Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 1910

Chapter 1910: You Ungrateful Animal

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"Oh! Probably some problems!" Zhao Yuan Deqiang could not help laughing.

"You...Master! You bully me too, I'm going to blaze!" Lord Turtle heard the conversation between the two, crying without tears, simply threatening.

"Hey! Don't... I take back what I said just now, you are normal, no problem at all!" Zhao Yuande stopped immediately when he heard the words.

Such a cute little maid, if it was master of the turtle... Zhao Yuande dare not think about it, hurriedly shut up.

"Humph!" Lord Turtle is very angry, but in the face of such a cute, sweet-mouthed little maid, he can't lay down his hands, and he can't bear to start, but he still has to do what he looks angry!

"Did I make him angry?" The little maid asked Zhao Yuande in a low voice.

"It's okay, you take me to continue to look at those fairy beasts! Don't worry about it, it will be fine in a while!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"Oh!" The little maid took a peek at Master Turtle and found that she was staring at herself, she could not help shrinking her head.

They circled around here. They saw three turtles and two second-class turtle fairy beasts. In the shocked eyes of the little maid, Zhao Yuande once again bought 9 million yuan.

"Are... still going to the third floor?" The little maid asked with some uncertainty. "Go! Why not go, is there no turtle fairy on the third floor?"

"Yes! There are also three-headed tortoise-like beasts on the third floor, with two heads of fourth grade and one head of fifth grade, but the price is very high!" the little maid whispered.

"It's okay! Do you look like I am a fairy jade person? Take me!" Zhao Yuande said, "And if you don't take me, this guy will be angry!"

Lord Turtle is very cooperative with his teeth.

After a turn, its ignition gas has long disappeared, and now I am thinking about how to surrender the three-headed tortoise fairy beast!

"Then go!" The little maid looked at Master Turtle. This is the little turtle's fire, although it is very cute, but it is very bad to make people angry.

There are gradually fewer people on the third floor. There are some powerful fairy kings and strong men stopping here, and there are very few strong men in the fairy land.

"Master, be careful, don't disturb these predecessors." The little maid took Zhao Yuande carefully to a corner of the third floor.

Where is the basaltic basalt, although the blood of this basaltic is not pure, but the breath is very powerful, should be able to contend with the strong middle-aged fairy!

At this time, before this Xuanwu, there are two old men watching. These two old men are strong middle-aged immortal kings, and they are also regarded as one of the characters in the fairy world.

"This is the Fifth-grade Fairy Beast Unicorn Xuanwu. It's me... Our Imperial Beast House caught it from the depths of Bai and Daze, and it needs special processing to create the Beast Charm and Beast Ring. , The price may be very expensive!" The little maid explained to Zhao Yuande in a low voice, for fear that the loud voice would affect the two old men.

"How expensive?" Zhao Yuande whispered.

"80 million high-grade fairy jade!" answered the little maid.

"Oh! It's a little expensive, but I want it!" Zhao Yuande nodded.

"This..." The little maid stunned.

Eighty million is not a small amount. Even if she lives here and knows a lot, she has seen hundreds of millions of powerful men, but the other party is just a cultivator of fairyland. This is too true!

Was this man sent by a mother to encourage herself?

"Don't do this! I really want it!" Zhao Yuande felt a little excitement from Lord Turtle, knowing that if he didn't buy it, this guy would definitely have great opinions on himself.

Eighty million yuan is very expensive for others, especially the two old people next to them. They discussed here for half an hour and did not make up their minds.

But for Zhao Yuande, it is nothing. He now has at least two 30 billion top-grade fairy jade, and there are countless treasures.

There have been too many talented geniuses recently, which caused him to have too many treasures to count himself!

He handed a storage ring to the little maid's hand, with a faint smile on his face.

When the little maid looked at the storage ring, there were no more than 80 million top grade fairy jade, and she couldn't help but be surprised.

In front of me, this big brother who seems to be no more than himself, why is he so rich?

What is his identity?

"This...Okay!" The little maid could only nod her head, and walked carefully in front of the two old men. "Two seniors, this unicorn Xuanwu was bought by this guest! The two seniors, still ..."

After buying the fairy beast, you need to mark the fairy beast's crystal box to let others know that it already has a master.

Only then can someone take it away and take it to the guests.

"What! Was it bought?" One of the old men was covered with red hair, and his face was a little unhappy. "We have been here for a long time, and it is our priority to buy, and I will buy it! Brother Zhu, lend it to me Im 30 million, Ill give you back when I go back!

The old man said to another old man who looked weak.

"I'm not going to borrow it. It's not as good as our joint funding. How do we share this one-horned basalt?" The old man called Brother Zhu shook his head.

"Okay! Then share it!" The red-haired old man nodded, knowing that he would really be bought away after further delay!

"Don't discuss it, the two, I bought this one-horned tortoise!" Zhao Yuande walked in front of the two and said lightly.

"Boy! You must have come to Yushoulou to raise the price!" The old man with red hair squinted Zhao Yuande, very dissatisfied, "Do you think we are going to buy this one-horned turtle Thats it! Go back and tell you the landlord, were asking for this one-horned turtle, and its still the original price. There is no way to get a price!"

"Little brother, don't join in the excitement, leave! What benefits can you get here at Yushoulou, don't just get lost without enjoying it!" The thin old man's words are very peaceful, but the threat is full of threats!

"You two old things, shame your face! Dare to pose in front of Master Turtle, believe it or not, Master Turtle drowns you with a urine!" Master Turtle dared to **** these two old guys. Things, suddenly no longer care about low-key, opened the mouth to spray!

Not only were the two old men stunned, even the little maid on the side was stunned!

Lord Turtle's impact on them is so great that they are a little overwhelmed!

"You... you turtle! I... I killed you!" The old man with a red face almost suffocated, pointing at Master Turtle, trembling for a long time without daring to start.