Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 191

Chapter 191: See Shizu

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The top-level congenital Lingbao Kaitian monument, but he had heard of this thing among the clan, but it was left by the strong man who opened up the sky. Not only did it retain the exercises, but also had many wonderful special functions. Even if you can only look at it, it is worthwhile to exchange the twigs of the undead tree.

"Hey! That's right!" The bald man turned around excitedly, reaching for the tender branch.

At this moment, a bright silver light suddenly shot at Yao Qianshan's hand, the power contained in the silver light radiated all directions, and easily burned the voids around to create big holes, this power was not at all The two of them can resist.

The two were so trembling that they turned around and fled.

The twig in Yao Qianshan's palm was directly thrown out by him. The opponent's purpose was obviously the twig of the undead tree, and he would have to throw it for the sake of his life!

It was Zhao Yuande who passed by and grabbed the twig in his hand.

"You... you dare to attack us!" Yao Qianshan took a closer look. The other party was just a 16- to seven-year-old Taoist. Zhang Hei's black did not slip in autumn, and Xiu Wei only had the blood-sea **** fetal realm. Anger.

But he didn't dare to do it easily, the other party gave him a very bad feeling, very dangerous, he had never encountered such a terrible character.

Now his men are still fighting against the undead third prince, only relying on a few servants of the blood sea **** fetus, they can't help each other.

"Hey, Dao Brother! You and I are all Taoist disciples. How can you do this?" The bald man was robbed of his face and looked very unsightly, but looking at Zhao Yuande dressed in a robe, he feels that he is also a Taoist in the world. After a little kindness, I couldnt help but report to my teacher, "Im Zhu Wanqing, a fourth-generation disciple of Wan Shengzong, and I dont know where my brother is practicing? Make a joke!"

"Oh! Dao Brother is a disciple of Wan Shengzong? That's really a coincidence. What is that old man you called Jingkong?" Zhao Yuande saw the other party so straight, and he couldn't help a little scrubbing in his heart.

"Master Zukong! Do you know his old man?" The bald-headed man heard the word "Jingkong" and suddenly showed the light of worship. "His old man is my ancestor, and my master is his old disciple Qing. Yun Dao Ren!"

"Oh! It turned out to be Brother Jingkong's apprentice!" Zhao Yuande said with a smile, "I'm Jingguang Taoist, a disciple of Kongshan Dao Zong, I and your ancestor are a generation, hehe!"

"I!" The bald man was almost not mad at Zhao Yuande. He wanted to have a relationship with him, and used the name of the ancestor to scare the other party. How can I know that there is one more ancestor out of thin air!

But this guy is really a bit of a tendon. When he came up, he gave Zhao Yuande a deep worship and said in a loud voice: "Disciple Wan Qing, please see Master!"

"No!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand carelessly.

"Master Zu! I have called you Master Zu!" The bald-headed man with a shameless face stretched out his hand to Zhao Yuande, "Master Zu, you should give me the gift, I don't need it, and you will give me back the tender shoots of the undead tree. Right!"

"Your boy is waiting for me here!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help crying, pointing at Yao Qianshan, "But I can't tell you about this, I grabbed it from him!"

On the side, Yao Qianshan looked at the two of you and said one thing to me, and quickly determined the relationship, almost without a laugh.

"Hey, Zhu Wanqing, you are not stupid! This person said that you are your ancestor, you will believe it!" Yao Qianshan pointed to Zhao Yuande, "At first glance this boy is a little liar, our brothers took him down and traded Keep counting!"

"Yao Qianshan, you are wrong. How do you know that I lied to him?" Zhao Yuande looked at Yao Qianshan, and suddenly a sly smile appeared on his lips. "How about we make a bet?"

"Huh! Gambling is just gambling, but you can't come up with any evidence."

"Don't mention any evidence, let's talk about the bet first! What is the bet?"

"If I win, you will give me the twigs of the undead tree. If you win, I will ask you any conditions!"

"Okay! As you wish!" Zhao Yuande slapped his thigh. "If I win, I will take the heart of your four men. If I lose, I will give you back the tender shoots!"

Yao Qianshan smiled secretly, boy, wait for you to lose! No matter what you say, no evidence will be given. I will not admit it. After a while, the undead three princes are burned to death, and I can take you in one fell swoop!

"Hey, you ignore me like this, when I don't exist!" The bald man looked at the two people with displeasure, "Dao Dao is not waiting for you anymore, Dao Da does not lose anything anyway, goodbye!"

"Okay, since you want to see it, I will show you! Zhu Wanqing, I am not fooling you, you dont want to perfume me, you see what this is?" Zhao Yuande took out a token and put it in his hand, showing it to They watched.

"This is..." Yao Qianshan saw the sword above the token, and he was suddenly stunned. This is the Divine Sword Order of Wan Shengzong.

The scary sword on the token makes the surrounding space tremble, this thing is definitely not fake, this is the token of the sword god!

This token is taken out, even if the head of the Yao family has to give some face, not to mention that he is a disciple of the Yao family!

In fact, this token Zhao Yuande was not long before he got it. Last time he contacted the old sword **** to get rid of the Shadow Sect together. The old sword **** gave him another sword in order to thank him for his contribution to the Eastern Emperor Great World. Divine Order.

" are Zhao..." Zhu Wanqing saw the sword **** order in Zhao Yuande's hands, and his face suddenly turned red. He never dreamed that he could see this token here today. According to his Zhishizu issued a total of three such tokens. At first, both of them were Masterzus benefactors, and they were both terrible and terrible. Only the last one was given to the owner of the worlds first gourmet, Zhao Yuande!

The person in front of him turned out to be Zhao Yuande. He was shocked and happy in his heart. But this guy could create infinite miracles. Even the uncle Xiaoshi was promoted to the world under his food. What else can he do?

"Master Zu! You are wrong! I beg your ancestors to forgive me!" Zhu Wanqing fell on his knees and slammed toward Zhao Yuande, and even prayed in his mouth.

This guy has no face and no skin, and it is considered to be open-minded. As long as he can please the other party, his realm is not suddenly rising. What is the matter of knocking a few heads, he can do anything shameless!

When Zhao Yuande heard the word Zhao in his mouth, he suddenly understood that the other party knew his identity. With the fact that the other party was doing this, he knew what the other party wanted!

But this is not impossible, as long as the other party has no bad intentions, it is also good to be able to make such a great disciple.

"Okay, grandson, I forgive you!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Zhu Wanqing and patted him on the shoulder. "Good boy, follow the ancestors in the future. The ancestors promise you to eat spicy and spicy. !"

"Thank you Shizu! Thank you Shizu!" Zhu Wanqing was overjoyed, thanking again and again, his happy mouth almost grinning.

He understood the meaning of Zhao Yuande's words, he is the master of this master!