saw that the middle-aged beautiful woman gave her a slight thumbs-up, and she couldn't help showing a happy smile on her face.

"Master! This is the second floor. According to your needs, there are several first-class fairy beasts, dragon turtles, black turtles, snapping turtles... and many other types!" The little maid led Zhao Yuande to a corner on the second floor.

I saw a row of crystal boxes.

In the box, as the little maid said, there are probably seven or eight headed turtle fairy beasts, all of which are of the same quality, and the bloodline is not very pure, but the combat power can also compete with the strong people in the early fairyland.

What's more important is that the monsters of the turtles have strong defense and can give the owner better protection.

"Well! Yes, I have all these fairy beasts, you say a price!" Zhao Yuande felt the excitement of the shoulder turtle turtle adults, knowing that these fairy beasts should be very important to him!

"You... what are you talking about?" The little maid hardly believed her ears.

There are eight fairy beasts here, and they are all turtles. It is useless to have so many!

"Oh! I said it was all necessary!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Are you sure you are not wrong?" The little maid persuaded a little uncertainly, "You must know that although these turtle fairy beasts have strong defense, but their combat effectiveness is not strong, I suggest that you buy only one turtle fairy Beasts, we also have Jiaolong, Dapeng, White Tiger, Blood Wolf... These fairy beasts, with their powerful attack power, should be able to meet your requirements!"

"Oh! Other words, these turtle fairy beasts are of great use to me, so you don't want to persuade me!" Zhao Yuande's affection for the little maid greatly increased, ordinary stores are not afraid of you buying more, but this one is from From your point of view, I advise you to buy less and make people comfortable.

"Since the son said so, I'll count it for you!" The little maid nodded, not reluctantly, and began to pick up her fingers to count the price. "Each fairy beast is worth a million high-quality fairy jade. Even if you have 8 million top-grade immortal jade, we will give you eight more beast charms and eight beast charm rings, which is the benefit of buying so many fairy beasts!"

"What is the beast ring?" Zhao Yuande wondered.

"The Beast Ring is a punitive equipment that can be used by disobedient fairy beasts. Although it is cruel, it is very easy to use." The little maid explained.

"That's good!" Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring and handed it to the little maid's hand, laughing, "Well counted, I don't admit it when it's wrong!"

"You can rest assured, you can't be wrong!" The little maid took the storage ring, her hands shaking.

She was a little too excited. Today, when she tried to receive guests for the first time, it was a big deal. She must show off in front of her father and mother!

"Fairy beast, do I need to catch it myself?" Zhao Yuande joked.

"The eight-headed fairy beast and the two things need a little time to be processed. You can take a look at the other fairy beasts, and someone will deliver them to your hands later!" The little maid explained carefully .

"Well! Well, take me to other places to see! As long as there are turtle monsters, no matter what level they take me to!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"Do you want it?" The little maid opened her mouth in surprise, and she couldn't help but think of it. Does this man with a certain hobby like the turtle.

Just now he didn't dare to look at Zhao Yuande more because of the tension. Now that he is gradually familiar with it, he can't help but look at Zhao Yuande curiously.

It doesn't matter at this moment, I suddenly saw Lord Turtle.

"Ah! What a lovely little turtle!" The little maid looked at Master Turtle with little stars, and suddenly seemed to discover the New World. "Wow! Will the turtle's tail be so long? It's amazing!"

At first, Lord Turtle heard the little maid's words, and she was still proud of her face, but when she heard the next sentence, she almost gasped!

"Hey! Little girl, have you made a mistake, I am not a turtle! I am Lord Turtle, and such a long tail... You... don't you think you are handsome?" Lord Turtle said very displeasedly .

"You... a little turtle, even talking!" The little maid's mouth widened in shock. "It's amazing, so cute!"

"I'm not magical, nor cute! I'm handsome!" Lord Turtle didn't like the first two words very much, and it seemed naive.

"Yes! It's so handsome!" The little maid nodded quickly. "Very handsome! I don't know if I can touch your tail!"

"It's almost the same!" Lord Turtle listened to the word handsome, which was more comfortable, but after hearing the second half of the sentence, he was so angry that he jumped repeatedly and almost fell off Zhao Yuande's shoulder. "No... absolutely not! Tail It's the pain of my life, please don't mention it again!"

"Son! This little turtle... Is there something wrong here?" The little maid felt that she couldn't accept the rich emotions of Lord Turtle. She couldn't help but pointed to her head and asked.